How to Dry Thick Hair Without a Blow Dryer: Tips and Tricks

Using a thick hair blow dryer is a great way to dry thick hair quickly and give it body and style. However sometimes you might be traveling without access to a hair dryer, or you might just want to give your hair a break from the dryer from time to time to help reduce heat damage.

If you want to let you hair dry naturally you can of course just leave it when you get out of the shower and it will dry eventually. However there are a few tips you can use for faster drying times and a smoother, sleeker result.


1. A Faster Air-dry

If you leave your hair dripping wet after washing it, it can take some time to dry, especially if it is particularly thick.

To reduce the drying time, absorb as much moisture as you can with a towel when you step out of the shower. Don’t rub your hair as this can rough up the hair cuticle causing frizz and damage. Instead use a microfiber towel to gently squeeze the hair, blotting out as much water as possible. Microfiber towels absorb twice as much moisture as regular towels and are much gentler on the hair. Repeat the blotting process, focusing on the roots, until your hair is only slightly damp.

Once you’ve towel dried your hair, comb it through with a wide-tooth comb. Applying a serum or other hair product at this stage can help to reduce frizz. You can then help your hair to dry faster by flipping your head upside down as much as you can – this will help air get to the roots and the underside of your hair to aid the drying process.

Combing your hair every 10 minutes or so is another way to get more air into the under-layers of your hair to help it to dry faster. Sitting outside in the sun is also a great way to dry your hair quickly.


2. Use Products

KMS california free shape quick blow dry reviewHair products not only help to tame frizz and make hair look shinier; they can also help it to dry faster.

When you wash your hair, make sure to use plenty of conditioner. Conditioner soaks into the hair strands, repelling some of the water that’s been absorbed during washing.

After towel drying your hair you can also try applying some mousse. Most hair mousse contains alcohol, which will speed up the drying process.

If you still prefer to blow dry your hair after getting most of the moisture out, there are loads of products available designed to speed up the process. Try KMS California Free Shape Quick Blow Dry or My Amazing Blow Dry Secret. These products also help to protect your hair from the heat of the dryer.


3. Plopping

“Plopping” is a very popular technique for naturally curly or wavy hair. Fans of the technique love the way it restores hair health and can actually result in shinier and less frizzy hair than with heat styling.

This method of drying can take some time so it’s not the best option for when you need to be out of the house quickly. However if you plan ahead, it can result in great looking hair.

For this technique, you start with soaking wet hair. You can squeeze and scrunch out the excess moisture, but don’t use a towel.

Apply plenty of leave-in conditioner hair oil, or curl cream, and prepare to wrap your hair.

You’ll need an old long-sleeved t-shirt – lay it out on a chair with the sleeves towards you. Bend over and dip your hair into the center of the towel.

Lift the sides of the t-shirt around your head, then flip the bottom of the t-shirt over your head and wrap the sleeves around the sides, tying at the back.

The t-shirt will gradually absorb all the moisture from your hair, accentuating the natural curl and leaving it frizz-free. Your hair will likely be slightly damp after you remove the t-shirt but you can leave the remaining moisture to air dry. Some people prefer to keep their hair wrapped overnight.


4. Dry Your Hair With a Brush

goody quikstyle paddle brush reviewThe Goody QuikStyle Brush is specially designed to speed up drying times, simply by using it right out of the shower.

The brush is designed with unique microfiber bristles that absorb water from every layer of your hair, that a towel can’t reach.

By using this brush, you can reduce the time it takes to dry your hair by half or more. It’s also great for using before and during blow drying to remove excess moisture and speed up drying time, therefore reducing heat exposure and damage.


5. Dry Your Hair in Braids

Putting your hair in braids won’t help it to dry faster, but it can really help to smooth the hair and tame frizz and is a great way to achieve natural looking heat-free curls.

For best results, use generous amounts of curling mousse or cream before braiding your hair and leave the braids in over night. You can experiment with different types of braids for a different style result.

One or two loose braids will result in gentle waves, while more tight braids will produce more defined curls.

You can also try putting your hair in a bun or pinning it into curls for a similar effect.


6. Get a Keratin Treatment

Hair that has had professional keratin treatment won’t dry any faster than untreated hair, but it will look a lot better.

Keratin is a natural structure within hair cells that helps to protect them from damage. A keratin treatment uses heat to fuse keratin into the hair strands, repairing damage, and resulting in smooth, straight, and shiny hair.

The magic with keratin treatments is your hair retains these qualities even after washing and air-drying. You can really just wash and go, without needing the heat styling you normally rely on for frizz-free hair.

Unfortunately keratin treatments are not a permanent fix – the results normally last up to three months and then you’ll need a re-treatment.

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