The Science Behind Low EMF Hair Dryers: Do you really need one?

All electrical appliances emit electrical and magnetic fields. These fields are usually called EMFs. Even if appliances are shut off, they will still emit this kind of radiation if they are still plugged into an outlet. These are, of course, very low-frequency fields, so not a lot of radiation gets generated. In general, this is regarded as safe for most people.

What does Low EMF mean?

Still, there has been some concern that these fields may increase the risk of cancer for some vulnerable people even in very low amounts that are usually thought of as safe. This has not been proven, but it is something that scientists have been looking into.

There actually has been a link between childhood leukemia and strong EMF exposure. Also, research suggests that some adults may develop cancer if exposed to strong amounts of this kind of radiation at work. For children, people who are exposed to EMFs at work, and anybody with extra risk factors, it might be a good idea to consider ways to reduce exposure to this kind of radiation.

Can Hairdryers Be Dangerous Because Of EMFs?

low EMF hair dryersAnyway, the concern is that hair dryers and similar appliances may emit stronger levels of EMFs when they are working. There hasn’t been a scientific study that solidly proved that a short exposure to these fields is dangerous, but it’s a consideration.

For most folks, the regular use of a hair dryer is probably fine. As one doctor said, leaving the house on a cold day with wet hair could lead to a chill, and that might also be a health consideration. Typically, doctors minimize the risk of using a hair dryer in a normal manner.

The problem with any studies that have been conducted is that they are done after the fact. For example, researchers may interview people who already have cancer to find out about their exposure to EMFs. This relies on the people’s memories and knowledge about their exposure. In other words, the scientists know that their studies aren’t 100 percent reliable, so it’s hard to say how much EMF radiation is safe.

It may be fair to say that using a hairdryer for a few minutes a day is generally regarded as safe for most people. People who have already had cancer or have a cancer history in their family may want to consider letting their hair dry in the air, though. If a hair dryer is needed, it might be good to research some low-EMF brands and use them for as short a time as possible.

EMFs And Beauty Professionals

A more important consideration might be for people who are exposed to EMFs for longer periods of time every day. One example of this might be hair stylists. These beauty professionals may use hair dryers several times a day on their clients, so they are bound to be exposed to a lot more of this kind of radiation than average people.

Beauty professionals might consider using a low-EMF hairdryer. They can also be some protective aprons, smocks, and other gear that can help block these invisible rays. While hair dryers aren’t considered a big threat for normal users, they are a concern for people who use them daily as a part of their job.

How To Reduce EMFs From Hair Dryers

It’s not a good idea to linger close to any appliances when they are running. This includes TV sets, other electronics, and appliances. In this spirit, it’s probably best to invest in a low-EMF hair dryer when it’s time to buy a new one.

In the meantime, there are things that you can do to minimize your exposure. For example, you should towel-dry your hair before you use a hair dryer. If you don’t need to rush out of the house on some days, you might consider letting your hair air dry on those days. These steps can help reduce exposure to EMF, and they will also save electricity and even help keep your hair from getting damaged by too much exposure to heat.

Is A Low-EMF Hair Dryer A Good Investment?

It’s best to limit exposure to this kind of radiation. Data is pretty clear that some people are more vulnerable than others. This includes children and people who use hair dryers occupationally. For average people who dry their hair for a few minutes a day, there isn’t any clear reason to believe that a regular hair dryer will lead to unsafe amounts of exposure.

However, part of the problem is that safe levels may not be clearly defined for everybody. If you have a chance to buy a new hair dryer, you might want to investigate new models that are advertised as low-EMF hair dryers. Otherwise, it’s best to limit exposure to these sources of radiation as much as possible.

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