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Pros: Most of their latests models have variable heat control, dual voltage and auto shut-off feature. They have a wide range of products to suit anyone's budget. They're not only great for straightening but also for flipping and curling your hair too!
Cons: Their product range tend to be more on the high end, although they have lower priced models. It's quite expected as you see this brand being used by professional hair stylists. You may need to have some skills to maximize their use.

Fhi Heat is another example of superior Korean hair straightening tools. Unlike Chi which used to be made in USA but are now being sourced to China, FHI products are developed in South Korea. Despite being founded only in 2003, it quickly rose to fame being a widely used by top salons and loved by celebrities.

General Thoughts on FHI Heat

They produce the most technologically advanced hair styling tools available on the market. Incorporating Nano Technologies, their ceramic tourmaline irons have been designed to provide salon-quality results (which is why many top salons use them).

Their variable temperature settings are among the widest in the industry, making it perfect even for those with super thick curly hair. Beveled plates with rounded barrels make them an all-around hair styling tool not just for flattening hair.

However, FHI Heat Flat irons are a mixed bag. Though they have all the bells & whistles that other mass-produced irons don’t have, some people don’t think it’s worth the added $$$ as their pro line do cost an arm and leg. Others however, are satisfied with the results they get – after all, you do pay premium for quality and innovation.

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So let’s go over FHI Heat’s different product lines…

#1. FHI EPS Elite Professional Series Flat Iron

fhi heat eps 6000FHI Heat’s EPS or Elite Professional Series is designed for stylists who expect nothing less than the best. The styling iron can reach the highest temperature setting of 450 ˚F in no time. Even from standby the EPS can recover heat in just a few seconds.

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Temperature range is also wider compared to the other models, with minimum at 266 ˚F. Three layers of ceramic plates are scratch- and peel-resistant. The plates are also floating and beveled to make the waves, curls and ringlets that a hair stylist wants to produce; all without the damage that other brands can create.

Finished in a stylish and unique silver coat, the FHI Elite Professional Series is an ideal tool for the distinguished salon. It is made from top-grade components from the heater to the motor. This durable, high performance styling iron is simply worth the investment. It’s listed on the manufacturer website for over $300, but you can get it for less than $200 on Amazon.

#2. FHI Platform

fhi heat platformA perfect addition to any professional hairstylist’s toolkit, the Platform Styling Iron from FHI Heat provides performance that lasts with as many styles as you can imagine. The Platform features an advanced PTFC heater that can provide adjustable temperatures ranging from 140-450 ˚F. The ceramic heater has three layers designed to distribute heat evenly and get back up to heat quickly.

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Considered as the best Fhi flat iron, you can easily create waves, curls and straight hairstyles with its beveled plates. Negative ions produced by tourmaline lock the moisture in while eliminating static, lessen frizz and prevents humidity. You do not have to worry about damaging your hair because this product has a very low EMF. This styling iron features a swivel cord and comes with a free mat and carry case with a hang-up hook and self-gripping closure. The FHI Platform Styling Iron is a high performance product that is worth the premium price. It’s listed on the FHI website for $179.98 but for now, you can get it on Amazon for less than $130 though I can’t guarantee how long this deal will last.

Available in different plate sizes (1/2 inch, 1 inch, 1 1/4 inch and 1 3/4 inch)

Here’s how to use the Platform to create flippers (on the Today Show)

#3. FHI Runway Flat Iron

Fhi Heat Runway Tourmaline Ceramic Flat IronNot to be confused with the Runway Hot Rollers, the Runway Styling Iron is a lesser known, hard-to-find yet outrageously expensive top-of-the-line product from FHI Heat.

The Runway has 6 layers of pure and handmade ceramic plates that are part of the IHCS or integrated ceramic heating system. This means the iron can maintain its temperature with ease. It is capable of working on damp to dry hair and it is perfect for all types of hair. As touted by its manufacturer, it is the ideal tool for customers who want the look that is perfect for the stage, the red carpet, and even the runway or catwalk, hence the name.

The temperature range is conveniently color-coded to make working on different hair types and textures easy and quick. The red zone is ideal for thick and coarse hair; the blue zone is for permed, curly, or wavy hair while the green zone is suited for normal and fine hair. A “handy” feature is the hand touch technology that switches the iron to sleep mode if it has not been held for 3 minutes; after an hour it shuts off when not in use.

The Runway is 3 times more expensive than the Platform and harder to find too (yes, we’ve looked for it everywhere). At the moment, there’s one available on eBay although I can’t say how long it’ll last before it gets snapped up. If you want similar results like the Runway, but for a fraction of the price, go with either the Platform (the one above) or Solia.

#4. FHI Technique G2

fhi heat technique g2 flat ironThe FHI Heat Technique G2 Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Styling Iron is the answer to stylists and DIYers who want to have a hair straightener without having to empty their wallet. The leading edge PTC heater ensures quick heating and a steady temperature at the range you prefer.

The G2 features an auto sense control that determines the texture of the hair and makes appropriate adjustments to the heater. FHI’s trademark Nano-Fuzeion technology makes styling without damage possible by minimizing electromagnetic field. Ringlets, flips, waves and curls are easy to make thanks to the beveled ceramic plates.

Another outstanding and commendable feature of this styling iron is its weight; it is so light that coupled with the fast heating, styling hair is quick and easy to do. The reduced price and great performance combine for an irresistible deal; proof that there is no need to spend so much to have gorgeous hair.

#5. FHI Technique G3

fhi heat technique g3 ironIf you are looking for a styling iron that will not damage your hair but lets you achieve the style that has a beautiful shine, movement and body, then the Technique G3 from FHI Heat is the one for you.

An upgrade to the G2, this high-tech heater features three layers of ceramic plates to produce heat in no time and the heat is maintained consistently so that you can keep on styling. In addition, you can vary the temperature to make different looks, from as low as 140 degrees Fahrenheit to as high as 450 degrees (unlike the G2 which has a fixed temp).

The ceramic plates are beveled to give you endless possibilities when it comes to hairstyles. Tourmaline in the plates protects the hair from static and frizzing is also lessened. Straightening only takes one pass because of the high-quality floating plates. One great power-saving feature of the Technique G3 is its auto-shut-off function which is activated after one hour of not being used.

It retails for $139.99 on Fhi’s website.