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Pros: Being one of the highest rated hair styling products online, Paul Mitchell is the best choice for those looking for a mid-range flat iron which deliver good results at a decent price. With cushioned ceramic plates, temperature control & fast heat-up time (it can reach 400 F within 60 sec.), they are comparable to other high-end models.
Cons: The only complaints were from those who received a faulty product (either they got damaged in transit or just duds) & those whose irons didn't last long but they're few and far between.

Choosing the best hair care and styling products can be a tricky task with the range that is available and even when the best Paul Mitchell flat iron reviews proclaim the benefits of the brand, there is still the range of individual models to decide between. This guide to these Paul Mitchell styling irons and hair straighteners will take a look at four different models in the range to highlight their similarities and differences and uncover their individual benefits and important selling points.

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At first they can appear to be quite similar but while there are many shared features and subtle changes to be seen, there are also four very important differences that stand out greatly. As this brand overview will show, there is a choice for buyers to make between the versatile Express Ion Style, the classic, efficient Express Ion Smooth, the modern, digital “improvement” in the Smooth + and the intelligent design in the Neuro Smooth.

The Paul Mitchell Express Ion Style

Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ion styleWhen the four different products reviewed here are laid side by side the Express Ion Style is clearly a different model to the Smooth in its shape and color. The choice of silver may not make a big difference to the performance but the thinner plates does – while the Express Ion Smooth has a width of 1.25”, these use much thinner, 1” wide cushioned plates. Aside from this detail, the ‘Style’ and ‘Smooth’ appear to be similar in their design and use of controls on first impressions, so there must be more differences in the finer details and the use.

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The Style model is said to style hair in a variety of ways, the use of the term “everything in between” straight and curly covering so much ground to almost become vague. The key benefit highlighted by the company is the shiny, conditioned appearance of hair after use due to the silicone strips but it also offers reasonable speed, being able to heat up to high temperatures of 400 degrees Fahrenheit in just a minute.

The Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth

Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth 1.25 Hair StraightenerAesthetically, it is this aforementioned size difference that stands out with the Express Ion Smooth but there is also the fact that it was given a prize in the 2013 Professionals Choice Awards. Such a status symbol suggests high quality and the promise to smooth hair “from the inside out” pushes this idea even further. What is interesting with this smooth model is that it presents itself as being the faster way to straighten hair yet it is no quicker to heat up than the style iron and gets no hotter.

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There should, therefore, be no misconception that this model is in anyway better than the style iron because it instead simply offers something different. One offers versatility that makes it ideal for girls that like to try lots of different styles for different occasions but the other is a classic straightener that aims for effortless, flawless styling and convenience.

The Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth +

Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ion Smooth + Flat IronNaturally, the use of a plus (+) symbol makes us think that this is the better model, that it goes further than the previous “smooth” ion in some way and is an improvement. There are a lot of similarities between the smooth and this new model in the design and size of the plates, this version going no wider than the 1.25” of the smooth but no thinner either; however, there are some important changes to the performance and ease of use this time.

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The fact that it can reach a maximum heat that is 10 degrees higher than before will only be a big deal to those that need that little extra because of troublesome hair but it is the change in the controls that has the biggest impact. On the ‘Style‘ and first model in the smooth range, the controls are manual buttons and dials for the power and heat settings, which are not difficult to use but can be a little awkward at the base of the irons and spoil the streamlined shape a little. This digital control with its LCD panel cleans up the design and makes the temperature much easier to read.

The Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth

Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat IronThe final model in this list of products commonly mentioned in Paul Mitchell flat iron reviews is one in the Neuro range rather than the Express. Again, preconceptions count for a lot here; when we hear the word express we think of ‘speed‘ – which turned out to certainly be true for Express Smooth Ion – and when we think of ‘neuro‘ we think of brainwaves and intelligence.

This is precisely what the Neuro range of hair care appliances aims to bring with its use of a “smartsense” microchip for regulating the temperature of the plates. The Neuro Smooth is the range’s straightening iron so how does it differ from the others?

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At this point it is important to mention that it does more than just straighten hair at the right temperature because it is also said to be ideal for flips and waves and it also has the benefit of Isotherm titanium barrels and plates to even out the heat.

Another interesting note is that it too has plates with a width of 1.25”, suggesting that this became the norm for the brand. The Neuro Smooth is the most different of the four with its blend of versatility and technology, and is arguably more desirable than the other three for this fact; however, the three in the Express range should not be written off because they each have their own unique selling point and a classic simplicity that is also appealing.

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