The 411 on the best standing hair dryer brands

Pibbs Kwik Dri Dryer - best standing hair dryerIf you’re searching for the best standing hair dryer, you need to consider several factors which, fortunately, are in this article. Read on for more information to help you make an informed decision.

The best quality item should always have the basic features which typically come into the production of that item and then some at a price that is reasonable. A standing hair dryer, for instance, will not have features found in handheld or bonnet type hair dryers, albeit some stores might have several models that cater almost exclusively to professional salons. One way to choose the best standing hair dryer is to look online.

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Online catalogs have a wider selection of models for dryers and other similarly-purposed tools for hairstyling. The drawback is that you won’t see the item until the merchandise is delivered to you. Then again, online purchases usually come with money back guarantees which in-person stores don’t always provide. Compare features, wattage, and cost before you decide on a final online purchase.

What to Look for When Choosing the Best Standing Hair Dryer Models

1. Wattage

You need to compare one dryer’s wattage with another. The typical wattage is from 1000 to 2500. This aspect is crucial when choosing a standing hair dryer because a power of 1200 wattage is capable of drying the hair with success in only a short time. Hair drying time is a critical factor for professional hairstylists mainly because they have a schedule to meet in attending to each client’s needs.

2. Adjustable Height

One key feature that you should factor in is the standing hair dryer’s height; it must be adjustable to allow the user to stand or sit while the dryer is in operation. In other words, a good standing hair dryer can readily accommodate various body heights. The dryer should have an adjustable hood and/or visor, which can sufficiently go over on even jumbo-sized curlers.

3. Heat Settings

The typical standing hair dryer will have settings for heat or temperature levels; otherwise, it will be equipped with a thermostat that is adjustable to provide the user a more accurate temperature. Generic settings for heat are the usual low, medium, and high levels. Some brands have cold shot buttons for cool options. If you have sensitive or thin hair, the thermostat is the most important feature you should consider.

Likewise, professional salons are particular to standing hair dryers that have superb quality to avoid potential damage to clients and possible legal suits brought on by such damage. Not all standing hair dryers come with a timer but some brands do. If you do a large volume of hair coloring, it is best to get a standing hair dryer that has a built-in timer.

Hair color, especially hair dyes, should be precisely set at a specific time for heat to activate it. With a timer in place, the hairstylist can undertake other tasks without neglecting the client whose hair is being colored. Standing hair dryers with built in timers are not common, though, so be prepared to spend a little extra on your purchase since it is likely to be a bit more expensive than dryers without timers.

Types of Standing Hair Dryers

There are two categories of standing hair dryers: the rolling and the fixed. The former is portable and is space-friendly. Environmentally, the carbon footprint of the rolling standing hair dryer is comparatively smaller than its fixed counterpart. To compensate for this drawback, however, it should be noted that the latter is sturdier in construction and its solid build is not prone to sliding or tipping over.

Consider your budget before you buy a standing hair dryer since this can be very expensive. Models with particularly high wattage ranges and additional features other than the basics usually command higher price tags. Do remember, however, that a particularly expensive standing hair dryer does not necessarily mean it will be the best. Also, it also doesn’t follow that the cheapest brand will perform better.

The rule of thumb is to buy from a company that has an established reputation and has been proven to be manufacturers of quality electrical appliances. Ensure that the company has a generous and guaranteed return policy and that this guarantee is in the form of a warranty.

To help you choose a standing hair dryer with powerful wattage, durability, and other salient features, here are some brands for your information:

Salon Sundry Professional Salon Hair Dryer

Salon Sundry Professional Salon Hair DryerThis dryer is especially suitable for African-American women who typically have “big” hair because of its large-sized hood space size. It can accommodate roller sets because of the hood’s ability to rotate at any level and in any angle. Although its wattage is relatively lower than other brands in its class, the Sundry Professional model compensates for this with its excellent interior surface that is highly chemical-resistant.

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Its timer can be set up to 60 minutes while its height can be adjusted from 50 to 60 inches. As for temperature control, it has a dial knob which you can turn from cold to up to 75 degrees Celsius so you have total control on how hot (or cool) you want it to be. Take note that this does not have lockable wheels and the unit is quite huge so storage may be a problem if you have a small area.

Hot Tools Tourmaline Ionic Standing Hair Dryer

Hot Tools Tourmaline Ionic Standing Hair DryerThe tourmaline ionic technology of this Hot Tools model has nano particles that are capable of generating far-infrared energy that will not dry the hair’s cuticles because its heat penetrates the cortex directly. The most unique feature of this model is its delivery of millions of nano ions that moisture the hair’s roots while being used to result in shinier, smoother, softer, and silkier hair.

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With 2 options for speed and another 4 setting for heat control, this nifty tool is quite versatile. It has 2 lockable wheels which secures it in place and makes it stable. Its wheeled base is removable making it easy to store even if you have limited space.

Gold ‘N Hot Elite Professional Stand Bonnet Dryer

Gold 'N Hot Elite Professional Stand Bonnet DryerLightweight, portable, and infused with tourmaline, Gold ‘N Hot’s Elite Professional model is probably the best free standing hair dryer in the hard bonnet class, if only for the cumulative number of its features: four style settings, a removable grille for air intake, an adjustable face shield, a large-sized bonnet to cover large rollers, a flexible tube for height adjustment, and 1875 watts to power it.

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Although many are satisfied with the performance of this model, a common complaint is that it isn’t very sturdy. The hood is quite big and heavy and the unit tends to lean forward so there’s a risk it could fall over since it’s not well-supported by the poles. If you can put this some place secure with less foot traffic when you’re using it, then it should be fine.

Babyliss Ionic Rollabout Hard Hat Dryer

Babyliss Pro Ionic Rollabout Hard Hat DryerThe Babyliss Ionic Rollabout runs on 1600 watts, has three settings for temperature options, and equipped with spine locks that are heavy duty for securing its bonnet to the chrome inner stand. The bonnet itself is adjustable and has a convenient visor that can be lifted up. The airflow diffuser of this Babyliss model is built-in as well. When fully extended, this dryer measures 57” inches.

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Although more expensive than other models mentioned above, this is a great dryer with many rave reviews. It’s ionic technology is a HUGE plus. Some stylists have used this for clients as well since it’s quite portable.

Here’s a video of how an at home free standing hair dryer can help you

These are great choices, but if you’re looking for more portability, you’d be better off getting a professional blow dryer for home use.

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