What we think of Herstyler Flat Irons

A good flat iron can make your hair look good, but a great one can do wonders. Herstyler flat irons offer great-quality products that can turn your thick and coarse hair into flawlessly sleek straight locks – all in a matter of a few minutes. They have a complete line of flat irons that use the most advanced technologies and only the best materials that are proven to really straighten hair the healthiest way possible.

If you love your curly or wavy hair but want to go straight every now and then, or if you already have straight hair and you want to make the frizz and fly-aways disappear, then Herstyler flat irons are for you. Permanent straightening chemicals are permanent, well, until your natural hair grows back, and you’d have to straighten it again. The next best thing to getting that ultra-sleek straight hair is through Herstyler’s range of great-quality flat irons.

Here are 3 of Herstyler’s top-rated products from each of its flat-iron product lines:

1. Herstyler Ceramic Flat Iron: SuperStyler

Herstyler Superstyler Onyx Hair StraightenerThis is one of the products under Herstyler’s Ceramic Flat Iron line. The main difference between this iron and the rest of Herstyler’s flat irons is the use of onyx ceramic plates. If you want a truly powerful iron that can give you the hottest temperature, the SuperStyler will definitely do the job.

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This iron can reach up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit – making it the perfect solution to tame and straighten thick and curly hair. The higher the heat, the faster and more efficient the straightening is, which lessens damage on your hair, and cuts styling time to a fraction.

The onyx ceramic plates guarantee smooth straightening motion without pulling or breaking your hair. Expect this iron to run smoothly through your hair, without all the tangles that most flat irons get. The innovative ceramic plates use negative ion technology that eliminates frizz and static – which is its main mechanism in effectively making your hair smooth and silky.

Its features include a temperature variable control, floating ceramic plates, and has the capacity to straighten, curl, flip, and style your hair all in one. It also includes a protective glove that you can wear as you style, so you don’t get burns when using it in its maximum heat.

The best thing about this flat iron is definitely the onyx ceramic floating plates. Ceramic plates are gentler on the hair – which means your hair won’t break or burn from the heat. The downside, however, is that the controls are found on the inside – which gives you risk for burns since they’re located beside the plates.

2. Tourmaline Flat Iron: Salon Styler

Herstyler Salon StylerThis flat iron was made specifically for professional use. The 3″ plates are wide enough to use on the longest and thickest of hairs, covering a full head of hair in only minutes. The difference between this iron and the rest of Herstyler’s flat irons is the use of tourmaline plates. Tourmaline generates 6 times more negative ions than ceramic plates, which drastically eliminates frizz and static – giving you smooth, silky hair within minutes.

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But what makes this product unique is its wet to dry ability. This means you can use this iron straight from the shower. It dries damp hair, allowing you to set and style your hair even when it’s wet. Once you’re done styling, your hair will be dry enough to wear and go. Its unique system evaporates excess water, using infrared technology that’s healthy on the hair.

Its other features include the use of steam technology for even healthier locks, dual voltage capacity for worldwide use, and a maximum heat of up to 460 degrees Fahrenheit.

The best thing about this iron is its wet to dry capacity – which cuts down styling time to only a few minutes. Even with completely wet hair, you can use this as a dryer and iron to take you from the shower to out the door. The downside? It’s quite heavy because of the wide plates, and there are no temperature controls that could’ve added versatility to this iron.

3. Herstyler Pro: Fusion

herstyler-fusion-professional-straightening-ironThis product is the perfect combination of a high-quality straightener and fashionable accessory all in one. It uses 100% 1.5″ onyx ceramic plates with the capacity to heat up to 460 degrees Fahrenheit. With professional-quality features, both professional and home-users will enjoy using this iron – it’s not too heavy compared to the Tourmaline Salon Styler, making styling easier without the strain on your wrist.

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The one thing that separates this product from the rest of Herstyler’s flat irons is the body. Its made of lightweight and high-strength composite materials that are used in aerospace industry, making it ultra durable. This material gives this iron durability that will last for years and years of continued use.

The temperatures can be controlled from 180 degrees to 460 degrees Fahrenheit, giving this product the thumbs up in versatility. Anyone with thin to the thickest of hairs can use this iron – which makes it perfect for stylists. And the fact that it’s dual voltage means you can take this with you when you’re traveling to another country. At 1.5 inches wide, this can easily be stored in your luggage, making it the perfect regular-sized travel companion for your hair.

The best thing about this iron is its versatility. With temperature control and its light weight, both home users and stylists can take advantage of its features. The downside? There’s no automatic off button – which means you have to be careful when using this iron in its maximum temperature. You’d really have to turn it off and unplug it for safety.

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