How to curl your hair with a flat iron

how to curl hair with a flat ironUsing a flat iron is the easiest way to get some curls in your hair. However, it is important to learn how to use your flat iron properly so you do not damage your hair in the process. Keep in mind that you should only use a flat iron once in a while to prevent damages from the heat.

If you do not already have a flat iron, you should look for a quality product. Don’t hesitate to spend more to get a quality flat iron. If possible, choose a product with a long cord and some safety features.

Flat irons are made for straightening your hair. However, it is possible to use them to create some curls. It is easier to create curls with a curling iron and you should think about investing in a curling iron if you want to have curly hair on a regular basis.

Comb your hair carefully before getting started. It is easier to divide your hair in three sections before you curl it. Use a clip to pin a third of your hair in the back and another clip to pin another third of your hair on one side.

You can then curl the section that is not pinned. Use a clip to pin this section when you are done curling it and unpin the next section. This will prevent hair from getting caught in the flat iron.

Do not try curling an entire section of your hair at once. It is best to curl your hair one small section at a time. Twist a small section of your hair around the flat iron. The entire iron should be covered with your hair. Wait for ten seconds before releasing the hair.

The section you twisted around the iron should be curled. If it did not work, try again. You might need to let your hair around the iron for more than ten seconds if it is thick and does not curl easily. Do not leave your hair around the iron for too long or you could damage it.

Move to the next small section until all the hair that is not pinned has been curled. You can vary the sizes of the sections you curl to end up with curls of different sizes. Once you are done curling a third of your hair, pin it with a clip and move on to the next section.

Apply some hair mousse once you are done curling all your hair. Hair mousse will make the curls last longer. You can also add some hair spray to make the curls last even longer. You can remove the curls by washing and blow drying your hair but they should go away by themselves after a day or two.

This is the easiest way to curl your hair with a flat iron. You should look into purchasing a curling iron if you want to curl your hair more quickly. Remember not to use an iron too often or you could damage your hair with the heat.

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