Reviewing the Croc Flat Iron

Flat irons are a must for every woman, whether you’ve got straight or curly hair, you simply have to have one. While these styling tools can straighten and make your locks sleek and tamed, they also have the capacity to bring breaks and damage.

Croc Flat Irons, produced by leading company Turboion Advanced Technology, provides a full range of products that use the most advanced and the latest innovations in flat irons. By using the latest breakthroughs in technology, every flat iron by Croc is designed to straighten your hair in the healthiest and most efficient way possible.

Preferred and used by professionals, Croc has set the standard in the industry for today’s styling tools technology. Featuring patented safety features and advanced ionic technologies, expect salon quality styling with every use of Croc flat irons.

Top 4 Croc Flat Iron Reviews

Here are 4 of their products, from the most basic Croc Classic, to the Environment-Friendly iron, to the Designer tool, and to their newest tool to come out in the market:

1. Croc Classic Flat Iron

Croc Classic Flat IronThe brand’s #1 bestselling iron, this is the classic that started it all. Favored by professional stylists for all keratin treatments, it uses Titanium plates with ceramic heating for ultra safe and healthy hair straightening. Titanium plates are intended to smooth out hair cuticle, which results to smoother and shinier hair.

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It can heat to a maximum of 450 degrees Fahrenheit, making it efficient enough to use in a salon. It has a digital screen to differentiate temperature, allowing you to control the iron’s heat from 280 degrees to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, lowered and increased by 10-degree intervals. This ability for temperature control allows you to enjoy more precise heat settings to use on different hair textures and different styles.

Its versatility is also heightened by the fact that it’s a wet-to-dry iron. You can use it on wet hair, styling as you go. This drastically lowers styling time and eliminates your need for a dryer. There’s also an automatic shut off that turns the power off after 40 minutes of disuse.

This iron stands out because it’s a basic flat iron that works like a charm. Versatile enough to use on all hair types and lengths, but also with the right amount of technology that makes your hair healthy sans heat damage. The only drawback to this iron is that it’s not dual voltage. The available plate widths are 1″ and 1 1/2,” which is compact size. So this iron would’ve been more versatile if it were available in dual voltage so you can take it with you when traveling abroad.

2. Croc iPulse

croc iPulse flat ironThe newest addition to the world of Croc Flat Irons, it has all the latest technologies and innovations that you can think of. But taking these breakthroughs aside, this is basically a powerful flat iron that will turn your curly hair into one full head of sleek and straight locks – done in the healthiest way possible.

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The technologies it uses are the diamond coated semi-precious smoothing plate made of a combination of onyx, diamond, quartz, and tourmaline; the negative ion generating shooter; and the vibrating pulse action. The unique and luxurious combination of these natural negative ion producers allow for effortless, smooth, and easier glide on your hair that will cut styling time in half. Nothing can get smoother and more efficient than the plates used on this iron.

The negative ion technology releases 1-2 millions of streams of negative ions that completely eliminate static and frizz. The vibrating pulse action makes over 7000 rounds of vibrating pulses per minute, providing a smoothing action that makes your hair shiny. Forget all kinds of hair products when you use this IPulse flat iron.

The best thing about this is the technologies used in making your hair smooth and straight, which are one of the best and most innovative in the market. However, since it’s only been released very recently, there isn’t much customer feedback on the product just yet.

3. Croc Greenion Ultrasonic

croc-greenion-ultrasonic-hair-ironFor the woman who wants to lower her carbon footprint, Croc has made this iron specifically for the environment-friendly user. This efficient iron works just as well as the Croc Classic but incorporates the use of natural hemp powder – which is a renewable sustainable resource that’s static-free and CO2-free.

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The Greenion technology makes for maximum ion efficiency to reduce static and frizz, while the Ultrasonic technology vibrates at 36,000 times per second, allowing ultra micro water and protein molecules to penetrate directly into the cortex of the hair strand. These two innovations give your hair moisture and conditioning that’s unheard of with other flat irons. This mechanism also reconstructs your damaged hair, as well as preserves your hair color due to the moisture-locked cuticles that you get.

It’s dual voltage, which makes this a perfect travel companion, and temperature control is digitally displayed. The floating plates and rounded barrel allow you to use this iron to curl and flip your hair aside from its main purpose of straightening.

The best thing about it? Definitely the Greenion Technology that makes this iron ultra environmental-friendly. The downside? Users have reported that it doesn’t heat as fast and as much as Croc’s other irons.

4. Croc Designer Iron

croc designer flat ironAvailable in green, black, and red, the Designer Iron features the ATR – automatic temperature reverse. While other products like the Classic automatically shuts the power off after 40 minutes of disuse, this iron instead, lowers the temperature gradually. So if you proceed to doing your makeup after you press your hair, and decide to do some touch up straightening, the iron is still hot and ready to use.

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It uses black titanium plates which bring the following benefits: firmer pull for ultra straight style, easily glides over reducing static and frizz, and seals-in moisture for added silky shine that lasts longer.

It also has floating plates and barrel features that allow you to use it to curl or flip your hair. And without the use of actual heat, its infrared technology allows for healthier straightening with the production of negative ions. This Designer Iron is fully digital, allowing you to control the temperature from 280 to 450 degrees.

This iron definitely stands out for its ATR feature – which gives you peace of mind after you style your hair. The downside is that it’s not very good for thick and long hair. At 1″ wide, it will take you longer to finish your entire head if you’ve got thick, long, and coarse hair.

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