Comparing the Best Babyliss Hair Dryers: Our Top Recommendations

When it comes to superior performance, the best Babyliss hairdryers are always at the top of the list. Babyliss is the leading maker of a wide range of electronic personal care appliances including hair dryers, straighteners, and clippers, among others.

What are the Features to Look For in Babyliss Hairdryers?

To compare Babyliss hairdryers, here are the things that you have to consider.

1.    Short drying time

You should look for a hair dryer that will produce a strong airflow, which will quickly dry your hair with the wind instead of frying your strands with heat. You will find many a Babyliss professional hair dryer with 1,300 to 2,000 watts, which can also be used at home. But your best bet for home use: 1,875 watts, the so-called sweet spot in hair dryers.

2.    Variable settings

You will find most hair dryers to have at least two heat settings. You may want to upgrade to a hair dryer with separate controls of the airflow and heat levels for maximum versatility. Your hair can also be styled well with a cool shot feature, a handy feature for better shine and longer hold.

3.    Comfortable handling

Your arms will be less likely to become tired with a Babyliss lightweight hair dryer, especially when it has a long cord and an ergonomic handle. But you may also want a slightly heavier hair dryer because of its comfortable grip and well-balanced design.

4.    Convenient features

You should also consider the features that make it easy to use the hair dryer including:

  • Buttons should be easy to reach with your fingers yet designed for deliberate control (i.e., no accidental hitting)
  • Removable filter at the back for cleaning purposes
  • Retracting cord for storage
  • Attachments, such as diffuser and/or a concentrator nozzle

You should also consider your own personal needs and wants in a Babyliss hair dryer in terms of your:

  • Hair type – Look for a hairdryer with stronger heat if you have thick and coarse hair, lesser heat in case of fine and thin hair.
  • Noise tolerance – Determine the decibel level you can tolerate, perhaps even consider the tolerance of your partner or roommates. Quiet hair dryers have less than 85 decibels – significantly less noisy compared to the usual dryers.
  • Arm strength –  Consider your upper body strength in relation to the type of hair and the number of minutes you will be using the hair dryer.
  • Plans for traveling with it – Consider a travel hair dryer with a folding mechanism and a light weight for this purpose.

Always read the warranty information and instructions manual before actually using the hair dryer. You may also want to practice with a few sections of your hair to determine the best heat and airflow settings.

The Best Babyliss Hair Dryer: Our Top Picks

Here are the top products that meet most, if not all, of the above-mentioned requirements:

1.    Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Dryer

babylisspro-nano-titanium-dryerYou will find this to be the best Babyliss Pro blow dryer, thanks to its combo of design, power, and speed. Your arms will not tire easily because of its light weight and ergonomic handle, which makes it easy to maneuver around your head.

heck price and reviews

You have three different heat settings and three different speeds – high, medium and low – to fit your specific needs for each hair drying session. You can mix and match the settings according to your preference, especially since drying thick hair differs from setting fine hair.

What Users are Saying: Pros and Cons

The toggle switches are easy to reach but these cannot be accidentally switched on and off. You will find these switches to be of the right stiffness, too, so your fingers will not grow sore.

You must use the cool shot button for shinier hair and the concentrator nozzle for more styling options. Keep in mind that a hair dryer isn’t just a hair dryer but a valuable hairstyling tool on your vanity table. You can remove the filter at the back for easy cleaning.

With such power and speed – 2,000 watts, indeed – your hair will dry really fast, perhaps in 15 minutes for thick hair. But it may not be suitable for people with small hands because of its larger dimensions.

2. Babyliss Pro Ceramix Xtreme

babyliss-pro-ceramix-xtreme-blow-dryerIf you’re looking for an affordable ceramic hair dryer, then get the Babyliss Pro Ceramix Extreme. This model combines a powerful 2,000 watt capacity with ceramic technology. Your hair will be subjected to an extra-gentle yet highly effective far-infrared heat, which dries yet protects hair from further damage.

See user reviews & pricing details

You can choose from four settings to dry your hair with the results being voluminous hair with a glossy shine. Your strands will even be dry in half the time in comparison with your previous non-professional hair dryer.

What Users are Saying: Pros and Cons

Your ears will also appreciate the quiet mode operation despite its power. Your scalp shouldn’t be burned even in the highest setting – the heat’s hot enough to dry your strands but not too hot to fry them. You will love the attachment – a concentrator – as well as the fact that the hair dryer works well with a round brush for styling.

The settings – cool, warm and hot for the temperature as well as low and high for air speed – provide for more styling options, too. You also have the cool shot button for setting your style and ensuring your entire head is as dry as can be.

You will also love its relatively light weight, easy to use toggle switches, and ergonomic design allowing for 30 minutes of comfortable self-use.  Just be careful about choosing the settings since its power can really blow your hair all over the place.

3. Babyliss Pro Portofino 6600

babylisspro-nano-titanium-portofinoYou may want a Babyliss hair dryer with a diffuser and the Pro Portofino 6600 is a great choice. The Babyliss Pro ionic hair dryer has a high-performance 2,000-watt AC motor equipped with both nano titanium and ionic technology.

Check out the Babyliss Portofino

This technology has two main benefits. First, you can cut your drying and styling time in half since the titanium technology distributes heat more evenly over your strands. You can experiment with the settings to suit the type of hair and hairstyle you want for yourself or for your client.

Second, you will have softer, smoother and shinier hair every time because of the ionic generator. This is because ionic technology removes the static electricity generated close to your strands’ cuticles.

What Users are Saying: Pros and Cons

You may initially find the Pro Portofino 6600 a large hair dryer but it has its advantages, too. You can keep a more comfortable grip on the handle reducing the risks for dropping the hair dryer.

And you’ll love the diffuser, too.  This is a slide-on diffuser that adds volume to your hair, mainly by separating the strands while blow drying. You can even create beautiful curls in minutes, in case of straight hair, or make your curls look better if you have permed or wavy hair.

4.    Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer

babylisspro-tourmaline-titanium-travel-dryerThis is a great product for people who travel frequently yet cannot live without their hair dryer.

After reading several Babyliss travel hair dryer reviews, I finally realized that the TT Travel Dryer is top-of-the-line without breaking the bank. You can easily put it into your carry-on luggage because of its ultra-compact size (i.e., no larger than a soup can when folded). Your bag will only be heavier by 10.5 ounces, too.

See reviews, ratings and price

What Users are Saying: Pros and Cons

You can only choose from two settings, which aren’t independent of each other. This means a high setting equals faster air speed and hot temperature while a low setting equals slower air speed and warm temperature. Your hair drying and styling session may be longer while on the road but its portability and efficacy more than make up for it.

The 1,000-watt hair dryer will also work overseas exactly as it does in the United States, an important feature for frequent travelers. You may have to bring along an adapter for a few countries but since it’s a must for travel, it’s a minor issue. You don’t have to bring an extension wire because the hair dryer has a 5-feet cord.

Since it’s as light as can be, your arms will not be easily tired when using it, either on yourself or on another person. Even its handle has an ergonomic design to fit easily in your hands.

5.    BabylissPro Carrera Porcelain Ceramic Dryer

babyliss-pro-porcelain-ceramic-carrera-hair-dryerYou want a balance between power, weight, and size in a hair dryer, which can be addressed by the BabylissPro Carrera. This is a professional 1,900-watt hair dryer but it’s smaller and lighter than other professional hair dryers by as much as 25%! You can easily use it in your home or salon and get professional results every time.

Check price and reviews on the Carrera

The product’s combo of ionic and ceramic technology contributes to faster drying as well as to smoother, shinier and softer locks. You have the benefits of gentle heat, effective airflow, and powerful motor in a hair dryer at a reasonable price, too. You will also appreciate the ease with which the hair dryer can be maneuvered, thanks to its ergonomic handle, short nozzle, and long cord.

What Users are Saying: Pros and Cons

Even its design is Euro-chic – black with the matte finish and scratch-resistant surface. The controls are easy to reach and use without being prone to accidental presses. The soft-touch rubberized housing also adds to the secure grip on the handle while its quiet operation is a joy.

Plus, it comes with a concentrator nozzle. You can enjoy concentrated airflow to the sections of hair that require more of it and, thus, get your hair dry faster. Your hair may be thick and coarse or fine and thin, but the Carrera will leave it looking shiny, smooth and soft, guaranteed.

6.    BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Bambino Compact Dryer

babylisspro-nano-titanium-bambino-compact-dryerThe Bambino is a worthwhile investment since it has the power of a full-sized hair dryer packed into a compact body. Your bag will not be heavy with it inside, thanks to its 0.60-pound weight and its compact size, despite its non-foldable design.

You may think that since it looks small, it will feel small in your hands but it isn’t.  Your hands will be able to keep a good grip on the handle, too. You may have mobility and dexterity issues with your previous travel hair dryers but not with the Bambino.

See reviews, ratings and price

Even with its 1,000-watt power, you still get the effective and efficient hair drying capabilities of its higher-powered counterparts. Your hair will be exposed to powerful yet gentle heat akin to a 1,875-watt hair dryer, on both the high and low heat settings. You can dry and style your hair with it for as long as you can plug it in, whether in a hotel room or in your bedroom.

What Users are Saying: Pros and Cons

You may complain about the low hum but when compared with cheaper travel hair dryers, your ears will appreciate the lower noise level. You can just wear headphones while using it.

7.    Babyliss Pro Super Turbo Hair Dryer

babylisspro-superturbo-dryerYour hair drying issues are over with the Pro Super Turbo, a powerful hair dryer with 2,000 watts on an AC motor. You and your clients will love the fast, easy and effective way that it dries even the thickest and longest of hair within 30 minutes or less, especially with the right attachments. Plus, an AC motor lasts longer than a DC motor.

You can choose from several settings – low, medium and high for the heat settings, as well as low and high for the speed settings. Keep in mind that the low heat setting means cool air, the medium setting is warm air, and the high setting is hotter air. Even at low-speed setting, your hair will still be getting enough air for drying.

Check price and reviews on the SuperTurbo

Tip: Taper off on your heat and speed setting from high to low as your hair progresses from damp to dry.

What Users are Saying: Pros and Cons

You will appreciate the heavy-duty solid feel of the hair dryer when in it’s your hands since it feels like there’s little risk of dropping it to the floor. You’re conscious of its weight in your hands without tiring your arms easily.

Despite its powerful motor, it has a surprisingly quiet operation. You won’t hear high-pitched whirring sounds, just a comfortable hum in the background. Just overlook the price and think about it being a worthwhile investment for great hair.

8.    Babyliss Pro TT Tourmaline 5000 Hair Dryer

babylisspro-tourmaline-titanium-5000-dryerYour hair drying and styling sessions will be better with the Pro TT Tourmaline 5000, too. If you’re into the technical specifications, you will appreciate the high-torque, high-power 1,900-watt motor in it. This translates to outstanding drying power, which many customers say decreased their drying time by almost 50%.

This is an ionic and ceramic hair dryer so you can rely on it for softer, shinier and smoother hair with longer-lasting luster. You may or may not use hair styling products but the results will virtually be similar, especially when you’re already an old hand at using professional hair dryers.

See reviews, ratings and latest price

What Users are Saying: Pros and Cons

You won’t run the risk of changing the heat and speed settings accidentally since the buttons are slightly recessed into the handle. Users love the well-regulated settings, too, which will neither burn nor dry out hair.

You can also choose a cool setting for the last stage of the hair drying session. The cool shot button locks in the curls, so to speak.  You don’t have to wear earplugs since it has a quieter operation than most hair dryers with similar wattage.

Other benefits include matte white cover, lengthy cord with a little loop for hanging on the wall, and good grip on the handle.

9.    BabylissPro Torino 6100

babylisspro-nano-titanium-torino-mid-size-dryerYet another great professional hair dryer under the Babyliss brand is the Pro Torino 6100, a compact yet powerful hair dryer. You can dry thick and long hair in 30 minutes or less, thanks to its 2,000-watt Italian motor, among the best in the industry. But don’t worry about a tornado sounding off in your ear because of its quiet operation, a low hum in the background.

Check price and reviews on the Torino

The nano-titanium technology ensures that each strand of hair will be subjected to gentle heat resulting in silkier, smoother and shinier hair. With many types of hair dryers, you will only get the high heat and, thus, the dried and burned strands. The technology also evenly distributes heat for a more efficient drying process.

What Users are Saying: Pros and Cons

You can also use one of the multiple ends attachment on the hair dryer. You can smooth out the tangles, concentrate heat on certain areas, and add more shine to your overall look.

But a few customers complain that the switches for the heat and speed setting are located on the handle. You may accidentally change the settings while you’re in the middle of a drying and styling session, but this is a minor issue that can be resolved by proper placement of your fingers.

10.  BabylissPro Nano-Titanium Rotating Hot Air Brush

babylisspro-nano-titanium-rotating-hot-air-brushIf you’re looking for a Babyliss brush dryer, then the Rotating Hot Air Brush is a great choice.

Check out the Babyliss Hot Air Brush

What Makes It the Best Babyliss Hair Dryer?

You can rely on it to produce excellent volume, lift, and shine, thanks to the action of its rotating bristle. You are simultaneously drying hair and producing smoother, silkier, and shinier strands, as well as protecting them from heat-related damage.

What Users are Saying: Pros and Cons

This is because of the ceramic produced heat, which generates 200 times more conditioning ions. With each pass of the rotating bristle, your hair absorbs and seals in moisture for a great shine. You can also turn off the rotating action to produce a sleeker hairstyle.

Users love that they can set the multi-directional barrel in two directions, forward and reverse, via the push-button controls. You will then be able to make curls and waves or straighten hair, whichever way you prefer. Your choices in the three temperature settings will also add to your repertoire.

Where To Buy a Babyliss Hair Dryer?

You can buy a Babyliss hair dryer from the company’s official website, as well as in reliable online shopping portals, licensed retailers, and brick-and-mortar stores. Inquire about the warranty of the product so you’re protected.

You may want to buy a full-sized and a travel hair dryer, too, to cover all your bases. I suggest getting the Rotating Hot Air Brush for home use, and the BabylissPRO TT Travel Dryer for your travels.

Regardless of your choice, you simply can’t go wrong with Babybliss hairdryers.

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