Our Top Picks: Best Lightweight Hair Dryer

Achieving the perfect hairstyle (without the help of a hairdresser) is something that a lot of people find very challenging. The good news is that a high-quality hair dryer is sometimes all that you need to give your hair that added style and oomph. You don’t have to spend on expensive hair treatments, straightening irons, or even rollers. If you have the best lightweight hair dryer at your disposal, you’ll be surprised at the many ways you can style your hair and make it look effortless.

Whether you’re a professional hairstylist who wants a dryer you can comfortably use throughout the day or you want something light for personal use, you can find a model to suit your needs. We’ve listed some of the best light-weight blow dryers below and depending on what your hair styling needs are, just pick one that you think will work for you. Please note that this list is for full-sized blow dryers, not the compact ones for travel.

1. Rusk W8less

Rusk W8less Professional Hair DryerWith a 2000-watt motor and ion generator, you get the best of Rusk Engineering with a ceramic grill infused with tourmaline. This prevents frizz and damage as you dry your hair because the far-infrared heat is applied directly to the innermost layer of your cuticle. The ion generator, on the other hand, emits negative ions which help make styling easier. The Rusk W8less is really light, weighing less than a pound.

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To dry your hair, you have 7 heat and speed settings, as well as a separate cool shot button. An 8-feet power cord is also there for your convenience as there will be times when you need to move around and the outlet is far away. The dryer is so powerful yet it’s practically weightless and designed ergonomically, with your convenience in mind.

Customers who have bought this item are generally happy about their purchase and how lightweight and effective it is, especially because of a few bonus features. One user has remarked that the nozzle concentrator allows her to concentrate on just a thin area of hair when she needs to while she’s very relieved that the screen filter is removable so she can clean it properly and prevent dust from building up. Some complaints talk about the design. Because the control buttons are located right where you’re supposed to hold the dryer, they tend to get switched off accidentally.

2. Cricket Centrix Q Zone Lightweight

Cricket Centrix Q-Zone Lightweight Hair DryerWeighing only 16 ounces (1 lb.), this 1500-watt dryer from Cricket makes use of ceramic tourmaline technology that gives you shiny, healthier-looking, and moisturized hair. The ionic technology also helps lessen the time it takes for you to actually dry your hair, making it energy efficient. More importantly, its insanely quiet technology emits a lot less noise than other regular dryers.

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There are 3 temperature settings that you can pick from, and there’s also a cold shot feature that you can activate from either the handle or the barrel grip. It also comes with styling attachments (air concentrator, diffuser, large tooth comb/straightening pik) that can assist in styling. It’s ergonomically designed which means it can easily be used with either left and right hand. Because it’s lightweight and comes with an 8’ heavy duty cord, it’s ideal for salon and even home use.

Many satisfied customers have expressed how overjoyed they are at finally finding a dryer that doesn’t make such disturbing noise. Gone are the days when drying hair meant waking everyone in the house, because this one does the trick. Not only is it quiet, most users have found that it dries the hair quicker. On the flip side, some users find it a bit challenging to handle when they use the concentrator attachment as it keeps swiveling.

See the Centrix Q Zone In Action:

This video tutorial on how to get beachy waves for super straight hair features the new Centrix Q Zone Lightweight version (black colored). Most of the video reviews you’ll find in Youtube is for the older version (white colored).

3. Bio Ionic Whisper Light

Bio Ionic Whisper Light Conditioning DryerAs its name implies, Whisper Light highlights two features that are very important in dryers: ultra-quiet technology and light weight (weighing 1 pound 2 ounces).

This dryer may be quiet, but it’s just as effective with its Nanolonic Hybrid Mineral Technology. It also comes with an ionic styling nozzle that emits natural negative ions and far infrared energy. This energy not only hydrates but also seals the cuticle, resulting to really fast drying and conditioning for hair that’s shiny and soft. Variable heat settings (plus a cool shot button) give you styling flexibility, and the dual removable filters allow for easier cleaning.

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The fact that its really quiet in addition to being a lightweight ionic hair dryer is something that many users keep pointing out. The lengthy cord (more than 8 feet) also really helps users maneuver it around, especially the stylists. They have also found that it can dry hair fast without causing much frizz. One drawback that has been mentioned, though, is that the 3 settings (high cool, low-speed high heat, high-speed high heat) give little flexibility because technically you don’t get medium heat. Apart from the cool shot, some users find the settings too hot and would appreciate the product even more if it had another option for a cooler setting.

4. Solano Supersolano 3500 Lite

Solano Supersolano 3500 Lite Professional Hair DryerAt 1800 watts, the SuperSolano dryer has a variety of features including (1) tourmaline that can minimize flyaways and static while keeping hair shiny and smooth, (2) ceramic that distributes the heat throughout your hair in an even manner, and (3) far infrared heat that keeps the hair healthier as it dries from inside out. Compared to regular dryers, this one has a lower-than-normal amount of EMF radiation. It comes with 2 speeds and 3 temperature settings, with a cold shot button and removable filter. For easier styling, this is also “lighter than a water bottle” (weighs about a pound) and you even get an extra long cord and ring to help you hang it.

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Users who have tried this before are happy to have a professional-grade dryer with them, one that can dry hair quickly and even leave it with a “sheen” that isn’t normally seen when blow-drying is done at home. They love that it’s powerful yet delicate enough not to burn your hair off. The only setback is that you would have to spend a little more money if you want it precisely because it’s professional grade and that’s why you usually find it in salons.

5. Babyliss Pro Bambino 5510 Nano Titanium

Babyliss bambino nano titanium ultra lightweight hair dryerIf you want a full-sized yet compact dryer, then go for the BabylissPro Bambino. Despite being only 1000 watts, it blows powerful heat, almost like those 1875-watt dryers. So much power is contained in this dryer but it’s also lightweight (at only 0.6 lbs., this is the lightest full-size hair dryer on this list!). It comes with dual voltage and a 6-foot cord with hanging loop. Because of this, you can easily bring it with you when you travel.

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With Nano Titanium technology, Babyliss Pro gives you an ultra lightweight dryer that you can use to style your hair like never before. Nano titanium is an exceptional heat conductor, which means you get natural ions that target the cuticle for faster drying, but also leave you without frizz or hair damage. You get far-infrared heat that stays stable even at high temperatures, as well as strong air pressure.

Reviews of this product are generally very positive, highlighting the fact that it’s small in addition to being lightweight. It’s a perfect travel size, and even at only 1000 watts, most users find this to be a powerful little dryer. While it’s ideal for travel, some users have remarked that they use it as their everyday dryer and love that it takes so little space and doesn’t clutter their dresser at all. Some users, however, suggest that it would be better to get a normal-sized dryer for daily use, especially if you have long and thick hair that this teeny dryer might not be able to take.

6. Xtava Verona Far Infrared Hair Dryer

XTAVA Verona Far Infrared Hair DryerSalon-quality hair can be within your grasp if you have this sleek, professional-looking dryer from Xtava. Aside from 2-speed settings and 3 heat settings that include a cool shot function, you also get 2 interchangeable styling nozzles that can help you dictate the style of your hair.

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Cutting-edge salon technology is made available to you, wherein far infrared rays work to penetrate deep into the hair cuticle, break down water molecules, and seal much-needed moisture to your hair follicle. This gives you a faster dry that saves 40% in energy. With a cord that’s 9 feet long and a velvet-lined box, it’s really like receiving a gift from the pros: straight from the salon and to your hands.

Customers are raving about the exceptional quality of this dryer, agreeing that it’s a cut above the rest, and that’s definitely not just because it comes in a pretty packaging. The most common advantage is that can dry hair at a considerably shorter time without the problem of frizz, and they also love that it comes with styling nozzles (and a diffuser!) that make it easier to experiment with various hairstyles. A few users have remarked though that the design could be better and more ergonomic, and that it seems to work better for left-handed people.

7. Pibbs Twin Turbo 3800

Pibbs Twin Turbo 3800 Professional Ionic and Ceramic Hair DryerWith an airflow of 75 cubic meters/hour and a K lamination motor, this heavy duty hair dryer from Pibbs gives you power when you need it. It has 4 temperature settings and 2-speed settings, as well as a microswitch that gives you immediate cold air. Other than that, 2 nozzles give you some flexibility in styling, while the ceramic and ionic technology emits far infrared heat for maximum heat transfer.

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Weighing just over a pound, the Pibbs dryer also has a built-in nickel chrome heating element and safety thermostat, so you’ll get the hot air that you want without worrying about it being too hot and damaging. It’s also environmentally friendly and not noisy, which is something that appeals to many.

True enough, people agree that this dryer is truly top of the line, and the fact that they can actually hear what’s happening on TV while drying their hair is a huge plus. Hair dries faster and smoother with the help of this dryer, and this is yet another plus for many. Those who have it are convinced that this is built to last, and that’s probably because it doesn’t get too hot. The only issue some have about it is with the nozzle, which doesn’t seem to fit properly and has to be rearranged.

8. John Frieda Salon Shine

John Frieda Salon Shine Hair DryerIf you want to get that enviable salon shine that you usually only get from professional hairdressers, this hair dryer from John Frieda could do it for you. With a Titanium ceramic coated grille and advanced ionic conditioning, you can apply heat to your hair using 2-speed settings and 3 heat settings, together with a cool shot button. The dryer is tiny and really lightweight (users estimate this to be about 1-1.5 lbs.), which makes it perfect for travel.

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You don’t have to worry about maintenance too much because it has a filter that you can easily remove for cleaning. It also has a high-torque DC motor that enables it to dry hair really fast, minimizing damage from heat as well as the annoying frizz that you usually get from drying. Because it has a concentrator and diffuser, you also have a lot of options when it comes to styling.

Users love how compact this is without sacrificing power and the quality of the hair that they’re drying, because after each blow dry their hair always ends up smooth. Because it’s so light, there’s no difficulty even if hair is thick. The only real qualm people have about it is that the buttons are in an awkward position (right at the handle) and this can become very annoying.

9. X5 Superlite 1600W Ionic Travel Dryer

X5 Superlite 1600W Dual Voltage Travel DryerMade specifically for travel, you wouldn’t believe how much power is contained in this tiny, lightweight, and compact blow dryer. It comes with a dual voltage (125V and 250V) to make it convenient when you’re traveling across countries, and it even has a folding handle for easy storage. The X5 weighs 9 ounces (0.56 lb.) but it’s not surprising really since this dryer is designed to be portable enough for travel.

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This dryer has a very quick drying time, and the tourmaline diffuser with its soft tips helps you dry your hair without causing any unnecessary damage and frizziness. It’s almost effortless, the way you can achieve different styles with this one.

The customers who have tried this before are quite happy and satisfied about it, especially considering its size. In their experience, most dryers that are as small as this will give up on them easily, but not this one. For its size, it’s super strong and can produce air that’s hotter than whatever any travel dryers out there can produce. They feel that for its size, having a diffuser is also a bonus. Some just feel that the cord could be longer.

10. Pro Beauty Tools Professional Lightweight Dryer

Pro Beauty Tools Pbdr5885 Professional Lightweight Hair DryerAnother good lightweight hair dryer for fine hair and even other hair types is the one by Pro Beauty Tools. This is just ¼ the normal weight of most dryers, and it has a 9-foot professional length cord so it’s really ideal and very easy to use for styling. It gives your hair healthy-looking volume and shine because of its tourmaline-ionic ceramic technology.

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With 2 speed/heat settings as well as a cold shot button, finger diffuser, and concentrator, this beauty tool can give you the fast-drying and frizz-free blowout that you need. It also has evolutionary filters to protect the performance of the dryer and help extend its life.

Users are very happy with this product because it dries hair really fast, even when it’s set on low heat. It’s also a dryer that works really well on all hair types (from fine thin hair to really thick hair) as a variety of users have experienced. The weight is also a huge plus for many because it makes the dryer very easy to handle. There are some minor issues that people have pointed out, such as the fact that the dryer would be better if it were a little less noisy. The cold shot button also needs to be held down constantly for it to work, and this is something that some people find annoying.

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