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11 Common Hair Myths You Probably Still Believe

There are a surprising number of tales which you have probably been lead to believe over the years about hair care but while some of them are true some are definitely not. Debunking Some Common Hair Care Myths Here are some of the most common hair care

5 Straight Hair Problems – Solved!

For many women, having straight hair seems like a dream. Instead of having to try out curl creams and flat irons, they can wake up in the morning, wash their hair, and be ready to go. Unfortunately, straight hair isn’t always the dream-come-true that it seems. Although

10 Things Only People With Straight Hair Will Understand

Having straight hair has its share of woes and joys different from those with curly hair. Here are top 10 things only people with straight hair will understand. Can you relate to a few of them? 1. Hair volume plays hide-and-seek with you. People with straight hair

How To Protect Your Hair From Damage When Using A Flat Iron

Straight hair is the latest trend in hairstyle. Everybody wants long, straight hair, but what to do when nature gave you curls and waves? Luckily, stylists have thought about this, so there’s no shortage of hair straightening tools. Thanks to their effectiveness, flat irons are the most

The Best way to flat iron natural black hair

Flat ironing your hair is a good way to give it a sleek and straight appearance. However, using a flat iron can be risky since the heat of this styling tool can cause some damage to your hair. There are some techniques and tips you need to

Products to protect hair from heat damage

Many popular hairstyles can only be achieved through heat styling. Whether you’re blow drying your wet hair in the morning, ironing your hair straight, or adding in a few curls, it’s likely that heat is being applied to your hair on a regular basis. All of that

How To Prevent Hair Breakage From Flat Iron

Straight hair is the latest craze among women of all ages. Young and old, they all want their hair to be long and straight, just like in those TV commercials for shampoos and hair care products. Since only some people have naturally straight hair like that, others

7 Ways to Combat Hair Fall

When your bath is covered in hair strands or your ponytail has become scrawnier, it does not mean that there is something wrong with you. Typically by the age of 50, around 50% of women complain about or experience hair loss. As people age their hair density

The Science Behind Low EMF Hair Dryers: Do you really need one?

All electrical appliances emit electrical and magnetic fields. These fields are usually called EMFs. Even if appliances are shut off, they will still emit this kind of radiation if they are still plugged into an outlet. These are, of course, very low-frequency fields, so not a lot

Best Low EMF Hair Dryers – Why It’s Better Safe Than Sorry

With so many electronics bombarding our daily lives, it’s only right to be concerned about the effects of these technologies on our health. Something as harmless as hair dryers do, in fact, emit high EMF while in use. While science has yet to prove its direct link

The Best Essential Oils For Your Hair

Whether you want healthier hair or are dealing with a specific issue (such as dry hair or oily hair), there are essential oils that can help. Using an essential oil is often more affordable and a lot healthier than using special shampoos or other hair care products.

The Science Behind Ionic Hair Dryers: Is it worth buying one?

There actually are people who would not leave home if they could not get their hairdryer to function. For folks like these, having the product that will dry hair quickly without doing any damage is very important. Ionic hair dryers have gotten some attention lately. If you

How to style hair with just a blow dryer

While some people find it hard to believe that a blow dryer is all you need to style hair, it really is. With a good blow dryer on hand and the right technique to use it properly, you can easily make your hair look like you just