Do You Really Need A Heat Protectant For Your Hair?

Pantene Pro-V Fine Hair Style Heat Protector

Pantene Pro-V Heat Protector

If you use heat to style your hair, you know that thermal damage can be an issue. You can prevent damage and make your hair look better by preparing it before using a styling tool. You have probably heard about heat protectants and might be wondering if you really need to use these products. On the other hand, if you’re already convinced that you need one, check out our post on the best heat protectants for your hair.

What Do Heat Protectants Do?

The benefits of these products vary in function of the ingredients used. Typically, a heat protectant will coat your hair to protect it from direct exposure to heat. Added ingredients can also help make your hair smoother and easier to detangle, just like a conditioning product would. Thermal hair protectants also help transfer nutrients and vitamins to the hair shaft to make it stronger and more resistant to damage. Some products will also give your hair a shinier aspect once you are done styling it.

How Should You Use It?

It is important to read the instructions before using any kind of hair styling products. You will find detailed instructions on how and when to apply the heat protectant before using heat to style your hair. Typically, you should wash and deep condition your hair prior to using a heat protectant. You might have to wait a few minutes for the heat protectant to reach the cuticle and hair shaft before heat styling.

Why Should You Use A Heat Protectant?

Heat protectants help nourish your hair, make it stronger and cover it with a protective layer before you style it with heat. You will find that styling is easier if you prepare your hair and will not have to worry about damage from the heat. The result will look better since it can make your hair look shinier. You might also find that the style lasts longer since your hair will be stronger thanks to the product.

What If You Don’t Use It?

Styling your hair with heated tools like flat iron and hair dryer can cause damage, especially if you do it on a regular basis. Exposing your hair to heat can make it brittle and dull. If you do not like the aspect of your hair due to frequent heat styling, using a thermal protectant will really make a difference.

Do Heat Protectants Really Work?

You can prevent heat damage to your hair if you choose a good heat protectant and use it properly. This is the best way to protect your locks from direct exposure to heat. You will notice a difference after styling your hair if you have never used a heat protectant before.

Are There Other Things You Can Do To Protect Your Hair?

You can avoid heat damage by using a clean styling tool. Ceramic styling tools are usually gentler on the hair. You should always keep your styling tool below a safe heat setting since you can style your hair without exposing it to high levels of heat. You should also avoid using oils to prior to using heat since this could cause more damage. Deep conditioning will also help strengthen your hair. Also, you can try to minimize how often you use the flat iron or blow dryer. Even better, try no-heat curls or no-heat hair straightening.

How Can You Find The Right Heat Protectant?

TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray

TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray

There are many heat protectants available and you need to choose a product that will work for your hair. If you know that your hair is sensitive to some specific chemicals, look for one that doesn’t include these ingredients. You might have to try different brands before finding a favorite product. Make sure you follow the instructions when using it for the first time.

Styling your hair with heat allows you to be creative and to get the look you want but it can cause damage to your hair and scalp. If you also dye or use other chemicals such as relaxers or curling agents for perms, heat styling can make your hair even more brittle. This is also true if you use a flat iron or blow dryer on a regular basis. You can keep using heat and get the look you want by using the right products to prepare your hair before styling it. Use a deep conditioner and apply a heat protectant before you start.

You can also reduce damage by using the lowest heat setting that still allows you to style your hair and by learning how to care for your hair after you have styled it. You should talk to your hairdresser if you need help with choosing the right products or need some advice on how to properly care for your hair type. Using a heat protectant will really make a difference, especially if your hair has already been damaged because of exposure to heat. You will find that your hair looks better once it is styled and will not have to worry about damage!

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