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The Best Hair Brush Straighteners: Do they really work?

When a video of the DAFNI hair brush was first launched in 2015, it quickly went viral. The brush, which was manufactured by an Italian company, is touted as the first-ever hair straightening ceramic brush. We also consider it as the best straightening brush despite its expensive

Overview of the best heated round brush hair dryer

The sheer volume of hair dryers available in the market today can be so overwhelming that choosing just the one might confuse you. This article will make it easier for you to choose the most suitable hair drying tool for your hair type so read on. Round

Best Round Brush for Blow Drying

Blow drying is a very basic styling task that a lot of women do everyday. Some get the results they want while others don’t. There are many factors to a successful blow dry. The most important thing is your dryer, and next, is the time and effort

Best Brush for Relaxed Hair

When you’ve got thick and coarse hair, permanently straightening it through having it relaxed can be the easiest way to make it manageable. But if you think having relaxed hair will free you from taking care of your hair further, then you’re in for a real surprise.

Azure Edge Stick: An In-depth Review

The Azure Edge Stick is a professional ceramic styling tool that combines science and ease of styling. From one the leading brands when it comes to hair styling tools, Edge Stick is currently the #1 bestselling professional edge and root control tool worldwide. Azure is based in

What is a hot comb and how to use it?

Coarse, thick, and rough hair is so hard to manage. You’d have to use the most hydrating conditioners and the strongest hair products to at least keep the frizz to a minimum. The time it takes to fix your hair in the morning can take up a