Keratin Shampoo And Conditioner Reviews: Do They Work Or Is It Just All Hype?

Keratin was originally used in Brazil as a semi-permanent treatment for curly, frizzy, and wavy hair. It came to the United States in 2007 and soon became known as “Brazilian blow-outs.” Today, keratin has become one of the leading smoothing solutions for just about anyone who has dry, brittle, frizzy or damaged hair, regardless of whether it is curly or straight.

A plethora of products has sprung with keratin as the main ingredient, including the best keratin shampoo and conditioner brands that are available not only in salons but in grocery stores and supermarkets. Some shampoos and conditioners even claim that the keratin contained in them can replace salon treatments by washing your hair with them on a regular basis.

Keratin is one of the newest buzzword to hit the hair care product industry and its use is not limited by curly-haired women but those with slight waves as well. Brazilian keratin is especially noted as the “in” ingredient that everybody seems to look for in shampoos and conditioners and Organix Shampoo Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy does not disappoint.

Organix Ever Straight Brazilian Keratin Therapy ShampooThe keratin in this shampoo gives locks a glossy glow instantly. Combined with cocoa butter and avocado oils, this shampoo strengthens hair cuticles to straighten and strengthen hair strands while adding luminescent shine to it. This

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Recommended for daily use and hair that is thick, fine, and curly. Here are some of its pros and cons:

The pros: great smell, cleans thoroughly, improves health of hair, adds shine, and is gentle to use. The cons: tends to dry out hair, feels greasy, does not lather well for some users, and others found it a little harsh on their hair. Still, a majority of customer reviews observed how this OGX Shampoo delivered its promise: no curls held after its use.

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Infusing ShampooProfessional salon quality Tresemme Keratin Smooth Infusing Shampoo and Conditioner not only eliminates the frizz but seals in the shine to give hair a smooth and polished look. And for a price that won’t cost a fortune. The pros of using this shampoo include: delivers on its promise to eliminate frizz, smells great, easy to use, really smoothens hair, and gives hair shine.

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Not surprising at all is the fact that this shampoo did not elicit “cons” from customers on several product review websites. Additionally, this shampoo is suitable for use by even those with straight, wavy or fine hair only adds up to its versatility as an everyday shampoo. Customers found this product very affordable for its class.

Some hair experts have cautioned leaving on shampoos and conditioners with keratin, however, beyond the recommended time for their use. The consequences of doing so include hair becoming so brittle it can split or break since excessive protein is as bad as protein deficiency even with hair. Price is certainly not a quality indicator.

The user should prioritize the appropriate formulation of the shampoo and conditioner. One brand may work for some but it just can’t work for all people all the time. Because an individual’s hair type is different from another, the effects of any shampoo and conditions will, of course, vary. Choosing the right shampoo and conditioner reduces guesswork on what works, and what doesn’t, for you.

Rusk Deepshine Smooth Keratin Care Smoothing Shampoo and conditionerThe gentle formulations of Rusk Deepshine Smooth Keratin Care Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner make them the ideal duo for chemically-treated hair. Both contain not only natural keratin but marine botanicals and vitamins as well to keep your hair shiny, smooth and protected against the effects of thermal styling.

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Rusk Deepshine shampoo “pros” include: cleans thoroughly, adds shine, smells great, safe for daily use, improves health of hair, and suitable for use by those with curly and thin hair. Only one “con” was reported, that of not lathering enough for the user. As to the conditioner, the pros include: great smell, consistency, and smoothens hair. There was no “con” reported for this product.

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