The Five Best Hairstyles for Straight Hair

When styled correctly, straight hair can be absolutely beautiful. Its smooth, even shaft allows it to reflect light, while at the same time helping eliminate tangles, frizz and other common hair complaints. Unlike curly or wavy hair, straight hair can be cut into just about any length or style without needing a lot of upkeep or maintenance. For most styles, a simple hair brush and blow dryer will do the trick.

The only downside to straight hair is that it sometimes can fall flat. Fortunately, this problem can be solved with a good haircut and the right styling products. If you are ready to try a new look, check out these top hairstyles for straight hair for inspiration.

A Classic Bob

A classic bob haircut is one of the lowest maintenance options for straight hair. These stylish cuts range from chin length to collarbone length and are flattering for just about every face shape.

To spice things up a bit, you can also try a variation on a classic bob. For instance, an asymmetric bob is longer in the front than in the back, or longer on one side than on the other. This can give you a stylish, edgy look, while still allowing you to keep some of your length.

Graduated bobs are another trendy option. With this type of bob, the lower layers are left long, while the upper layers are gradually cut shorter and shorter. This creates a ton of volume, making it an ideal hairstyle for straight hair that is thin or fine.

Long Layers

Adding long layers to straight hair helps create shape, while at the same time adding volume. If you have thick, heavy hair, layers will help lighten up the ends without having to lose any of your length. Removing some of the bulk from your hair makes it easier to get volume at the roots.

Instead of having your hair look flat, weighed-down and lifeless, a hairstyle with long layers will give you volume, bounce and a well-defined shape.

All One Length

Hair that is all one length is extremely easy to style. You don’t have to worry about getting the ends to curl under just right or making sure that your layers are separated.

Instead, you can just blow dry or air dry your hair and you are good to go. Growing your hair out so it is all one length can also help it look thicker. This makes this style a good choice for anyone with medium to fine hair density.

A Pixie Cut


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For the ultimate in simplicity, nothing beat a pixie cut. These cuts are cropped close to the head, making them extremely easy to style. Best of all, they are also trendy and stylish. That means that you can look your best without having to devote a lot of time to your hair. Simply wash it, finger style it and you are ready to walk out the door.

Like bobs, pixie cuts come in a variety of different lengths and styles. For instance, some pixie cuts are longer in the front than in the back, some are texturized and some have side-swept bangs. If you are considering cutting your hair short, talk to your stylist about which type of pixie cut is best for your face shape.

A Modern Shag

Shag haircuts incorporate tons of choppy layers, giving them a casual rock ‘n roll vibe. If you are looking for a style that is a bit on the edgy side, a shag is a good choice. It is particularly well-suited to fine or thin hair since the layers add a ton of volume. The best part about shag haircuts is that they are easy to style. They are meant to look a bit messy. That means that all you have to do is scrunch or finger style the ends to showcase your choppy layers. There is no need to fuss with straightening irons, curling irons or other hair appliances.

Whether you want a classic style or something a bit more cutting-edge, straight hair gives you a lot of options. Its versatility and ease of styling make it one of the most sought-after hair types. To get a cut that you truly love, talk to your stylist about which of these hairstyles is the best fit for your hair texture and face shape.

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