10 Ways To Stop Hair Loss And Thinning Hair

10 ways to stop hair loss and thinning hairHair loss affects millions of people worldwide, from young adults to elderly individuals. Thinning hair is also a common problem, but it affects mainly the older population. Nonetheless, both conditions lead to a decrease in the self-esteem of the sufferers, as they start feeling embarrassed with the way they look.

The problem can have multiple causes. This is why, when you start to notice your hair thinning or falling a lot, you should discuss this with your doctor. There are many diseases which can cause such symptoms. Once you treat the main disease, your hair will start growing back, as the cause isn’t present anymore.

Nonetheless, you can use some tips and tricks to stop your hair from falling and to make it stronger. Here are ten of them you can try at home:

1. Oil Massage

When your hair falls, it means your hair follicles became weak and can’t anchor the hair strands properly anymore. Even a little aggression such as combing your hair may trigger the falling of an impressive number of hairs. You can provide your follicles the nutrients they crave for by massaging natural oils into your scalp. You can use coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil or any other essential oil, preferably natural and organic.

For best results, massage your scalp once a week. After massaging it, leave it for about 30 minutes. After that, go ahead and wash it with a mild shampoo. Or you can leave it on overnight to allow enough time for the oil to be absorbed.

2. Licorice Root Patches

Licorice roots have excellent soothing properties, they help by opening the scalp pores and get rid of irritations. This remedy works great not only against hair fall, but also helps beat dandruff. You need to get ground licorice root and mix it with some milk. Apply the resulting paste onto your scalp, cover it with a thick towel and leave it overnight. Wash it in the morning and style as you usually do.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a very effective remedy against problems such as hair fall, itchy scalp and skin dryness. You can find it in shops often in gel form.

Apply it directly into the scalp, massage gently, cover your head and wait for a few hours. Rinse well with lukewarm water. In time, your hair will become thicker and stronger. Aloe Vera is a powerful anti-inflammatory substance, so your scalp is going to be healthier after a few weeks of treatment. Ideally, you should do it once or twice a week.

4. Avoid Aggressive Hairstyles

If you use to style your hair in a tight ponytail, it is time to stop that. Such styles are very aggressive, as they apply a lot of traction onto the hair strands, causing them to weaken and fall. If you continue this habit, you’re going to see your ponytail becoming thinner and thinner every passing week. You can choose a braided style if needed.

5. Don’t Dye In Too Light Colors

If you are naturally blonde, you are lucky. However, if you have dark hair but you wish to dye it blonde, you are going to subject it to an intense chemical treatment which damages the hair strands leaving them thin, weak and friable.

6. Brush Carefully

There was a time when women were given the advice to brush their hair for 30 minutes every evening before bedtime. This is a mistake, as it applies unnecessary traction onto the hair, making them become weak and eventually break or fall.

7. Eat Your Vitamins

Hair thinning and falling may be caused by a lack of essential nutrients. Get some blood tests done and see whether you lack vitamins A, E or K. If you do, take corrective measures. You could take a good multivitamin and mineral supplement in order to provide your body all nutrients needed to keep your hair healthy and strong.

8. Avoid Blow Drying

Blow drying can be extremely damaging, so you should avoid it whenever possible. If you insist on doing it, you need to use some heat protection, otherwise you are going to see your hair thinning and falling a lot. Too much heat isn’t good for your scalp and follicles.

9. Trim Your Ends Monthly

Many people with long hair have split-ends. They aren’t only ugly but also damaging. By trimming your hair a little every month, you give it a chance to reinvigorate and grow faster and stronger.

10. Use Professional Hair Regeneration Treatments

There are some effective treatments that help to regenerate your hair. They stimulate the follicles to produce new hair and prevent existing ones from falling that easily.

You can try any of the above-mentioned remedies to stop your hair loss. Stick to those treatments that provide you the best results and you are going to enjoy a beautiful and healthy hair for a very long time.

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