What is the best hair dryer for thick hair?

When you have thick hair, styling can be a real challenge. Often more challenging to manage on a daily basis, those with thick hair also tend to need more styling products to help manage the frizz, and this can be a real pain and can get quite annoying at times. If your regular blow dryer takes ages to dry your thick hair, then you need one that can handle coarse hair.

The good news is that there are styling tools made specifically for your hair type, and you can make use of them to make your hair more manageable. To help you in your search for the best hair dryer for thick hair, we’ve rounded up the ones that can give you salon-looking hair whenever you want.

Below are some of the best blow dryers that you can get for thick hair:

1. Rusk Speed Freak

Rusk Speed Freak Professional Hair DryerThis 2000-watt professional hair dryer is especially effective if your hair is coarse and difficult to blow dry. You can pick from 7 heat and speed settings, and this flexibility allows you to really choose one that works perfectly for your hair texture. The ceramic and tourmaline heating technology helps dry hair but does it ever so gently, so you don’t have to worry about heat damage. This is why you will be left with hair that’s smoother than usual.

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Aside from that, this little device comes with a removable filter so you can properly clean and maintain it. It’s also shock-proof and durable, so you can be sure that it will last you a long time. If you’ve got thick, curly hair, the Rusk Speed Freak can help you get that “fresh-from-the-salon” blowout look in just minutes 🙂

Many who have tried this dryer are so pleased about how fast it can dry their thick, frizzy, and coarse hair. Compared to other dryers they have tried before, this one is definitely a winner. They are also happy about how it can make thick hair look smooth. The only minor qualm some users have pointed out is that they wish it were more lightweight, and they wish they don’t have to constantly press down on the cool shot button for it to work (which is usually the case for most dryers out there).

2. Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Dryer

Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair DryerIf you want your hair to look like it was done by a professional, this pro hair dryer by Karmin can help achieve that look for you. This comes at a powerful 1875-watt setting, so you can expect the drying to be incredibly fast. The reason why it will look professionally done is that this dryer comes with ionic technology and is capable of ceramic heating.

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The ceramic coils basically produce moist ceramic heat, at a temperature that’s stable and even enough for healthier styling. The heat seals the cuticle but also repels the humidity and frizz, giving your hair a softer quality and a little bit of shine. For even better styling, you also get 2 nozzle attachments that allow you to focus on certain sections at a time.

This professional-grade hair dryer has made a lot of people happy and satisfied, and even those with thick and curly hair agree. Users are relieved to finally have a hair dryer that works on their curly hair without making it frizzy. While the reviews are mostly positive, one area for improvement would be the placement of the cool shot button, which users tend to hit accidentally because it’s right on the handle. Some people have also remarked that it’s a bit heavy.

3. Elchim High Pressure 2000 Watt Dryer

Elchim 2001hp High Pressure 2000 Watt Hair DryerThis powerful and award-winning dryer from Elchim was made with classic Italian engineering, which perfectly balances heat, pressure, and airflow. Suitable for all types of hair including the thick and hard-to-style kind, this dryer is highly sought after because of its ability to make hair smoother, frizz-free and more manageable. Even professional hair stylists are happy not just about the performance of this dryer but also about its aesthetics. This dryer has a very sleek and professional look, and for its power, it’s quite light and doesn’t make a whole lot of noise.

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Users are very happy because this is one of the only dryers in the market that they can use to blow dry their frizzy hair straight. The dryer can get really hot, so with the help of a round brush, they can really style their hair and make it smoother than ever before. They’re also happy about the combination of heat and speed settings as well as the flexibility that this gives them. One of the minor issues that some people have is that the end of the nozzle is a little too narrow, so even if it works to concentrate the heat on a smaller portion of the hair, it would be better if it were a bit wider.

4. Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium

Babyliss Pro BABNT5548 Ionic Nano Titanium with Integrated Ion Generator Hair DryerWith Nano Titanium technology and an integrated ion generator, this 2000-watt hair dryer from Babyliss is truly something that can give you the results that you want. It has the ability to dry hair faster, but it also gives you the flexibility that you want with 6 heat and speed settings to choose from.

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A bonus concentrator nozzle gives you the ability to style smaller sections of hair separately, and the cool shot button is also there when you need it. Basically, what Babyliss gives you with this dryer is a great combination of speed, power, and ergonomic design. The removable filter makes cleaning almost effortless, and the fact that it’s lightweight means that it’s very easy to maneuver.

Those who have tried this hair dryer are extra happy because of the versatility that the various heat and speed settings permit. Those with super thick hair like it just as much as those with soft and fine hair, because either way, you get silky smooth and shiny hair that’s full of life. Users especially love that it dries their hair so fast and gives them a lot of extra time compared to before. The only issue is that the concentrator nozzle can get a bit loose.

5. Chi Air Vibe Ceramic Ionized Dryer

CHI Air Digital Touch Ceramic Hair DryerCHI gives you a dryer that’s as sleek and stylish as your hair after you’re done with it. Unlike any other hair dryer you’ve ever seen, this one comes with a full-color touch screen LCD that enables you to customize the heat and the air flow. Together with the touch screen controls, you also get a unique memory setting that can take note of your styling preferences.

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Truly top of the line, you also get a ceramic heater and infrared technology, which allows you to say goodbye to frizz, static, and excessively dry hair. Even for coarse hair, the ionizing feature of this dryer transforms it to silky tresses. The diffuser and nozzle give you further flexibility in styling, so you really have a tool that can give you exactly what you want.

Because of the state-of-the-art technology, that’s contained in this tiny little thing, those who have used it can really attest to the difference that this dryer makes. The touch screen is something they rave about because the customizable settings can work miracles even if hair is at its thickest. Perhaps the only setback people talk about is the fact that it’s really more expensive than the usual dryer, although if you consider this an investment then it should be worth every penny.

6. Turbo Power Twin Turbo Professional Dryer

Turbo Power Twin Turbo 3200 Professional DryerTurbo Power is known for high-quality, superior, and durable dryers, so it’s really a name that you can trust. The Twin Turbo possesses such power but gives you this power with hardly any vibration and noise. It’s very light in weight and the handle is ergonomically and anatomically designed, so you really get freedom of movement and you don’t have to worry about user fatigue.

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Apart from this, all the switches and controls are designed specifically for heavy-duty use, so this is a hair dryer that will definitely not die out on you. In fact, this hair dryer is designed to function trouble-free for 2,000 hours at a minimum. You also get 2 speeds and 4 temperatures, a removable stainless steel filter, as well as an anti-overheating capability.

Customers are happy to have such a durable and powerful product that they would typically find only in a salon. Having such a high-performance dryer at their disposal makes them very satisfied indeed, especially for those with hair that’s really hard to manage. Users are also happy that they can dry their hair at a fraction of the time that they normally need. The only minor qualm is the cold shot button and the fact that it’s difficult to find if at all existent.

7. Xtava Allure Ionic Blow Dryer

Xtava Allure 2200w Professional Ionic Ceramic Hair DryerWith 3 heat settings and 2 speeds, Xtava gives you a 2200-watt professional-grade hair dryer. This Allure Dryer comes with a tourmaline ionic ceramic technology, which helps you dry your hair at 80% of the normal time that it takes you to get the job done, because of its ability to break down the hair molecules quickly.

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The concentrator nozzle also helps you tame frizz, and if you combine this with the high-heat setting, you can manage long thick hair with ease. The sleek and stylish design is complemented by the fact that it’s lightweight, so this is really the most perfect styling tool that you can ask for.

This bestselling dryer is backed up by the positive testimonials of the ones who have tried it before. Many are raving about the bouncy and voluminous hair that looks like it came straight from the salon, and this is true even for those with thick hair. They love that they can get smooth and salon-beautiful hair for a fraction of the price. The only minor issue some people have is that for the lightweight category, this dryer is a little on the heavy side.

8. Panasonic Hair Dryer with Nanoe Tech

Panasonic Hair Dryer with Nanoe TechnologyPanasonic gives you a dryer that has nanoe technology, which can give your hair 1,000x more moisture compared to other dryers. Basically, while you’re styling your hair, tiny nanoe particles that are pulled from the natural moisture in the air are infused to your hair shaft. This dramatically reduces damage and frizz typically associated with thick hair.

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You also get a lot of leeway for styling because of the 3 attachments it comes with: the quick-dry nozzle, the concentrator nozzle, and the diffuser. Add that to the 2 speed (high, low) and 3 temperature (hot, warm, cool) settings, and you get a dryer that can give you the same flexibility as a professional hair stylist from a salon.

A product that’s highly rated by its users, this comes with a lot of happy customers who are raving about the nanoe technology that has truly made a difference in how their hair looks and feels like. Even those with really hard to manage and thick hair are now enjoying smooth and silky locks, and it’s all because of this dryer. The only qualm people have about it is the price, which is a little over what you would normally pay for a hair dryer.

9. Centrix Q Zone Quiet Hair Dryer

Centrix Q Zone Quiet Ionic Hair DryerThe technology that made this hair dryer is also capable of reducing the noise pollution that comes with most hair dryers and how noisy they are when you use them. Incredibly lightweight, this dryer was truly designed with the convenience of the user in mind.

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It comes with a high-performance motor that gives you 2-speed options, as well as a cool shot that you can access from 2 areas: the front and the back of the grip. The ceramic tourmaline technology also gives users hair that looks insanely healthy, and with the ionic technology, you can get this hair in a much shorter drying time.

Users are very impressed about how quiet this dryer is, and how quickly it is able to dry hair. Because of this, the peace and quiet that they enjoy in the morning is something shared even by the other people in the house. However, people have also commented that if you’re looking for a compact dryer that’s easy to bring anywhere, this won’t give that to you because it’s hardly small. This dryer is a little bigger than your tiny travel sized ones, but that’s also because of the different design that probably gives it all the other positive attributes that it has.

10. MHD Infrared Heat Hair Dryer

MHD Professional Low Noise Infrared Hair DryerThis powerful hair dryer from MHD gets the job done in a much shorter period of time (and in a lot less noise) because of its 1875-watt motor and far-infrared heat. You can customize your styling with 3 heat and 2-speed settings, but it’s the far-infrared heat that can penetrate and dry your hair from within, resulting in an accelerated drying time.

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Aside from being the fastest blow dryer for thick hair (or, at least, one of the fastest), this means you are able to style your hair and add some volume while minimizing frizz. There are also two smart attachments included in the pack, and together with the almost 9-foot cord and hanging loop, you really get a hair dryer that gives you the ultimate styling convenience.

The ones who have bought this dryer are very happy with the purchase, noting that the addition of the cool shot button helps lock all kinds of hairstyles. They also find it cool that the temperature and the speed can be controlled separately because this is very important when it comes to styling flexibility. The only problem is that together with the salon-style length of the cord, this dryer is really just a bit heavier than a normal one, perhaps because it’s so professional-grade.

How to choose the best hair dryer for thick hair

We’ve listed more than a handful of options for you to choose from. Ultimately, it depends on your hair type – whether you have straight, curly, or frizzy hair. Apart from the hair type, you need to consider your hair length as well. Long thick hair (way past the shoulders) would require the most powerful blow dryer like the Karmin G3 and Twin Turbo.

Different brands also have different technologies; ionic, tourmaline, ceramic. There are also some models which have proprietary technologies just like the Panasonic Nanoe Tech.

On top of that, you also need to determine if you need a diffuser and/or nozzle concentrator attachments. For those who travel out of the country, it may be best to get one with dual voltage. Blow dryers for travel are usually small and lightweight, which means that power (speed) might be compromised, so if you have really thick hair, your compact travel hair dryer might take longer to dry your hair.

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