A look at the best wall mounted hair dryers

If you are a business owner of a guest house, hotel, health spa or fitness club, what you need is a wall mounted hair dryer which is designed specifically for use in locations as mentioned. But its primary purpose does not mean you cannot have one at home in your bathroom. This type of hair dryer is secured to a wall and prevents misuse and theft.

While the selection of these wall mount hair dryers is not as extensive as other hair dryer models, some brands have been designed for use in residences. These hair dryers are usually compact in size. Even if they are smaller than other dryer types, they’re solid in construction and have wattage power between 1400 and 1600 watts.

To get the best wall mounted hair dryer, you have to look for contemporary features in the product. Most of these dryers that have been reviewed below indicate satisfaction from their users. And the fact that their price range is between $25 to $65 is certainly an advantage. Take a look at some good brands:

1. Sunbeam 1632-040 Global EconoMizer

Sunbeam 1632-040 Global EconoMizer Hair DryerThis wall mount dryer has a power saver that is economical for both business and home use. A hidden switch lets the user choose either 1500 watts or 1200 watts as a heat setting.

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You get reduced level of noise, removable filter for lint, a magnetic locking handset system, enhanced airflow, night light with soft glow, six feet of coiled cord for flexibility, auto shut-off when placed in the base, and sleek style design.

The only downside is that it doesn’t have a cool shot setting; only high and low. The power cord is fairly long at about 3 ft. Being a tourmaline blow dryer, this is much gentler and won’t dry out your hair like the usual hotel dryers.

2. Andis 30975/HD-10L Quiet Hangup Hair Dryer

Andis 30975 Quiet Hangup Hair DryerThis is one of the three most popular brands of wall mount hair dryers. The 30975 from Andis is equipped with an LED night light. It operates its long-lasting motor quietly and has two settings for air and heat on a switch with three positions.

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The 30975’s metal mounting plate securely attaches the unit onto the wall with a new hanger loop. It stays cool when in use, is energy efficient and comes with Lifeline shock protection. Given that the most common problem with mounted blow dryers is that it ‘smokes’ (electrical) and burns out, the shock protection is an added safety feature.

The most common complaint is that the night light is too bright. Some users have actually put a tape on it so that it’s not too distracting at night. However, it shouldn’t be a problem if you put it in the bathroom or anywhere else apart from your bedroom.

3. Oster Professional 76932-710 Hair Dryer

Oster Professioanal 76932-710 Wall Mount Hair DryerThe name Oster has long been renowned for quality electrical appliances and the 76932-710 is no exception. Another of the three most popular brands mentioned earlier, this model has 1500 watts, a handset that is secured magnetically, auto shut-off when it touches the base unit, two settings for styling options, night light, a removable and easy-to-clean screen filter, and curl cord of six feet.

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You can choose to mount this unit on the wall or just put it in the countertop. While the power cord is a bit short at about 2 ft., the curl cord is fairly long. The fan blades are accesible and can easily be cleaned. This helps prevent lint buildup which is the most common cause of burning out.

4. Conair 1600 Watt Wall Mount Hair Dryer with LED night light

Conair 1600 Watt Wall Mount Hair DryerThe last of the four wall mounted dryer brands that comes with a night light, this Conair model operates on 1600 watts, automatically shuts off when placed in its wall mounted hair dryer holder, has two settings for speed and heat options, a six foot coil cord for flexible use, and a removable filter for easy cleaning.

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Customer reviews are all praises for this Conair model’s LED night light which is, incidentally, UL listed.

5. ProVersa JWM6CF Wall Caddy

ProVersa JWM6CF Wall Caddy Hair DryerConvenient and powerful at the same time, the Proversa JWM6CF from Jerdon Style is designed like a wall caddy and comes with a limited one year warranty. If you’re tired of having wall mounted dryers break down in less than a year, you’ll have peace of mind with this model’s extended warranty. The caddy provides additional protection to the user with its ALCI-certified, built-in safety plug with an automatic off feature.

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The JWM6CF has two settings for speed and three for heat with both running on 1600 watts of power. If you have an outlet nearby, you can tuck in part of the cord so it will look neat and tidy. The only complaint is that the curl cord is shorter than other brands so you won’t be able to move around much whilst using it.

Looking for a wall mount / hung up hair dryer with cool shot button?

The ones mentioned above, although they’re good, affordable options, they don’t have cool shot / cool air buttons. If that’s something important to you, here are your 2 options:

1. Sunbeam HD3003 Wall Mounted Dryer with LED Night Light

sunbeam-hd3003-001-wall-hair-dryer-with-cool-shotAlthough this model is a bit more expensive compared to other brands listed here, the Sunbeam HD3003 comes with all the bells and whistles typically associated with full-sized handheld blow dryers. It is ionic, has 3 heat and speed settings, and a cool shot button (perfect for curls!).

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You can choose which wattage to use (either 1200watts or 1500watts) so you can save electricity if you want. There’s a switch at the back side of the dryer to set the wattage. Do take note that this is DIFFERENT from the voltage. The Sunbeam is NOT a dual voltage hair dryer.

The night light is perhaps one of the coolest features of this dryer. It’s LED so it doesn’t use up much electricity. It doesn’t have a ‘daylight sensor’ though so you have to turn it on and off manually.

2. ProVersa JHD63 Hair Dryer with Wall Caddy

proversa-jhd63-turbo-hair-dryerUnlike your typical wall mounted blow dryer, the ProVersa JHD63 is like your regular handheld hair dryer. The only difference is that there’s a wall mount caddy included, which you can use to hand your blow dryer up in the wall.

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It’s not connected to the caddy, so you can basically take it with you when you go out. Actually, a lot of users use this to bring along with them instead of their bigger, full-sized dryer.

On top of the cool shot button, other features include 2 speed and heat settings, a concentrator nozzle, and a non-slip grip. You can still put the dryer into the caddy even with the concentrator on, so that’s a huge plus. It looks really sleek with its black and chrome finish. You can actually see this dryer being used in some of the prominent hotels.

What to look for when shopping for a wall mount hair dryer

When choosing a wall mounted dryer, consider the conveniences that each feature can provide you.

1. Storage Space/Size

Space is one consideration that wall mounted hair dryers are a winner in because, again, they were originally designed for use in cruise ship and hotels, where space is minimal. Additionally, these dryers are shockproof. The only drawback is perhaps the lack of advanced technology.

2. Ionic/Tourmaline

There are only a few models which have advanced technology such as ionic and tourmaline – features which are often found in regular full-sized blow dryers. Because these handheld dryers run on electricity, heat damage is likely to occur and may have the potential to burn scalp and/or hair while in operation or if its use has been extended for a longer time period.

3. Night light

Most models have night light built into them, although night lights in some brands may be optional. One of the best features of the wall mounted dryer is that it emits less of the noise that usually accompanies hand held dryers primarily because they have been designed originally not to be hand held but for use in cruise ships and hotels.

4. Heat/Speed Settings

Most models don’t have a cool shot option although all brands have at least 2 setting for heat – high and low. Some units have variable setting for speed.

5. Auto shut-off

Another thing you’ll find in wall mounted blow dryers is that the power button is located in the base and not at the dryer itself. Nearly all units have auto shut-off when the dryer is put back in the base.

If you own a vacation rental or a gym, having a wall mount hair dryer is an added convenience to your guests and customers. It’s also perfect for those who have a small bathroom or house as it doesn’t take up valuable countertop space, easy to use and saves you the hassle of taking it out every time you use it. Which of the 5 models should you choose? Since they all have nearly identical features, it’ll just boil down to your preference in aesthetics as well as your budget.

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