Do you need a hair dryer holder?

When you have a set of styling tools, one of the worst problems you may have is clutter. Looking your best can take a lot of time and the right set of tools, such as hair dryers and flat irons. But when these things are all over the place, fixing your hair can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Every woman needs a good hair dryer but do you have a place to store it? Maybe it’s time you ask yourself the question: “Do you need a hair dryer holder?” If you find yourself scouring your cabinet and drawers or if you constantly burn your hands accidentally, then yes, it’s time you get yourself a hair dryer holder.

Having a place to put your dryer safely as you style your hair is not just convenient, it’s also safe and reduces the time it takes for you to finish your hair. The more organized your beauty tools are, the faster and more enjoyable it is for you to make yourself look good.

Here are 5 best hair dryer holders to suit your needs:

1. Saloniture Tabletop Hair Iron and Blow Dryer Holder

Saloniture abletop Hair Iron & Blow Dryer HolderThis simple yet highly versatile tabletop holder is perfect for the home-user and even the professional stylist. It’s made in high-grade steel in a beautiful heat-resistant hammered finish that makes it look good on any countertop.

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There’s a total of 6 holes in this holder, allowing you to place a dryer, 2 flat irons, and 2 curling irons all at once. The holder also has 3 outlets placed on the front, which allows you to use 3 tools altogether – you get to dry your hair, straighten it, and curl the tips in one go. And the best part, stylists can bring this to client meetings and it instantly holds and organizes all kinds of hair styling tools.

This dryer holder by Saloniture can stand on any table top while being small enough to store in a drawer, bathroom cabinet, and your bag if you plan to use it for your travels. The downside, however, is that the biggest hole of 1 1/4″ diameter is too small to fit large styling tools.

2. Vanity Valet Boutique Curling Iron, Blow Dryer, and Flat Iron Holder

Vanity Valet Boutique Curling Iron Blow Dryer and Flat Iron HolderThis is the dyer holder than you can permanently mount on a wall. It uses stainless steel capped and ventilated tubes that hold hot appliances safely and securely.

Whenever you use your dryer, you can’t really store it without waiting for it to cool down, for safety reasons. Even if you use a ceramic dryer that cuts drying time in half, you still have to wait till it cools – which can sometimes defeat the purpose of this time-saving styling tool.

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This holder by Vanity Valet Boutique allows you to store hot tools immediately after using, or even if you’re still using it. It can store up to 4 appliances all at once, with its biggest hole at 2 3/4″ in diameter to fit large professional-type tools.

The best thing about this holder is its capacity to be mounted permanently on a wall. If you have kids, this can be heaven-sent as little children are so curious that your hot dryer is the first thing they want to play with when they see you fixing your hair. The downside to this holder? You can’t use it on a table top as it can’t stand on its own.

3. Orino Beauty Hands-free Dryer Stand

Orino Beauty Hands Free Hair Dryer StandThis is the holder that will allow you to style your hair in many infinite ways without actually holding a dryer. It’s made of a stainless steel body with a high-density environmental ABS plastic inside, allowing for 360-degree flexibility. Mount it on any surface such as glass, smooth tile, and smooth metal then bend the bracket in any angle you wish. If you want your hair to be evenly dried, simply mount it on your tile-surface wall, fix it on an angle, and let it dry your hair while you finish your make up.

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The buckle or holder is made of high-strength rubber that firmly holds your dryer in place, so you don’t have to worry the dryer falling on your head.

The best thing about this stand is its hands-free capacity. The downside? It can only be mounted on limited surfaces.

4. Blo and Glo by Laurie Coleman Portable Dryer Holder

Blo and Glo by Laurie Coleman Portable Dryer HolderAnother holder that allows for hands-free styling, this product is by former high-end model Laurie Coleman. It attaches to any flat surface in seconds with its powerful suction, allowing you to place it on your bathroom wall, using it hands-free as you style your hair. Marketed as a beauty equipment that acts like an extra set of hands, this product allows you to style your hair in many different ways without straining your wrists -as you don’t even have to hold the dryer.

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It has a pressure lock system that holds tools safely and securely, and flexible enough to use at any angle. The best thing about this product is its large suction – allowing you to mount it on any surface that receives suction within seconds. The downside is that there’s no option for permanent mounting.

5. Scalpmaster Hair Dryer Holder

Scalpmaster Hair Dryer HolderThe simplest dryer holder in the list, this product from Scalpmaster accommodates dryers with a nozzle diameter of up to 3 inches. Simply place it on any table, dresser, or countertop, and let it hold your dryer in place as you fix your hair. It holds the dryer upright, eliminating the risk of burning tables that can melt with heat.

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This holder is made from heat-resistant and rubber-coated material. This means that it can cool dryers immediately, making it the perfect solution for tools that get piping hot right away. With this holder, you don’t have to wait for it to cool down before you leave it be. Simply unplug the dryer, place it in the holder, and go on with your day.

The best thing about this dryer is its affordability – but it’s also limited in terms of versatility. It can hold large dryers, but may not be so efficient with other tools such as curling irons and small flat irons.

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