What is the Best Hair Detangler?

If you’ve got long, thick, and coarse hair, you know first hand that untangling knots and tangles can be so difficult. You’d have to invest a considerable amount of time separating your hair into sections and slowly untangling the painful mess that your thick hair has created. But even if you have fine hair, it still doesn’t save you from having messy hair that takes time to manage.

There are many natural hair detangler solutions that you can try – the best and simplest one is running your fingers through your hair. It doesn’t cost anything, works immaculately, but takes so much time – and super painful at that. No, your fingers just won’t do. A hair detangler spray or an extra strong conditioner is a must, as well as a good quality detangler hair brush or a detangler comb.

But which hair detangler works best?

For fast, easy, and effortless untangling, you must invest in an excellent detangling hair brush. Here are 5 of the best in the market:

1. Shessentials Detangling Hair Brush

SHESSENTIALS Detangling Hair BrushThis is the detangling solution for those with stubborn hair. If you want a hair brush with the least hair breakage, this brush from Shessentials is one of the best. Expect to enjoy smooth and pain-free detangling of the most stubborn of hair – even bed hair.

This brush has a smart geometric design that gives you effortless untangling – gliding through hair without pulling or yanking your locks. And the best part about this brush? It saves you a great amount of time so you get to do what matters most – getting to work on time, taking care of your family, or having enough time to style your hair and do your make-up for a dinner date. This brush lets you untangle in fewer strokes compared to wide-tooth combs or ordinary brushes.

It offers smooth and pain-free detangling but it might not be the most durable hair detangler in the market. Some users said this brush gave up on them in only a few months of everyday use.

2. Luxor Pro The Wet Brush Detangling Shower Brush

Luxor Professional The Wet Brush Detangling Shower BrushFor the best detangler for curly hair, this Shower Brush by Luxor Pro is hands down, one of the best. It’s ideal to use on both wet and dry hair, allowing you to use it straight from or even while you’re showering. When you apply conditioner, getting the moisture through the strands of curly hair can be difficult if you just run your fingers through your hair.

It’s always best that you use a comb to evenly distribute the conditioner on the top of your head, your roots, your ends, and inside your hair. This shower brush is the perfect tool to do this job. And once you dry your hair, it also works perfectly to run through your curly hair without breaking the waves and the natural form.

It has Intelliflex bristles that are so flexible that they bend to follow the form of your head and hair instead of forcing your locks to follow a straight line. And the tip of the bristles are made of SofTips – which are incredibly firm to untangle knots but also gentle enough to retain your curly hair without pulling and yanking.

The only disadvantage to this product is it lacks versatility. If you have fine hair, this works just as fine, but if you want it to make your straight hair smoother and sleeker, this brush won’t do.

3. Tangle Teezer Original

Tangle Teezer Original Detangling BrushFor a simple and no-fuss hair detangler, this Tangle Teezer brush works amazingly on all hair types, but specifically for synthetic hair. For the best detangler for African-American hair, this product is one of the best choices. It incredibly glides through the most vulnerable and kinkiest of hairs – with the ability to gently untangle the most resistant of knots.

If your hair has been color-treated or if you have extensions, this is one of the best in the market. It doesn’t tug or pull your hair, and it’s even fantastic to use on wet hair. In fact, this brush is beloved by hairdressers and professional hair salons because it’s so versatile. You can use it to detangle the coarsest of natural hair and even on the most over-processed locks – it does the job so effectively.

The only downside is that the bristles are short – which means you’d have to apply more effort if you have really thick hair.

4. Crave Naturals Detangling Brush

Crave Naturals Detangling brushFor the best of the best, this hair detangler is the top choice for overall great quality. It’s one of the best-selling and most original products in the market. Why? Because it works on all kinds of hair – be it thin, curly, thick, fine, natural, color treated, wet or dry, kids or adults – it works. Which makes this brush the perfect accessory for the professional stylist.

It features unique cone shaped bristles that separate the hair sideways rather than pulling it downwards. The bristles hold the key to this brush’s amazing detangling capacity. The bristles don’t dig on your scalp but gently massage your hairline to promote healthy hair growth.

The only downside is that the handle is quite small (great for kids but not so for adults with long hair) and bias to right-handed folks.

5. Knot Genie Detangling Brush

Knot Genie Detangling BrushThe hair detangler that’s beloved by moms. This brush eliminates whining kids and turns them into behaved little ones with shiny and smooth locks of hair.

The bristles are soft, yet firm enough to untangle the most difficult knots and messes. They’re also flexible enough to follow the natural contours of the hair. These bristles are of different lengths, bending in just the right places to provide the untangling capacity your hair needs. And because of these qualities, your hair cuticle is unharmed – giving you healthy, smooth, shiny, and naturally manageable hair that you and your children can enjoy.

The most unique feature of this brush is definitely its cloud-shaped top. It fits naturally on the palm, making it easy for both lefties and right-handed people to untangle their full head of hair.

The major disadvantage is that it works best on fine hair and not really effective on thick hair.

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