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Pros: The best thing about this flat iron is how easy it is to use. The ceramic plates heat fast - it's ready in less than a minute. You get to enjoy professional results even without the help of anyone else.
Cons: The only downside to this tool is the lack of an automatic shut off. Though it does maintain an even temperature, it would've been better if it shuts off by itself when it reaches the maximum temperature or when it's not being used.

HSI Professional Flat IronThe HSI Professional Flat Iron is one of the top rated flat irons in the market. Made by Florida-based hair care product company HSI Professional, thousands of people from around the world are using it to transform their thick and frizzy hair into smooth and straight locks that shine. Ironing your hair can cause serious damage – this 3rd generation HSI Professional contains 1″ ceramic ionic flat irons that actually does the opposite – it seals in moisture, giving you shiny and silky refined hair.

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HSI Professional is a trusted name in hair care products – used by actual stylists for salon-like results. A brand associated with professional-quality products at affordable prices, this Flat Iron with 1″ ceramic plates will give you an excellent solution to fast and easy hair straightening. And aside from its superior performance, it can be used anywhere in the world – with the capacity for 110W and 220W, it’s the perfect tool for the busy jet setter.


Ceramic Tourmaline Plates with Infrared Technology

This flat iron uses ceramic tourmaline plates that float – sealing in moisture and reducing frizz and flyaways. With the ability to create silky and refined locks that don’t damage, you can use this tool every day of the week without having to worry about ruining your hair in the long run. For many women who live in humid weather, a good quality flat iron is a definite must. Not everyone has the luxury of going to a salon every week, sometimes you just don’t have the time or the money. These ceramic flat irons will give you salon-like results without the cost and time wasted of actually going to a professional stylist.

The ceramic plates are also floating – which means they move with your hair so you won’t get the knots and tangles you get with other products. The edges are also round-shaped, making this tool a versatile piece of equipment that can also curl or flip your hair.

Adjustable Temperature

HSI Professional Iron Worldwide EditionBecause you don’t really want that flat straight hair all the time, this tool allows you to adjust the temperature from 240 Fahrenheit to 410 Fahrenheit. If you’ve already got straight hair, the low temperature will work just fine to get rid of frizz and flyaways. If you have thick and coarse wavy hair, bring it to the highest temperature to tame those locks.

The adjustable temperatures add to the versatility of this tool, allowing you to style your hair in countless different possibilities. The hair can transform your look – get curly locks for formal occasions, straight hair for everyday, and lush, wavy hair for going to the beach. A hair tool that can give you the most looks is the ideal tool – and this product gives you the possibility to look however you want to.

Dual Voltage – 110-220 Watts for Worldwide Use and Ergonomic Design

If you’re one of the many women who constantly travel from one country to another, you know how difficult it can be to prepare your hair. Most tools are made specifically for a certain country, which means you’ll have to buy one when you go somewhere else. Or even finding a reliable salon to fix your hair in a new city is just time-consuming and risky. HSI Professional realized and understands this problem, and thus, they created this 2nd generation flat iron to address this exact issue.

Creating this HSI Professional Flat Iron for busy jet setters – it’s light enough to carry with you, but the most important part is its dual voltage capacity. You can use it with 110 or 220 Watts – making it your hair’s perfect travel companion.

The plate width is 1″ which is narrow enough to straighten your bangs but wide enough for any hair type and length. Though its size is just like the regular flat iron, you can easily place it in its included pouch and bring it with you wherever you go. Get to enjoy beautiful and silky smooth hair wherever life may take you.

Here’s a video review by Michelle

Hmm.. Sounds good, but does it work on African American hair?

Yes, it does! It’s recommended to use the Argan Oil that comes with it (you can purchase it separately in case yours run out) to make your hair silky smooth. Go for the digital version of the iron, the one with an LCD display. Having a temperature indicator would make it easier to adjust the heat. So, even if you have coarse and stubborn hair, this iron gets the job done!

OK, great.. but will it work on fine hair?

It can go as low as 140 F so you can use it on fine hair just fine! 😉

To sum it up..

When you need to make your hair sleek and smooth in a matter of minutes, this tool will do the job perfectly. And the best thing about this tool? It uses ionic ceramic plates that don’t damage your hair – it actually seals in moisture – allowing you to use it whenever and however you want.

Overall, this HSI Professional Flat Iron is the best bang for your buck. Giving you professional style results that actually protect your hair, and at an affordable price that won’t break the bank, it’s an excellent investment that you’ll get to enjoy for many, many years to come.

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