What is a hot comb and how to use it?

Coarse, thick, and rough hair is so hard to manage. You’d have to use the most hydrating conditioners and the strongest hair products to at least keep the frizz to a minimum. The time it takes to fix your hair in the morning can take up a lot of time and bring you loads of frustration – thus, the need for hair styling tools that will help tame down your hair. If you have unruly locks, the right set of hair tools are a definite must.

One styling tool that was revolutionary when it was invented is the hot comb. A metal comb that’s heated to straighten the kinkiest of hairs, it was the frizzy-haired girl’s best friend in a time when electric styling tools were unheard of. Let’s take a look at its history, advantages, how to buy one for yourself, and the top 5 products available in the market today:

The Top 5 Hot Combs in the Market

1. Andis Ultra High Heat Electric Press Comb

Andis Ultra High Heat Press Comb 38320This electric hot comb heats to 450 degrees Fahrenheit in as little as 30 seconds – so powerful and fast that it straightens your entire head of hair in less than 5 minutes. There are 20 variable heat settings that allows for a multitude of straightening styles for all hair types. It’s also made of a real gold ceramic comb, giving you even heat each time.

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The best thing about this tool is it works fast – the less time you expose your hair to heat, the healthier your hair is. But the downside? The control buttons are placed on the handle that you can accidentally press when using the hot comb.

2. Hot Tools Professional 1150 Electric Pressing Comb

Hot Tools Professional 1150 Pressing CombMade of a 24K gold plated comb – this tool heats your hair safely and fast. It can heat up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit in only a few seconds and offers a total of 85 Watts of power for fast heat-up. Its strong grip handle and light weight won’t strain your wrists when you you use it for many minutes straight – allowing you to press your hair without effort.

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The best thing about this tool is its gold-plated comb – which is safer and milder on the hair compared to other combs with regular metal. Being highly rated by its users, this may very well be the best electric hot comb in the market. The downside? It’s not too powerful to use on your entire hair – a flat iron may be needed once you use this tool on your roots.

3. Gold N Hot Professional Pressing Comb Stove Iron

Gold N Hot Professional Pressing Comb Stove IronThis is a manually-heated hot comb that uses high-quality steel. If you’re the type who wants complete control over the heat and the speed it takes to use a hot comb, this is the one for you. Simply turn on the stove, place this over the fire, and use on your hair. It’s super lightweight so you there’s no worry of straining your wrist when you use it, and no worry of burning your scalp as you get to control it completely.

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The best thing about this tool is its material heats up fast, making it very hot in less than 30 seconds, as compared to electric tools. The downside? It may be dangerous to use if you don’t know what you’re doing.

4. ConAir Hype Hair Ultra Hot Comb

ConAir Hype Hair Ultra-Hot Straightening CombThis gold anodized comb has 30 heat settings that has the maximum capacity of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Out of the 30 heat settings, 15 are specifically used for coarse hair – making it the best tool for women who have thick and extremely frizzy hair. It has a uniform heat recovery system that’s safe and gentle on your hair, as well as an auto-off feature that adds to this tool’s safety.

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The best thing about this comb is the multiple setting – making it versatile and prevents the risk for burns. The disadvantage? It’s not heavy-duty enough to use for professional stylists as it’s best used for simple touch-ups.

5. Lava Gold Gold Plated Pressing Comb

Lava Gold LG-AGPC Gold Plated Press CombGiving you high heat settings that reach up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, this hot comb can heat in as little as 60 seconds. There’s a variable temperature control feature for styling all hair types, giving you full control over the heat you apply to your hair. This control means there is no fear of scalp burning – an issue that discourages many women from using hot combs in the first place.

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The best thing about this product is the removable dual action scalp heat guard that protects your skin from potential burns. The downside? As with most hot combs, the dials are placed on the handles that you can accidentally press while using the comb.

Who invented the hot comb?

The first commercially available hot comb was patented by Annie Malone – an African-American entrepreneur. However, a similar tool had already been in use in France in the 1800’s as a way for women to mimic the hairstyles donned by Egyptian women. A certain Marcel Grateau in 1872 is credited for being the first hairdresser to use the tool in her salon in Paris.

In the 1900’s, Malone manufactured the very first hot combs and sold them predominantly to the African-American community as an alternative to the often hazardous means of straightening hair through chemicals and actual irons. One of her workers and protege, was Madam CJ Walker, who is often mistaken for being the inventor of the hot comb. Though Walker did not invent the tool, she is credited for making it popular when she reinvented it with wider teeth to accommodate thicker hair.

So what is a hot comb and how to use it? The main purpose of hot combs is to straighten hair. It is usually made of a metal comb and a wooden handle. You use it by heating the metal in heat with a temperature between 300 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and use it to straighten the hair from the roots down. Today, you can find hot combs or pressing combs that are placed directly over a heat source or electrically heated.

Advantages of a Pressing Comb

So why use pressing combs?

  • Safe. First, is it’s safer and healthier on the hair compared to chemical straighteners. You don’t expose your hair to hazardous chemicals that can potentially break and damage your hair – this mechanical way of straightening does not require any product.
  • You’re in control. Second, you have more control in terms of getting all the parts of your hair straightened – this includes more control on your bangs, the hair on your nape, and baby hair that can’t be straightened by contemporary flat irons that are all the rave today.
  • Temporary. And third, straightening your hair with a hot comb is temporary – if you want to have curly hair again, simply wash your hair and it’s back to its natural state.

How do I Find the Best Pressing Comb for Me?

If you’re one of the many women today who’s never heard of the hot comb before reading this article, then you need to get some pointers as to the things you need to consider when buying a pressing comb for yourself. Here are 4 factors to consider:

  1. Check the condition of your hair. If you’ve treated your hair in different chemicals, such as straighteners and relaxing agents, then hold off from buying a pressing comb until your natural hair grows back. Using a pressing comb will not work on relaxed hair and it will burn your locks and your hair will fall out.
  2. Choose between an electric over a manually-heated pressing comb. In today’s day and age, the electrically heated hot combs trump manual ones. Why? Because it’s safer to use and you get more control. However, if you want a hot comb that works instantly and can heat up with the most power to straighten hair, a hot comb that you can heat over a stove is more ideal for you.
  3. For electric hot combs, always look for multiple settings. This allows you to straighten your hair in a lower or higher setting depending on the style you are trying to achieve.
  4. Look for ceramic material on the comb rather than stainless steel. Ceramic materials heat your hair safer and more evenly – diminishing the risks for damage and uneven straightened hair.
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