Sleek Straight Hairstyle Ideas for Summer and Beyond

Summer usually brings up images of beach waves and wind-swept curls, but that doesn’t mean that girls with straight hair can’t have some fun. Sleek, straight hair blows in the gentle summer breezes just fine!

Straight doesn’t have to mean boring, and when it comes to the season for showing off some skin, a great hairstyle can complement any girl’s chosen summer look. Whether you’re a beach babe or a preppy picnicker, there’s a summer hairstyle that’s perfect for you. The best thing about it is that perfecting your favorite hairstyle means being able to take it to spring, fall and winter, too.

The Straight Part

Jennifer Aniston - The New Rachel Cut

Is this the new Rachel Cut? | Credits:

It can’t get any easier than this hairstyle. The idea is to work with what you’ve got rather than spend so much of your valuable time creating curls that will fall limp by lunchtime.

Create the look:

  1. Use the tip of a rattail comb to create a perfectly straight part in the middle (or just a little bit off-center) of your scalp.
  2. Run a fine-tooth comb along your hair on one side and then the other, taking care not to disturb the part.
  3. In this step, you don’t have to be neat. Very quickly, run a flat iron on large chunks of your hair, always doing it in one direction. The idea is to eliminate curves so that your hair all goes downward.
  4. Lightly spritz with some hairspray. You don’t want to completely get rid of the light fly-aways because they add to the overall natural and effortless look.

There’s a reason that Jennifer Aniston has been sporting The Rachel since the 90’s, and that’s because it just works.


The Single Braid

isla fisher - the single braid

Isla Fisher – The Single Braid (Photo Courtesy of: Pinterest)

Isla Fisher has been photographed on the red carpet with this hairstyle, and it only proves that sometimes, going back to the basics of braiding can actually update a look.

Create the look:

  1. Use a small amount of mousse just to give your hair some texture. This is especially important if you have very fine, slippery hair.
  2. Part your hair just a little bit off-center, and then run your comb through each side.
  3. Gather the top front of the larger part (the one with more hair in it).
  4. Now we’re going to create the direction. French braid your hair, going half-way towards the top of your scalp, and then braid normally.
  5. Finish off with an elastic the same color as your hair.

This is a great way to keep most of your hair away from your face without doing an updo!


The French Braid: Updated


Photo Courtesy of Melissa at

Do you think that only the tweens can sport the complete French braid? Think again because it’s back with a vengeance, thanks to celebrities like Taylor Swift and Nicole Richie, both known for their sleek style choices.

Create the look:

  1. Start off by applying some mousse on damp hair. Run a brush through it in order to spread the product as easily as possible.
  2. Part your hair to one side and scrunch it until it dries.
  3. Starting with your bangs, French braid towards the back of your head, taking more and more strands from the other side of your part as you go along.
  4. End the braid with an elastic the same color as your hair.
  5. Push the handle of a rattail comb underneath the front of your braid and pull up slightly to create some volume.
  6. End with a light spritz of hairspray. If your braid is tight enough, your hair will stay in place.

The best thing about this look is that when a particularly strong summer breeze comes along, it will mess up your hair just enough to make it look even better!


The Volumized High Ponytail


Kim Kardashian | As seen on

The ponytail has earned its place on the red carpet, as proven by Ariana Grande, Kim Kardashian, and even Jennifer Lopez. Its gym-only and housework-style status has been trumped by its easy-to-achieve classic chicness. The look is practical, keeping your hair away from your face and off your shoulders (especially nifty in hot summer months), and can easily be taken from day to night. You could be running around town under the sun all day and no one would be the wiser when you change into your party clothes come sunset.

Create the look:

  1. This look is about volume — no flimsy ponytails here — so texturize with some mousse, best applied on damp hair. Lightly brush it out just to get rid of the tangles and then blow-dry upside down. This will create more volume all over your hair.
  2. Throw your hair upside-down again and start gathering it towards the very center of your crown. Standing upright, neaten the ponytail by holding your hair taut and running a fine-toothed brush over the top of the stretched hair. There should be no fly-aways outside of the ponytail itself.
  3. Tie off your ponytail with a thick elastic.
  4. Take a small section from your ponytail and wrap it around the base to hide the elastic. Secure this with a hairpin.
  5. Take your teasing comb and start teasing your ponytail until it’s as thick and big as you like.
  6. Finish off with a lot of hairspray! You want the hair against your head to be perfectly neat, but the ponytail should be big and fabulous.

You can accessorize any of these looks with flowers, clips, and ribbons, and those can take you from summer’s easy breezy styles to any season of the year. Update your hair the way you update your outfits, but it doesn’t have to take an entirely different skill set. Pick your look and develop your summer style!

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