Let’s look at the best bonnet hair dryer reviews

Whether for use at home or in a professional salon, a bonnet hair dryer is indispensable, primarily because you can dry your hair with it without worrying that your scalp might burn or your hair strands will suffer excessive heat damage. Using a bonnet hair dryer is also a less expensive way to give yourself a beauty treat occasionally.

Best Bonnet Hair Dryer Brands

There are two types of bonnet hair dryers, the hard and the soft varieties. The former is more common in professional salons and beauty parlors than in households. This is typically attached to a salon chair for a client to sit under and have his/her hair dried. More expensive than its soft cousin, the hard bonnet hair dryer is preferred mostly in commercial settings because it enables even heat circulation over the head.

The soft bonnet hair dryer, on the other hand, is used mostly at home for hair treatments which require heat or roller setting similar to that in salons. Unlike a hand held dryer, this one will not strain the arms or leave them aching. If you do a lot of treatments on your hair, a soft bonnet hair dryer is ideal for you. Just remember that the top of the head should be level with the front of the bonnet when using it.

Here are five of the best brands that you may want to consider if you plan to purchase a bonnet hair dryer:

1. Conair Collapsible 1875-Watt Bonnet Hair Dryer

Conair 1875 Watt Pro Style Bonnet DryerThis has an adjustable control for height, a hood that’s extra large to accommodate large or jumbo rollers, two settings each for speed and heat, a carrying handle, and a line cord that can be stored conveniently in its base. What makes it unique is the way it can rotate and expand to a table top, full sized bonnet dryer. Additionally, this 1875-watt tool has larger holes in it to speed up hair drying.

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If you use medium-sized rollers, your head should fit perfectly into the hood, but if you use large rollers, it will be too small to fit your head. Some people have noted that it doesn’t completely dry the side and back of your head, due to the fact that the bonnet doesn’t go all the way down to your neck like a salon bonnet dryer does. However, you can solve this by tilting your slightly forward, and it will completely dry your hair.

2. Babyliss Ionic Rollabout Standing Hard Hat Dryer

Babyliss Pro Ionic Rollabout Hard Hat DryerIf you want a professional dryer in your home, this one by Babyliss is a must-have. Powered by 1600 watts, this dryer’s adjustable bonnet has a lift-up visor for additional convenience. This Babyliss model was designed with ionic technology for reducing frizz, drying hair faster, and conditioning hair to give it a shinier, softer look. With three temperature settings and a wheeled base, this model is portable and durable.

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This is a great product to use for a deep conditioning treatment. If you’re looking to use hair rollers, keep in mind that if you’re using very large rollers, it probably won’t fit underneath. That said, one user mentioned that she was able to use it with large velcro rollers.

If you don’t like handheld dryers or find that they don’t thoroughly dry your long thick hair, this Babyliss hooded dryer is an easier way to dry your hair in under 20 mins at high setting. You can eat breakfast, check emails or plan your day whilst under the hood.

Like most hair dryers, it can be really noisy but not THAT noisy as to bother other people. Ionic dryers help control frizz and add shine and the BabyLiss is easily the best ionic hooded dryer for home use.

See the Babyliss Thermal Ionic Hood Dryer in action:

3. Laila Ali LADR5604 Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer

Laila Ali LADR5604 Ionic Soft Bonnet DryerThe LADR5604 by Laila Ali has been reported by numerous bonnet hair dryer reviews as very roomy and comfortable with a balanced and even distribution of heat. Technically, this model has three powerful speed setting, ionizer technology which helps the hair retain moisture and prevents hair static, and a carrying case for easy storage. Lightweight at 3½ pounds, this model offers professional salon-quality hair drying.

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Although this soft bonnet is very roomy, it has an elastic drawstring to secure it in your head, especially if you use rollers. It’s a great portable hair dryer, but not without some flaws. The hose tubing can get really hot, especially if you use it for a long period of time so be sure to use a towel to cover your neck and shoulders.

For people who don’t use rollers or with a small head frame, the cap might be oversized and cause hot air to escape on the side of your neck or behind your ears. This may pose a significant problem since the elastic band/adjustable drawstring does not cover the entire perimeter of the bonnet. Also, please note that this product is NOT dual voltage; it is 110 volts and will not work in Australia or the UK.

Check out this video review of the Laila Ali:

4. Hot Tools Tourmaline Tools 1059 Ionic 1875-watt High Heat Salon Dryer

Hot Tools 1059 Portable Rolling Salon Hair DryerWith its Pre-Moisture System that combines ionic nano technology and tourmaline material, the Hot Tools 1059 is able to transform air flow into a hydrating treatment for the hair. Its 1875-watt power can dry hair 50% faster than other brands in its class. With two speed options and another four for heat, this Hot Tools model also has a nine-foot long cord and two lockable wheels for portability and easy storage.

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This is a wheeled standing bonnet dryer with adjustable height. However, unlike the Babyliss above, this is capable of high heat settings making it great for people with thick and long hair. If you had trouble with a table top hard hat bonnet falling over and whacking you in the face, then get this salon-style full-standing dryer. Its ionic setting is perfect for making hair frizz-free.

5. Hair Flair Deluxe Softhood Hair Dryer Attachment

Hair Flair Curlformers Genuine Patented Limited Edition Pink Deluxe SofthoodDeveloped to be compatible for attachment in all the major hand held dryers, the Deluxe Softhood by Hair Flair has a unique configuration of more than 140 ventilation holes die-cut over the hood’s crown and around its drum. This feature dries the hair not only faster but more evenly. Its hood capacity fits over rollers as well as Curlformers without slipping because its chin strap can be adjusted and secured.

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Please note that this does not come with a blow dryer. It’s a soft bonnet which you can attach to the nozzle of your dryer. The bonnet is large enough to fit in rollers underneath. This is a great choice for those who travel frequently.

The five models listed above are the best ones in its class. If you want to check out more options, visit our top picks for soft bonnet and hard hat hair dryers.

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