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5 Straight Hair Problems – Solved!

For many women, having straight hair seems like a dream. Instead of having to try out curl creams and flat irons, they can wake up in the morning, wash their hair, and be ready to go. Unfortunately, straight hair isn’t always the dream-come-true that it seems. Although

The 411 on Hair Washing: How To Wash According To Your Hair Type

A person’s hair is considered their crowning glory. It is one of the first things other people notice about you. The entertainment industry often makes such a fuss about how celebrities wear their hair. Often, the most sought out celebrity’s hairstyle will even be copied by their

Sleek Straight Hairstyle Ideas for Summer and Beyond

Summer usually brings up images of beach waves and wind-swept curls, but that doesn’t mean that girls with straight hair can’t have some fun. Sleek, straight hair blows in the gentle summer breezes just fine! Straight doesn’t have to mean boring, and when it comes to the

WIN an AsaVea Hair Straightening Brush!

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11 Quick Fixes For Static Hair

When there isn’t enough moisture in the air to keep your hair hydrated, it leads to static that keeps your hair up and gives you that deranged scientist look. So, if you are prone to static attacks, here are some quick fixes to help you get rid

10 Common Blow Drying Mistakes To Avoid

Blow drying your hair can give you the benefit of creating a variety of different styles for great looking hair. But getting it wrong can have exactly the opposite effect. Here are 10 common mistakes that people make when blow-drying their own hair that you can avoid

Do You Really Need A Heat Protectant For Your Hair?

If you use heat to style your hair, you know that thermal damage can be an issue. You can prevent damage and make your hair look better by preparing it before using a styling tool. You have probably heard about heat protectants and might be wondering if

Is A Hair Straightening Serum Really Worth It?

The simple method to style your hair the way you want it is to go to the salon. Hairstylists can do an awesome job, no matter what you want and how your natural hair is. Unfortunately, this solution is expensive. Few women can afford to visit their

Do’s and Dont’s When Blow Drying Your Hair

Blow drying is preferred by many women, especially by those who have long hair. Nonetheless, even girls who wear their hair short use the blow dryer, as they don’t like the frizz and unruliness of their natural hair. They need to style it in order to tame

7 Easy Fixes to Your Summer Hair Problems

While summer is a great time to spend time outdoors, it isn’t always great for your hair. From frizz to fading, a lot of people have a hard time getting their locks to look great during the hottest months of the year. If summer is a struggle

Do’s and Don’ts When Straightening Your Hair

You want to have hair that looks straight, healthy and absolutely beautiful. Even though you have used a flat iron in the past, you may have noticed your ends look a bit dry and some strands are still a bit curly or wavy. If you haven’t been

Looking for the best heat protectant for hair?

Love styling your hair but afraid of heat damage? Use a heat protectant! As the name implies, a heat protectant product helps shield your tresses from damage. This is important when you’re using heat styling tools such as flat irons and blow dryers. It usually works by

WIN a U-Spicy Hair Straightening Brush!

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