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Pros: It heats up fast yet lightweight enough to bring with you - perfect for those on the go. Glides easily with any hair type. Designed by a stylist for hair stylists - it delivers salon-quality results.
Cons: The silicone speed strips are prone to dirt and they need frequent cleaning. Doesn't have automatic shut off feature. For those with thick coarse hair, you may need more than "one pass" to achieve the straight hair look you like.

bio ionic onepass hair straightening ironUnruly curly hair not only makes us unconfident but it also compromises the effect of the makeup we use. With Bio Ionic One Pass straightening iron, bad hair days will soon be a thing of the past.

Its manufacturer and founder Fernando Romero is best known for producing a wide range of innovative products that defines the beauty industry for all hair professionals worldwide.

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“Nano-ceramic” plates that help to straighten and smoothen your hair feature this Bio Ionic iron hair straightener. It can heat up to 400 degrees and with silicone strips to speed up heating so you can straighten your hair faster. Originally made in Korea, this hair straightener has been engineered with various specs that make it one of the best in the market. Below is a quick overview of the major specs that come with Bio Ionic One Pass.

  • It uses far infrared technology
  • Features mineral fused to protect the plates
  • It is Nano-ionic
  • Produces high levels of negative ions
  • Lightweight
  • Uses silicone speed strips
  • Claims to be the fastest iron ever
  • It has a multilevel heat controller

Key Features of Bio Ionic One Pass Iron

1. Silicone Speed Strips Allows Fast Styling

If there is one thing every person goes for when it comes to choosing a hair straightener, it is the speed. Everyone wants an iron that is faster and easier to use. With its silicone speed strips, it allows you to have elegant soft hair with just one pass. With these strips, you can straighten your hair within a very short time because of the very high negative ion levels delivered to your hair.

The silicone strips are known to work even 50% faster than any other hair straightener out there does hence producing smooth straight hair in less time. Because of these strips, Bio Ionic One Pass Iron allows every person having either curly or wavy hair to achieve soft and tender hair without a hassle.

The only problem with these silicone strips is that hair and other products you use in your hair such as lotion and heat protectants get stuck in them since the strips are located in a sort of canal along the ceramic plates. This shouldn’t be an issue as long as you clean your device after each use. It is recommended that you don’t apply too many products on your hair just before the straightening to prevent them from building up on the silicone strips.

2. Nano-Ionic Mineral Technology Provides For Seamless Functionality Of The Plates

This new technology provides a quicker way of straightening your hair since the plates are Nano-infused with ions, which fosters faster heating as well as consistent temperatures. Ceramic technology allows the plates to work on every kind of hair including the curliest hair.

These plates themselves can be used seamlessly for taming frizz close to the head and they are wide enough to be used easily with thick hair. This doesn’t mean that it cannot handle short hair. The enormous heat produced with these sleekly designed plates allows you to straighten up your hair faster without having to waste any time. When you run the plates straight from the roots of the hair cuticles up to the ends your hair will certainly achieve that pin straight look that most of you love. The plates are lightweight and thin making them to work with any type of hair.

3. The Multilevel Heat Controller Boosts Flexibility

The multilevel heat controller manages the amount of heat that is delivered. With a wide range of temperatures to choose from, every person can achieve silky, soft, smooth hair within a very short time. You can choose the setting that suits your type of hair best.

This 120 volt Bio Ionic hair straightener heats very fast. It just takes 5 to 8 seconds for the iron to heat up and ready for use. If your hair is naturally soft, you will get them straight with just one pass because of the plenty of heat. However, you might need two to three passes if your hair is curly and wavy. Make sure that you always use a heat protector when using this iron because of the heat but this depends on an individual since heat affects our hair differently.

Here’s a video review by PersianBeauty (on YouTube):


Other perks

It is has a long swivel cord with no test or reset button. This comes in handy especially when you’re travelling and you are restricted to one power outlet in the hotel. The swivel cord prevents tangles in the power cord. The lightweight plates reduces hand fatigue. It also has a 5 year warranty, so you’ll have peace of mind.

It not only straightens your hair but it also leaves them shiny, moist without any crispy look. This is a great iron for different types of hair. Regardless of the conditions of your hair, be sure that this straightener will give them a splendid look.

So, what’s the bottom line?

Without any doubt, this is an incredible iron because of the aforementioned features. It has galore of heat and sensors that keeps the Nano-ionic plates at a consistent heat even after passing the iron through your hair. Its sleek design allows it to be used even with the thickest, wavy hair and its shape provides many styling options.

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And oh, by the way…

You can connect with Bio Ionic on social media – you can find them on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Looking for other Bio Ionic Flat Irons?

If you aren’t sure the One Pass is for you, here are other options from Bio Ionic:

Agave Healing Vapor Iron

agave healing vapor ironEver worried about drying out your hair and causing heat damage every time you straighten your hair? Then consider using a vapor iron. The Agave Healing Vapor Flat Iron is designed to work with a heat-activated leave-in conditioner called Vapor Infusion which is refillable after you finish the 2 4 oz. set included with your purchase. It has 3 variable heat settings for different hair types which goes up to 420 ˚F.

>> Bio Ionic Agave Healing Vapor Iron

If you live in a very dry or very humid part of the country, most likely you have to deal with frizziness a lot of times. Made from Agave plant sugars, the healing oil included in this iron can help manage the frizz. The 1.25” plates steams your hair which helps locks in moisture and makes your shiny with continued use. You don’t have to use the oil every time so you don’t have to worry about having to constantly refill it, although it may take a while before you get used to how it works.

Bio Ionic RTX-450 Digital Iron

Bio Ionic RTX-450 Digital IronThis ceramic iron has digital controls with a temperature that goes up to 450 ˚F, making it a good choice for those with thick coarse hair. Featuring a smoothing guide on the sides of the plates, this helps straighten hair evenly. Its teflon-coated cushion plates are infuse with NanoIonic complex which reduce frizziness and makes your hair shiny. A cool to touch tip helps prevent finger burns.

>> RTX-450 1.25″ Digital Iron

Perhaps the best feature is its ability to heat up fast that it literally shortens time spent on getting your hair done. You can also see hair stylists use this iron for straightening treatments like Brazilian. At under $70, this is well worth its price tag. However, if you plan to flip or curl your hair, you’ll be better off with the One Pass.

FreeStyle Mini Travel Iron

Bio Ionic FreeStyle Mini Travel IronIf you want something small enough to fit in your purse and take with you wherever you go, this mini flat iron is a great way to enjoy the benefits of Bio Ionic’s NanoIonic technology which leaves hair soft and smooth. It’s small build does not affect its heat up time (it heats up fast!). It’s just smaller than your usual flat iron so you can only do small sections of your hair at a time.

>> iSmooth FreeStyle Mini Travel Iron

It’s portability makes it an ideal companion for quick touch-ups. You can even use this to curl your hair. It heats up to 380 ˚F so if you have a really thick hair, you may need something that goes up higher. But it’s perfect for those with short hair.



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