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How To Style Your Hair While Traveling

Your hairstyle shapes up your personality and says a lot about you and it is the first impression you can make on anyone. Moreover, the hair also depicts the health you are in and also have some genetic properties. Hair complements the face and enhance its features.

11 Quick Fixes For Static Hair

When there isn’t enough moisture in the air to keep your hair hydrated, it leads to static that keeps your hair up and gives you that deranged scientist look. So, if you are prone to static attacks, here are some quick fixes to help you get rid

The Best way to flat iron natural black hair

Flat ironing your hair is a good way to give it a sleek and straight appearance. However, using a flat iron can be risky since the heat of this styling tool can cause some damage to your hair. There are some techniques and tips you need to

How to style hair with just a blow dryer

While some people find it hard to believe that a blow dryer is all you need to style hair, it really is. With a good blow dryer on hand and the right technique to use it properly, you can easily make your hair look like you just

7 Ways to Volumize Hair With a Blow Dryer

Straight hair often appears limp and lack volume. One good way to add volume to your hair is the blow dry it. But there are certain ‘rules’ to follow, otherwise, you’d end up with with an even flatter hair than you started with. When you have thick

7 Tips To Maintain Chemically Straightened Hair

Styling wavy or curly hair is most often a daunting task. Curls, for example, have to be set a certain way to look “right.” Wavy tresses, on the other hand, waiver on the precipice and seemingly can’t decide which way to turn – curly or straight? Additionally,

How To Get Straight Hair Like Celebrities

Straight hair never goes out of style. It goes well with casual or formal outfits. However, straight hair should be sleek, smooth and shiny. Unfortunately, it is not always the case. Heat styling and chemical procedures gradually damage hair. It is only when the damage becomes severe

10 Ways To Stop Hair Loss And Thinning Hair

Hair loss affects millions of people worldwide, from young adults to elderly individuals. Thinning hair is also a common problem, but it affects mainly the older population. Nonetheless, both conditions lead to a decrease in the self-esteem of the sufferers, as they start feeling embarrassed with the

How To Avoid Losing Hair After Pregnancy

Being pregnant brings along with it a number of changes in your life and how your body functions as well. Women seem to notice these changes in a diverse range of ways with some often seeing their hair fall because of this. It has to do with