The Best Hair Straighteners from GHD

In the world of hair styling tools, only a select few have truly stood out in the market. Among all the countless brands, one of the leaders in the industry is GHD Hair Professional.

Offering the most innovative technologies used on their superior hair styling tools, each and every product lives up to its promises and so much more. Used by the world’s most popular stylists, GHD’s hair straighteners are being used on the best celebrities. Fusing innovative technology, quality, durability, and an effortless sleek look to their products, GHD’s hair straighteners are considered to be the best of the best.

But what makes GHD really stand out is their exclusive technology. Their own scientists continuously develop and produce the latest advanced and innovative technologies, making their products unique but genuinely efficient.

Let’s take a look at these best hair straighteners from GHD..

1. The GHD Classic 1″ Styler

GHD-Classic-1-Inch-Hair-StylerThe original GHD straightener – providing you with the basic features that make this product perfect for everyday use. This is the first iron to be produced by the brand, and it has become an award-winning straightener that’s being used by both professionals and home users.

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It has ceramic heaters that eliminate damage, allowing you to use it every day without the worry of making your hair dry and frizzy. While regular irons only make your hair coarser and drier in the long run, this product will give you perfectly straight, shiny, and healthier hair. Ceramic plates also heat up faster than regular irons, allowing you to style your hair at a fraction of the time. The round barrel also gives this iron versatility – giving it the capacity to straighten hair, make curls, waves, and easy flips.

The fact that this dryer has 1″ plates and is dual voltage makes it the perfect travel companion. Simply place it in your bag and use it in any country you travel to.

The only disadvantage to this GHD Classic is the lack of heat settings. It heats up to its maximum temperature, giving you no capacity to use it in a lower setting.

2. GHD Professional 1″ Styler

GHD Classic 1 inch professional stylerThe next edition of GHD’s hair straightener line is the Professional series. It uses the very same materials, features, and technology in the GHD Classic Styler, but with the latest heater technology.

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It has ceramic aluminum plates that glide on your hair smoothly and effortlessly. With each glide, styling your hair is easier and faster, giving you smoother and static-free hair with less frizz and dryness. Regular irons often snag hair making it frustrating and time-consuming to style your hair. The ceramic aluminum plates are so smooth that they really do make things so much easier for you. And another feature that makes these plates easier and faster for styling is its quick heat ability – turn it on and it’s ready to use in seconds.

Its maximum temperature reaches up to 380 degrees Fahrenheit, making thick hair straight and lighter in only a matter of minutes. Its dual voltage capacity makes this iron another great travel companion – place it in your luggage and use it in any outlet in any city in the world.

Just like the GHD Classic, this iron does not have heat settings – which is a minus for versatility and control.

GHD IV Professional Styler Video Review and Demo

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3. GHD Eclipse Professional Styler with Tri-Zone Technology

GHD Eclipse Hair StraightenerUsing the groundbreaking tri-zone technology, this straightener merges all the features of the Classic and takes it up to new heights. It allows you to straighten your thick and unruly hair in half the time and half the heat it takes for regular irons. It can also handle any job – be it to straighten coarse hair, or to flip and curl fine hair – giving all kinds of hair texture long lasting gloss and unbeatable shine.

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The Tri-zone technology is a new and innovative patented technology developed by GHD themselves. Each plate has 3 quick-thinking sensors that give outstanding results with a single stroke. This products brings the new era of straighteners to the market – simple and straightforward technology that really works to give you what you want in styling your hair.

The only disadvantage to this straightener is it may not be the most powerful in the market if you want a heavy-duty iron that works to style the thickest and most resistant of hairs. At a maximum of 365 degrees Fahrenheit, it doesn’t provide the highest heat setting other irons provide. This is because based on their independent research, GHD scientists found 365 F to be the optimum temperature to get a good result in just one (or two) pass without subjecting your hair to unnecessary heat.

4. GHD Limited Edition Gold Styler

ghd Limited Edition Gold Boho ChicThis dryer has a distinct GHD luxe feel to it, due to the glimmering gold accents and plates. Using smoother gold plates that glide effortlessly on any hair texture, it provides an easier and faster solution to make your hair straight and sleek without much effort.

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Contoured, round barrels allow you to use it to straighten hair, curl it, create waves, and flip your hair – making it a luxurious all-in-one hair styling tool that’s meant to be shown off. If you usually hide your irons in the drawer to clean your counter top, this iron will be the exception – it looks really clean and sophisticated and you’ll really enjoy using it.

It has advanced aluminum plates for static-free shine and smoothness, due to the sealing-in of the hair’s cuticle. And unlike GHD’s other straighteners, this Limited Edition product has a digital temperature setting that allows you to control how hot you want this iron to be.

The only disadvantage? It’s quite expensive compared to other irons in the market.

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