Find the best dual voltage travel hair dryer for you

Knowledge of the voltage of electrical appliances, gadgets, and devices is often taken for granted even by the most seasoned of travelers. If you don’t consider voltage differences, you can end up blowing the power supply of the entire hotel where you’re staying.

What Is a Dual Voltage Hair Dryer?

If you travel to countries that use 220/240 volts for their mains supply, a dryer with dual voltage that accepts both 220/240v and 110/220 volts is a must-have when you pack your luggage. This avoids frustration from not being able to use your dryer because the voltage is incorrect.

Read customer reviews of other travelers who have had experience with dual voltage travel hair dryers and see whether or not what you intend to purchase makes the grade. If you have associates, friends or even relatives who reside in the countries you’re planning to go to, ask them if your particular brand or model will work in their countries and, if not, what alternative brands are there for you.

Best Dual Voltage Travel Hair Dryer Brands

And since we are on the topic of brands, here are some of the best travel hair dryer dual voltage brands which you may want to check out:

Travel Smart by Conair Folding Mini Hair Dryer

The Travel Smart by Conair 1875-Watt Hair DryerWhen did a hair dryer ever become an indispensable travel companion? When Conair’s Folding Travel Mini dryer came out on the market. With worldwide dual voltage operational on 1875 watts, this model has a removable air filter and two settings each for speed and heat.

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You can easily pack this dryer because of its compact size and folding handle, one reason why your hair will always look good when you travel. This is also great for every day home use!

X5 Superlite 1600W Dual Voltage Travel Dryer

X5 Superlite 1600W Dual Voltage Ceramic-Ionic Travel DryerThis is another model that has worldwide voltage capability. Setting that aside, the negative ions which the X5 emits helps give you the fastest hair drying time without damaging your hair cuticles. The X5 Superlite’s far infrared heat penetrates the hair shaft directly but gently, avoiding delivery of hot air on the scalp. The negative ions also increases your hair’s moisture as well, leaving you with frizz-free smooth and soft hair.

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Most users love that it’s such a powerful dryer for its size and wattage despite its lightweight construction. Though it’s much more expensive compared to other models listed here, it’s durable and reliable. If you’re tired of having travel dryers that break or burn out after a few months, then consider saving up for the X5.

It comes with a diffuser and concentrator nozzle. The attachments can get hot when in use but the dryer itself won’t. With a folding handle, it’ll be easy to store and put away in your luggage when traveling.

BabylissPro TT Travel Dryer

Babylisspro TT Tourmaline Titanium Travel DryerThe Pro TT is yet another travel hair dryer with dual voltage. Moreover, it is infused with pure tourmaline crystals to eliminate hair static and give hair more shine, smoothness, and softness.

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The Pro TT emits far-infrared heat capable of drying hair in the fastest time while protecting it from excessive heat to avoid damaging its cuticles and follicles. It operates on 1000 watts, is lightweight, and has a folding handle. With a 5 ft. cord and weighing only 10.5 oz., the BabylissPro is your perfect companion when you’re away from home!

T3 Featherweight Journey

T3 Featherweight Journey Folding Dual Voltage Travel DryerWith state-of-the-art Soft Aire technology that weaves air gently into the hair and Tourmaline gemstones that emit negative ions to make hair not only healthier but silkier and smoother, the T3 Featherweight is not your average travel dryer.

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Lightweight at 10.5 ounces, the T3 Featherweight operates on 1200 watts, comes with a nine-foot cord (for flexibility of movement while hair drying), a concentrator, and a folding handle.

See the T3 Journey in action:

Things to Consider When Choosing a Universal Voltage Dryer For Travel

The best universal voltage hair dryer is that which can work for you anywhere you go without the hassle or potential for an accident waiting to happen. The ideal travel styler should have most, if not all, of the features that can make your trip convenient, worthwhile, and stress-free for you. Some advanced models are even capable of getting rid of bacteria.

1. Diffuser

If your travel hair dryer has a diffuser, that’s great, and if it contains three different options for plug types, that’s incredible. Look for models that accommodate 110 volts or 240 volts simply by switching on the converted version. It also helps if blow dryer is compact-sized and can easily be packed for purposes of baggage weight and mobility.

2. Mains Plug

Most stores sell the B type plug that can fit in just about any plug throughout North America but the majority of countries runs on varying plug types meaning you need to buy an adapter in order for you to utilize your travel blow dryer. Always check with the concierge of the hotel or the front desk personnel of the lodge where you are billeted as to the exact type of plug used there since some countries use multiple types.

3. Plug Adapter

Before taking a travel hair dryer that has no dual voltage capability with you to Europe, you need to know if it needs an adapter or a converter. An adapter ONLY changes a plug’s SHAPE while a converter converts the plug’s VOLTAGE. The former does what it does to enable you to plug a device into an outlet but it does NOTHING to change the flow of electricity to your travel hair dryer.

On the other hand, the latter will automatically CONVERT the device’s VOLTAGE, although not necessarily the plug’s shape. U.S. electrical devices or appliances run on 110 volts and European electrical equipment are operated using 220 volts which more than enough to melt down your travel hair dryer if it doesn’t have worldwide voltage. If this is the case, you need a converter for your travel hair dryer.

Here’s a video that better explains it in detail:

Courtesy of

Not to discourage you but converters are typically heavier as well as bigger in size than adapters and can occupy considerable space in your luggage. So unless you want to pay the additional charges for excess baggage over at every customs port in each European country that you go to, get the best travel hair dryer for Europe that already has built-in dual voltage.

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