Overview of the best heated round brush hair dryer

The sheer volume of hair dryers available in the market today can be so overwhelming that choosing just the one might confuse you. This article will make it easier for you to choose the most suitable hair drying tool for your hair type so read on. Round brush hair dryers work the best when it comes to additional volume and lift to limp, thin or fine hair. It can also straighten wavy or curly hair.

The following are the top 4 of the best heated round brush dryers:

1. John Frieda Hot Air Brush

John Frieda Salon Shape Hot Air BrushWith the John Frieda Hot Air Brush, you get two settings for heat control and a cool setting. A barrel coated with titanium ceramic helps make your hair frizz-free, become more manageable and have lustrous layers. Its soft bristles add smoothness and shine to hair. A unique rotating barrel enables it to move backward and forward with just a push of a single button.

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You have 2 options with barrel size: 1 inch and 1.5 inch. If you have long, thick hair and want less curl, go for the 1 1/2 barrel, otherwise you’ll end up putting more curls. On the other hand, if you have short hair like a bob cut, either one would do. Choosing which one to get will just depend on your preference. Take note that the brush does not rotate (you’ll have to do it manually). With that said, you won’t have any problem with tangling after using this brush.

If you’re thinking of using this to straighten, then be aware that it’s not a replacement for a good flat iron. However, if you have wavy or slightly curly hair that just needs shaping, then this would do. For those with thick, really curly and kinky hair, this hot air brush won’t straighten your locks.

2. BabylissPro Nano Titanium Rotating Hot Air Brush

BabylissPro 2 Inch Rotating Hot Air BrushAnti-static bristles plus nano titanium technology equals the Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Rotating Hot Air Brush that helps minimize the frizz while simultaneously enhancing shine. With three different settings for temperature, this best heated round brush will give you lustrous, shiny, and healthy hair. The barrel, in fact, rotates in both directions to give even the hard-to-reach areas a shot at looking terrific.

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Although it can be used for both dry and wet hair, it is advisable to air dry or blow dry first if you have long or thick hair. It works best on slightly damp hair. Some people have reportedly replaced their curling iron with this brush. If you’re looking to replace your blow dryer and brush with a simple yet effective tool, this is the one to get. Just note that with a large barrel (2 inches), it may not be useful for those with very short haircut; you’ll need to have one that’s at least at chin length.

3. Conair Infiniti Pro Spin Air Rotating Styler

Infiniti Pro by Conair Hot Air Spin StylerConsider Conair’s Infiniti Pro Spin Air Rotating Styler the best spin brush hair dryer available on the market today. The barrel’s ceramic finishing prevents hair from damage by the heat while using the dryer with just the right amount of temperature. The unique rotating and multi-directional functionality of the Infiniti Pro is enhanced further by its soft bristles and spinning brush attachment. Its ion technology helps get the frizz out better and faster.

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It comes in 1.5-inch and 2-inch barrel options. You have the option to use the brush with or without the spinning function. It doesn’t tangle hair but you need to be careful if you have long locks as it spins fast. The 2 inch barrel brush is recommended for those with at least shoulder length hair. If you use this on dry hair, you’ll end up with static and frizzy locks like you’ve just touched the light docket. It is, after all, a dryer so be sure to use it on wet or damp hair!

3. Calista Tools Perfecter Fusion Hair Styler

Calista Tools Perfecter Fusion Hair Styler Heated Round BrushIf what you want is overwhelmingly smooth texture, additional volume, and controlled direction, get Calista Tools Perfecter Fusion Hair Styler which is great for all hair types (fine, thick, fine, coarse, and limp or thin). Suitable for different hair lengths, The Perfector Fusion is also the perfect travel companion for those who have out-of-town trips frequently but still need to be in command, hairstyle-wise.

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Please note that although this is a heated round brush, it isn’t a dryer hence your hair needs to be dried first (either air dried or blow dried) before you use this product. You can put a styling creme or mousse before you style. You can use this to curl, smooth and straighten hair. Just be careful as some people have had issues with tangling.

What to look for when choosing a Round Brush Styler:

Before buying a round brush hair dryer, here are general guidelines on what to look for:

Barrel Size

The level of lift or volume that you want and your hair length will both determine what size your future round brush dryer would be. Small brushes if ¾ inches will create small curls, medium brushes that measure an inch will give you medium curls, and two or more inches of large brushes will create a lot of volume. Small brushes are most suitable for shorter hair and large brushes will be an excellent choice for longer locks.


Round brush hair dryers can come in tourmaline, chrome, and ceramic. Chrome is the cheapest and usually causes tangling, snagging, and breakage; it also heats up longer. Ceramic brush dryers, meanwhile, are a little more expensive but will not give you hotspots since they heat up not only quickly but evenly as well. Tourmaline, the most expensive of the lot, but they heat up the fastest and gets the job the quickest.

Heat Settings

The heat in blow dryers breaks the hair’s hydrogen bonds to soften it sufficiently for styling. Look for a brush dryer with temperature controls so that you can adjust the degree of heat you can tolerate. The rule of thumb here is simple: maximum temperature settings for coarse, thick, and generally unmanageable hair and minimum setting for thin, limp or fine hair.


The brush handle should fit in your hands comfortably with adequate traction support. This is important to avoid getting burns on your hands from the heat given off by the blow dryer when it is running. Additionally, an ergonomically-designed round brush hair dryer should not slip off the hand while being used. This is to avoid any accidents that may occur should the dryer fall onto a rug or any other fire hazard material.

There is no shortage of round hair brush dryers in the market today. Because of what it can do, most of the hot air brush hair dryers seen on the market today come, more often than not, in the form of a round brush.

You will find some made of ceramic, others with ceramic and tourmaline as a combination, and still others will have ionic brush dryers. There are ways to choose which brush dryers would be suitable for you but first, take a look at some of these round brush hair dryers which you should know about before you take your wallet out:

  • Hot air brushes can easily create curls yet they can also be used in straightening hair.
  • Folding bristle brushes are commonly used for detangling knots in the hair and for creating curls.
  • Half-round brushes help straighten curls, including those which have been permed, and give volume to fine, thin or limp hair.
  • Crimper brushes live up to their name by creating awesome-looking curls that can be tight or loose, depending on how the user wants them.

You want full-bodied and gorgeous-looking hair without having to spend the entire day at some expensive salon because your budget won’t allow it. Take heart and be of good cheer because expensive doesn’t necessarily mean excellent and vice-versa. Of course you can have that “dream hair” of yours in ten minutes or less, in the privacy and comfort of your own home, and at your most convenient.

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