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Pros: While you can find Babyliss hair straighteners in drugstores and other shops, it's one of those few brands that actually works and provides the best bang for the buck, even with their lower priced models. They have a wide variety of products - those with more advanced technologies command a higher price tag.
Cons: Compared to other brands, their flat iron are just average. Although they have a few premium models, there are other better brands if you need a powerful straightener for professional use.

BaByliss is a world leader when it comes to hair care products. The inventor and pioneer of the first electric hair curling irons, BaByliss meets the needs of professional stylists by producing top notch, high end products that provide salon-like results. With utmost dedication to produce the best products in the market, they have various research and development centers in the US, in Hong Kong, Costa Rica, and Belgium.

Known for offering the most technologically advanced products in the market, their series of straightening irons are among the most impressive in the market. While regular irons break and damage hair, BaByliss flat irons do the opposite – using technology that helps to protect hair, you won’t have to suffer a bad hair day ever again. Get to use any of BaByliss’s flat irons every day, in however style you want, without having to worry about the health of your hair.

Let’s look at the Top 4 Best BaByliss straightening irons:

1. BaByliss Nano Titanium 1 1/4″ Ultrasonic Cool Mist Iron

BaByliss Nano Titanium Ultrasonic Cool Mist IronBy far the most technologically advanced flat iron by BaByliss, this straightener uses the latest high-performance innovation of nano titanium and ultrasonic technology. This iron transforms water into a cool micro mist that provides optimum moisture and maximum shine. The nano technology promotes high-heat conductivity of titanium, giving you powerful performance without damaging a single strand of your hair.

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With an elite design and Ryton housing, this flat iron looks sleek and modern on its own. Compared to regular flat irons available in the market, using this Nano Titanium ultrasonic cool mist iron gives you 77% more protection from breakage, 44% smoother hair, 30% improved hair manageability, and 22% more shine with better hair shaft alignment. It also has adjustable heat settings that reach up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, complete with a reliable and convenient LED temperature display. This is the best flat iron offered by BaByliss in terms of technology, and is considered to be a groundbreaking development in the world of hair care.

2. BaByliss Tourmaline Titanium 1 1/2″ Straightener

Babyliss TT Tourmaline flat ironFusing tourmaline and ceramic technologies, this flat iron promotes smoother, shiny hair without frizz. Tourmaline plates that float provide safe heating that works to protect your hair from any damage. It helps to keep and maintain your hair’s natural moisture – which is something that’s very important if you style your hair on a daily basis. Repairing damaged hair can be impossible – this flat iron helps to prevent the nuances of unhealthy hair in the first place.

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The infrared heat produced by the tourmaline plates works faster than regular irons, then releases natural ions to fight static and frizz. This technology ensures maximum heat efficiency and unprecedented styling performance. Its lightweight and slim design will give you the ability to style your own hair at home. And for professional stylists, this ergonomic design will allow you to style all kinds of hair lengths and thickness without any strain on your wrists. Helping you style your hair the natural and easy way, this TT Tourmaline flat iron is another fantastic option.

3. BaByliss Porcelain Ceramic 1 1/2″ Straightening Iron

Babyliss PRO Porcelain Ceramic Flat IronThis innovative product fuses an innovative breakthrough porcelain ceramic performance with ionic technology. Commercial-grade porcelain ceramic is used on the surface of the plates, optimizing far-infrared heat and ion production. Just like the TT Tourmaline series, this iron produces natural ions to fight static and frizz – giving you smoother and more manageable hair.

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It comes with an antistatic removable comb that helps to securely guide the hair through the plates. It also provides an adjustable heat setting with a maximum temperature of 420 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also dual voltage – allowing you to use its 110W or 220W voltage for worldwide use. If you’re the type who constantly travels from one country to another, you will definitely appreciate this straightener’s versatility.

Giving you superior heat, it makes your hair smooth and sleek without the hot spots and damage to your hair. With this flat iron, you’ll get to enjoy silky, shiny, and healthy-looking skin in a matter of minutes.

4. BaByliss Ceramic Tools 1″ Straightening Iron

BaByliss PRO Ceramic Tools Straightening IronThe simplest flat iron with exceptional technology from BaByliss, this 1″ ceramic tool iron uses ceramic plates that not only give you instant straight hair, it also protects. While regular straighteners give you flawless smooth hair, they also damage and heat hair that further promotes frizz and dryness. For a simple and basic iron that protects your hair, this is the product that will do the job.

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The width of 1″ is wide enough to cover any hair length or thickness but also narrow enough for short hair and bangs. With an infrared heat technology, this iron will never burn your hair. It heats up faster than regular irons, giving you faster styling options that get the job done in no time. Its slim and ergonomic design also allows you to have greater control and provides a wide variety of options when styling. There are 25 heat settings, with the maximum heat of 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

The floating ceramic plates move with your hair, preventing tangles and giving you painless hair styling in a jiffy.

BaByliss is the world leader when it comes to hair care products using the latest technologies. They’ve got everything for every need, from the Ceramic tool series for home-use and those who are looking for a budget-friendly simple iron; the Porcelain Ceramic irons for unlimited styling advantages and extraordinary benefits; the TT Tourmaline series for unprecedented styling performance; and the Nano Titanium series for the most advanced professional flat iron in the market.