11 Quick Fixes For Static Hair

When there isn’t enough moisture in the air to keep your hair hydrated, it leads to static that keeps your hair up and gives you that deranged scientist look. So, if you are prone to static attacks, here are some quick fixes to help you get rid of static in an easy manner.

1. Keep hair hydrated.

static-electricity-in-hair-mad-scientistBear in mind that the basic goal to get rid of static is to keep your hair hydrated. So, you can use a variety of products to keep your hair hydrated at all times as it will prevent your hair from getting too dry and inviting static. Use any type of moisturizing conditioner to shampoo your hair. It is also recommended to use a conditioner containing silicone as it helps in neutralizing the electric charges on your hair.

2. Don’t shampoo every day.

Another important thing you need to keep in mind is that if you use shampoo each day, it may make your hair too dry. Therefore, it is recommended to use shampoo less frequently. Many experts recommend using a shampoo every other day as it will help in keeping enough oil on the hair strands that will naturally retain moisture and prevent them from attracting static.

3. Use hairspray sparingly.

If you like to use hairspray, it is important that you use it with caution. While a little amount of hairspray does not do any harm, using a LOT of hairspray can do more harm than good. All the hairsprays available on the market contain alcohol which is a drying agent. Since it gets rid of the moisture in your hair, it is an enabling agent for attracting more static.

4. Apply a moisturizing hair serum.

You may also use a hair serum to coat your hair with a protective layer that will help in preventing loss of moisture. When you have adequate moisture in your hair, your hair becomes less prone to static attack. To use the hair serum, you should wash your hair and let them partially dry. Take around 3 to 5 drops of serum on your hand and spread the serum evenly on your hair by running your hands through your hair.

5. Use a cream that combats frizz.

You may also use an anti-frizz cream to keep static away. This cream is especially useful for those who are exceptionally prone to static. To apply this anti-frizz cream, you should take a small amount of cream on the palm of your hand and rub your hands together to spread the cream evenly over the hair strands. Keep your focus on the tips of the hair. This will help in distributing the cream evenly through the more static prone area of your hair. It is important that you use this cream in moderate amount.

6. Spritz a conditioning spray.

If you have medium density hair or hair with wavy texture, you may use rich conditioning hair spray with other moisturizing ingredients. You should wash your hair as usual before applying this conditioning spray. It is important that the spray is applied before your hair is completely dry as it will help in locking moisture in your hair.

7. Use a wide-toothed comb.

You should also use the right tools for your hair to prevent static. For instance, hairbrushes create more friction and that leads to more static. Therefore, it is recommended to use a comb instead of using a hair brush. A wide tooth comb has bristles placed far enough for reducing the amount of friction in the hair. On the other hand, the bristles on a hair brush are held too close together and that leads to the build-up of static.

8. Choose a metal comb instead of a plastic one.

It is also recommended to use a comb made of metal to get rid of static. Comb made of plastic may contribute to the static and therefore, you should use a metal comb as it helps in discharging the already built up electric charges on your hair.

9. Use dryer sheets for hair.

Another way to get static out of your hair is to use dryer sheets. They are excellent at getting static out of the hair. You should keep a few of these in your purse especially if you are prone to regular static attacks.

10. Rub in some aloe vera.

Aloe Vera can also help you in getting rid of static. It is not only good for your skin but is also helpful for your hair. You should take a small amount of aloe vera gel in your hand and rub it through your hair. It will not only help in suppressing the electrically charged hair but it will also help in promoting the health of your hair.

11. Blow dry using an ionic hair dryer.

You may also use an ionic hair dryer to partially dry your hair. The advantage of using these hairdryers is that they use less heat and time to dry your hair. In simple terms, it means that your hair does not let lose as much moisture as with other types of hairdryers. These also help neutralize the existing electric charges on your hair that are responsible for static.

Overall, these are some helpful tips that can help you in quickly fixing your static hair. Keep in mind that the main reason for static is an exceptionally dry year and any technique that helps in retaining moisture in your hair will help in getting rid of static.

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