Azure Edge Stick: An In-depth Review

Azure EdgeStick Edge Control Styling ToolThe Azure Edge Stick is a professional ceramic styling tool that combines science and ease of styling. From one the leading brands when it comes to hair styling tools, Edge Stick is currently the #1 bestselling professional edge and root control tool worldwide.

Azure is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and has been producing the most innovative and advanced technological hair styling equipment in the market since their launch in 2008. Instantly becoming the favorite edge straightening tool among stylists, the Edge Stick has become the go-to tool for straightening the coarsest and thickest of hairs on models and celebrities.

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Revolutionizing the way consumers style and maintain kinky and curly hair by making them tamed and manageable, the Azure Edge Stick is renowned worldwide for successfully merging the straightening abilities of the old school pressing comb with the smoothing capacities of the best flat irons.

If you want to have sleek edges and roots, the Azure Edge Stick is the best solution in the market.


The Azure Edge Stick is pretty direct when it comes to its features. It uses the best materials on the barrel and the most advanced heat technology, with all the safety features that make it stand out from all the other products in the market. Its features include the Ceramic Tourmaline Coated Barrel, the TruTemp Digital Heat Control, and the Dual Protective Guide/Styling Combs.

Dual Protective Guide/Styling Combs

EdgeStick looking like a pressing combIts most prominent feature is definitely its “no burn” capacity, allowing you to straighten the smallest strands on your hair – such as baby hair on your forehead and tight coils on the nape of your neck. It does this by heating the middle comb and not the 2 combs that are found on its either side.

Because of this, you get to straighten your hair from the very roots, without burning your scalp. The tiny teeth on the combs allow you to straighten the least amount of hair and the closest to your hairline as possible – giving this Edge Stick a step ahead from all the flat irons in the market today, in terms of ironing edges and baby hair.

Ceramic, Tourmaline Coated Barrel

When you want to apply heat on your hair, you must use ceramic material to prevent damage. Natural and treated hair are prone to break and create frizz when you constantly apply heat, but this tool will do the opposite – it will actually protect hair through this material. The ceramic, tourmaline coated barrel emits negative ions that heat hair evenly, safely, and fast. This drastically cuts styling time, and not only saves you time and effort, but it will actually help to condition your hair for shiny and smoother locks.

TruTemp Digital Heat Control

The digital display on this Edge Stick gives you accurate and precise temperature to meet your every styling need. When you turn this tool on, it automatically starts at 200-degrees Fahrenheit, which is hot enough to straighten fine hair. But if you have kinky and coarse hair, the maximum temperature of 450 degrees will do the job. If you have hair extensions that are easy to manage, you can use lower temperatures by adjusting the heat control to any heat you want between 200 to 450 degrees by 10 degree increments. And the best thing about the heat, is that it doesn’t damage or change the natural curl pattern of your hair. So when you wash your hair, it will go back to its original shape.

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Pros and Cons

The best thing about this product is definitely the Dual Protective Guide/Styling Combs. The hardest to straighten in curly and coarse hair is the root – which is hard to reach when you use a flat iron and unsafe to use with a pressing comb . With the Edge Stick, you can easily straighten your roots due to the fact that both of its sides do not emit heat, but it’s actually the middle comb that produces heat, which is protected by both of the combs. This mechanism allows you to let the tool touch your skin or scalp without burning you. And this is what sets it apart from all the other styling tools out there and this is the reason why it is #1 in the market.

Another benefit is that it’s actually very lightweight and small. You can easily use this on the tiniest strands of hair with ease and less effort. It’s also so compact that you can easily store it in your styling kit or bag whenever you travel or even at work. It’s the perfect tool for easy and quick touch ups.

However, this tool is not suitable to use on the entire hair. As mentioned, it’s a tiny tool and if you have long and thick hair, it definitely won’t do the job of straightening your entire head of hair. It’s most ideal to use on your bangs, roots, and hair on your nape. If you must use it on your entire hair, prepare for some lengthy styling.

And the other disadvantage is that if you have coarse and thick hair, you have to put the heat setting to its maximum heat of 450 degrees and not any degree less.

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