10 Things Only People With Straight Hair Will Understand

straight hair problemsHaving straight hair has its share of woes and joys different from those with curly hair. Here are top 10 things only people with straight hair will understand.

Can you relate to a few of them?

1. Hair volume plays hide-and-seek with you.

People with straight hair often struggle to achieve hair volume. Straight hair has a tendency to look flat and lifeless if not styled so usually, people with straight hair give the ends of their hair a little bend with a round hair brush and blow dryer to imitate a voluminous look. Hair color, highlights, and lowlights can compensate for the lack of volume by adding dimension to flat and straight hair. Having a layered haircut can also give the illusion of volume.

2. On the bright side, your hair appears neat and well groomed always.

Regardless if you’re engaged in a casual, formal or fancy event, your straight hair remains neat all day long. It doesn’t break out in kinks or frizzes. While those with curly hair need to apply a handful of hair smoothening products to keep their hair behaved, you walk around without having to worry about your hair.

3. Humidity does not make your hair frizzy and unmanageable.

One of the joys of having straight hair is not worrying how humidity will affect your hair. People with curly hair need to apply cuticle drops to seal their hair’s cuticles, otherwise they would flare open and cause uncontrollable frizz. When it starts to rain, you don’t have to do anything to your hair. In fact, your straight hair feels smoother to touch.

4. There is no need for straightening chemical procedures.

In the hair industry, a lot of people are spending thousands just to achieve that sleek, straight hair. People with naturally straight hair drive a lot of women envious because straight hair does not call for expensive hair treatments.

At the very least, shampoo and conditioner is enough. Hair spa, hot oils, and weekly hair masks will make straight hair even smoother, shinier and silkier, but there is really no need. For those with curly and frizzy hair, these treatments are a must.

5. On the downside, straight hair cannot hold a decent curl for long.

People with naturally straight hair save money on hair smoothening procedures, but ironically, they tend to spend more on hair volumizing and curling products. No amount of hair mousse, salt sprays and hair spray can hold a curl or wave on straight hair the entire day. The easiest solution would be perming your hair to give it decent curls.

6. In addition, bobby pins, hair clips, and ponytails do not stay in place.

The hair shaft of naturally straight hair looks like a perfect cylinder under the microscope. The cuticles are aligned well, thus giving straight hair a smooth and shiny appearance. Bobby pins, hair clips, ponytails and other hair accessories always slide around. People with straight hair need a few layers of hairspray for hair accessories to somehow stick in place.

7. Stray hairs appear more pronounced.

Anything that is not straight on straight hair looks prominent. Stray hairs look anything but neat on straight hair unless it is done on purpose like in the so-called “rich kid” hairstyles Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne are sporting. In addition to stray hairs, ponytail dents also ruin the hair’s glass-like shine.

8. Hair appears greasy and oily if you don’t wash it for a few days.

It’s true that shampooing everyday damages hair. But for people with straight hair, doing so will result in greasy looking hair. Shampooing is a must for them every day. Those who don’t feel like doing so resort to dry shampoo and its alternatives like baby powder to absorb the grease.

9. You can grow it long and still look great.

You don’t have to worry about the expense of hair treatments when you grow your straight hair long. Long and straight hair does not look messy and disheveled. In fact, it looks glamorous even with minimal styling. The important thing is that it’s smooth and shiny. Hair stylists will enjoy working on long straight hair because anything looks good on straight hair. Bangs on straight hair always look good.

10. At least once in your life, you had classmates, cousins or sibling who wants to style your hair.

Whether a braid or a stylish chignon, people with straight hair have experienced being offered to be styled on. Sometimes it gets annoying, sometimes it’s fun. One thing’s for sure: it felt good to be noticed or complimented.


Photo credit: Beata Zita via photopin (license)

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