Best Low EMF Hair Dryers – Why It’s Better Safe Than Sorry

With so many electronics bombarding our daily lives, it’s only right to be concerned about the effects of these technologies on our health. Something as harmless as hair dryers do, in fact, emit high EMF while in use. While science has yet to prove its direct link to cancer and other illnesses, it’s best to be cautious. The best low EMF hair dryer can help minimize your exposure without sacrificing your hairstyle.

A Guide To Choosing A Low EMF Hair Dryer

When choosing a hair dryer, there is a lot to think about. Not only do you have to make sure that it provides the right air pressure and temperature for your hair type, there is the ease of use and other features to consider.

A device’s specification may proudly boast about variable heat settings and an even heat source via a ceramic/infrared system, but how much damage is your blow dryer causing each time you use it to style your hair rather than air dry it? The easy solution here is to opt for a low EMF blow dryer. In this guide, this term will be explained – so you can understand the true benefits of switching to low EMF devices – and five of the best options will be compared.

Top 5 low-EMF hair dryers to consider:

1.) Chi Pro Hair Dryer

CHI Pro Hair Dryer 1500W in Star DustThe first of these low EMF products to consider is the Chi Pro Hair Dryer – the first in a series of infrared models that is promoted as being a “professional” model for a great performance. Immediately, we are greeted with a specification full of interesting features to draw us in – such as the diffuser, removable air vent, and non-slip bumper – and it stands out in the sales photos too.

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A sparkly, girly design may not be a necessity, but it can add a little fun compared to other plain (and boring) models. This ergonomic hair dryer uses a ceramic heater that is said to be suitable for all hair types and users are pretty impressed with the performance. There are some that feel the heat is lower than expected, which could affect your drying time, but they also praise the extra long cord and quiet motor for the convenience that it provides.

2.) Supersolano Professional Dryer

Solano Supersolano Professional Hair DryerWhile the Chi Pro Hair Dryer was a little low on the heat and may not have the power that you hope for, the Supersolano Professional Dryer provides something completely different. Not only is it much hotter, it is plain black and sleek for a more basic look. This dryer is preferable if you are looking to style your hair or deal with unmanageable hair because of the versatility.

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There are 3 temperature settings and 2-speed settings so you can adapt as needed. Some say that it can be very hot on the hottest setting, but at least, it doesn’t have to be stuck there. There are some similarities between this model and the previous option, in that it provides a removable filter and a long cord for better access, but it also seems to be more powerful and substantial. Be aware, however, that this solid feel does mean that it is also quite heavy.

3.) Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Dryer

Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair DryerAs we come to the third model in this list, we find that there is a clear trend for ceramic and even heat distribution. However much one brand may insist that they are doing something revolutionary, it seems that all brands are cashing in on this trend somehow. The Karmin G3 Salon Pro Hair Dryer is similar to the previous models in its approach but it is the subtle differences that make it stand out. It contains a long life 1875AC motor and instead of simply providing a diffuser, it also comes with 2 nozzle attachments.

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Where this system shines is in the user reviews because buyers are impressed with the performance. The company promises fast drying and this seems to works much faster than you probably expect. There is also plenty of praise for its performance on curly hair and for the quality of the attachments.

4.) FHI Heat EPS 2100 Black Diamond Ceramic

FHI Brands EPS 2100 Black Diamond Ceramic Professional Hair DryerThe Karmin G3 may have been similar to the models above but the FHI Heat EPS 2100 Black Diamond Ceramic clearly provides something a bit different. This is a digital model and is advertised as the only one of its type, which suggests that we have another trend forming.

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The problem is that this digital approach needs some work. This product uses a colour-coded setting for a precise temperature control, but you will find that the color scheme is illogical to everyone but the technician who designed it.

There are also complaints about the small buttons, but the majority of comments are actually quite positive. Despite the confusion, it seems that you can receive a great result with this powerful, hot hair dryer. Many buyers talk about their shiny hair and the fast drying action and there are the added bonuses of the storage hook and ergonomic shape.

5.) BarBar Eco8000 Blow Dryer

Barbar ECO 8000 Blow DryerThe final model to look at, the BarBar Eco8000 Blow Dryer, takes a slightly different approach as it uses a ceramic heating element rather than a coil with a ceramic plate. This may not sound important to us, but they assure us that it is. The problem with this model is that it focuses too heavily on the low EMF rating and safety benefits. We need more than that to convince us to buy it. Luckily, there are positive users reviews that talk about the great heat source, the fast drying time and the lightweight design.

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You should find that this dryer is easy to handle and works brilliantly. You may need to be aware of an odd smell when first using it, but this fades pretty quickly and the system soon becomes a highly effective tool that you can enjoy using every day.

Why opt for low EMF hair products?

As you can see, there are only a handful of products that are low EMF. There isn’t much to choose from. This is basically due to the lack of awareness and also the lack of research on how exactly does it affect our health. The term EMF refers to “electromagnetic field”, something that is emitted from a vast number of everyday electrical household products, including our hair dryers.

We may not be able to see this field when we use these devices, but some studies suggest that prolonged exposure can have a negative effect on our health. While health authorities may argue that an average person’s EMF exposure is so low that it’ll take 25 years of continued exposure before cancer can potentially develop, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

The more often you use a hair dryer on full power, the more damage you could be causing. Since all electronics emit EMF (and it cannot be totally eliminated), you need to choose a hair dryer that emits low radiation. You can also achieve safe EMF levels by using your hair dryer as far away from your head as possible.

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