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The Best Hair Brush Straighteners: Do they really work?

When a video of the DAFNI hair brush was first launched in 2015, it quickly went viral. The brush, which was manufactured by an Italian company, is touted as the first-ever hair straightening ceramic brush. We also consider it as the best straightening brush despite its expensive

Let’s look at the best flat iron for fine hair

One of the most ideal ways to have sleek and tamed hair is to use a flat iron. But what happens when you have fine hair? Flat irons are known to cause severe heat damage that causes breakage, which leads to dry and frizzy hair. For those

And the best mini flat iron is…

Straightening hair is easy with regular sized plates and regular flat irons. However, they have one serious flaw – their incapacity to reach small strands of hair that are close to the hairline. Mini flat irons were made to address two things: to provide a compact solution

Guide to the best flat iron for thick hair

When you have thick, coarse, and unruly hair, a high quality flat iron is a definite must. Unless you resort to having your hair relaxed frequently, the best way to get naturally sleek and manageable hair is to use a flat iron using the safest, gentlest, yet

A Look at the Best Flat Irons for Natural Hair

When you’ve got natural hair, you have to take extra precautions to protect it against damage, breakage, and harmful chemicals that can turn your locks into a big head of hay. If you’ve got thick and naturally coarse hair, making it manageable can take so much effort

The Best Hair Straighteners from GHD

In the world of hair styling tools, only a select few have truly stood out in the market. Among all the countless brands, one of the leaders in the industry is GHD Hair Professional. Offering the most innovative technologies used on their superior hair styling tools, each

The Lowdown on Wet to Dry hair straighteners

Let’s face it, making yourself look good in the morning takes time – a lot of time, actually. After a shower, you’d have to dry your hair before you style it, prepare your outfit for the day, and put on make up. For the those who are

Chi Flat Iron Reviews

In the world of hair styling tools, only a select few have stood the test of time. One of the most trusted brands in the world of flat irons is Chi, standing out for its superior technology each and every time. When you use styling tools on

Overview of the best Royale hair straightener

While curly hair is beautiful and feminine, it’s also very difficult to manage. This is why flat irons are very essential – for those days when you want to have smooth, silky, and no-fuss hair. When straighteners reached a boom many years ago, almost every woman had

Bellezza Flat Iron: An In-depth Review

One of the very first things you take care of before you head out to work or play, is your hair. No matter how perfect your make up is, or what designer duds you’re wearing, if your hair’s unkempt and unruly, all that effort in making yourself