Everything You Need To Know About Portable Bonnet Hair Dryers

Portable bonnet hair dryers Convenience is the best feature that comes with portable bonnet hair dryers that are collapsible or foldable. This convenience gives you the advantage of doing hairstyles even in remote locations.

Portable bonnet hair dryers are most suitable for people who have non-traditional lifestyles and work in conditions that require the same kind of hairstyle like television or a business that involves frequent traveling, among others. If you belong to either category, there are several aspects of a portable bonnet hair dryer that you have to take into consideration.

Hair Type

The first thing is your hair type. Knowing this fact will ensure that you narrow down your choices only to those hair dryers that will work for your hair type. If you have thick or long hair, you’ll want to get a model with higher wattage so you don’t compromise your drying time.


Another key factor is features. These can be as far-ranging as a particular brand will offer but you have to choose one that has the basics like power wattage and several heat settings. A good quality portable bonnet hair dryer should be able to provide you with both.

Five or even more settings are ideal for you to have flexibility in hairstyling using your bonnet hair dryer. These settings will benefit your hair tremendously. If you have curly hair, for instance, excessive temperature will make it develop frizz, and if your setting has very few options, you won’t be getting the result you need at any time.

Furthermore, a bonnet dryer designed with ionic technology will reduce the potential danger of overheating and scalp burning. While such a dryer may cost just a bit more than one that doesn’t have the said technology, you are certainly at an advantage in the long run. After all, it is cheaper to pay for a higher-priced dryer than to pay for medical expenses for a burned scalp, right?

Heat Setting

Laila Ali LADR5604 Ionic Soft Bonnet DryerSome brands have 2 heat settings, others have 3. Whichever one you choose, it’ll all comes down on how much flexibility you need. Also note that how high the “high” heat setting will depend on the wattage of the unit. Additionally, you should see if the bonnet dryer is equipped with a cool setting. That cold air stream can prove to be extremely useful, if used correctly, to lock in a particular hairstyle as the finishing touch.

Size of the bonnet

Bonnet hair dryers typically accommodate small to medium-sized hair rollers or curlers and roller sets. Only a few models can fit in large rollers although most soft bonnet brands have a large enough cap. And while most of these will claim that they can manage and handle other kinds of hair treatments such as hair color, rebonding or relaxing and even wigs, ensure that the interior of the dryer is proofed against any chemicals that may damage its internal surface.


As to price range, it will really depend on the brand and the range of features that your choice can provide, albeit soft bonnet hair dryers are usually less expensive than their hard bonnet cousins. Models manufactured by established name brands will fetch a higher price than those made by less known companies and while you may be tempted to go for the latter, think again.

Portable Soft Bonnet Blow Dryer Attachment

If you already have a blow dryer and don’t want to buy another one, you can use soft bonnet dryer attachment which you can use to connect to the end of your regular handheld blow dryer. Most of these models have a elastic end so you can attach it to any average sized hair dryer. This type of bonnet dryer is not only great for travel but is excellent for deep hair conditioning treatments such as a hot oil service. Just remember to use it on low setting though to avoid burns and the possibility of it melting the hose tubing.

Soft bonnet vs hard hat

Conair 1875-Watt Pro Style Hard Bonnet DryerWhether soft or hard bonnet hair dryer, it all boils down to portability. The fundamental operating mechanics are the same: the air blowing and heating unit has a tube designed to be perform heating and blowing functions.

Soft bonnet dryers cover your entire head whereas hard hooded bonnet hair dryers usu ally don’t hence they may not perform as effectively. Unlike hard hat dryers, the soft bonnet variety has a hose that connects with both blower and heater units. This usually offers flexibility as far as the user’s movement is concerned because the hose is usually of considerable length, with some measuring 40” long. Also, a soft bonnet hair dryer tends to your hair in its entirety and makes a hair drying session completely uniform and even.

best hard hat bonnet hood dryerHard hat types can be either table top (the portable ones) or full-size standing dryers like the professional ones in salon. While many full size are claimed as “portable”, in reality they aren’t and the hard bonnet type you can realistically carry around with you are the table top ones.

Remember also that a portable soft bonnet hair dryer’s biggest advantage over the hard hat variety is that the tendency for hair damage is very minimal. This is because the soft bonnet type doesn’t focus on just one scalp section; you can also select the lowest setting and get the same powerful heating result. Although if you just tilt your head from time to time when under a hard hat dryer, you’ll find that it dries the back of your head and the sides just fine.

Inferior quality bonnet hair dryers, like all things of poor construction and materials, are more likely to conk out over a prolonged period of time, especially if they are used frequently. The cost of a bonnet hair dryer will also depend on where you purchase it from and can be as low as $25 or as high as $300. Reading customer reviews can give you an idea of how your preferred brand stands when compared to its competitors.

Try and purchase a bonnet hair dryer that has as many of the features you need and is priced reasonably. While that may sound impossible, check out the prices of the brands that we have featured here and you will find most of them are very affordable. Reliability cannot be underestimated, so if it comes to that, consider the slightly higher-priced brand if you are looking at a long-term investment.

On a final note, the decision is still up to you at the end of the day. Choose wisely and you will have the quality of a bonnet hair dryer that is within your budget, serves your needs with satisfaction, and will be longer-lasting to boot. This article can, hopefully, help you in selecting the bonnet hair dryer that’s not only works for you but will not give you any problems in maintenance.

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