Best hands free hair dryer: Is there really such a thing?

Hands free hair dryers are not strictly marketed as such since there isn’t really any blow dryer that is technically “hands free.” Soft and hard hat bonnet, and wall mounted hair dryers may be the closest to “hands free” if the reference includes those models fixed onto stands.

There is a growing number of those who truly appreciate the convenience that these dryers provide. Most of the brands available today have been ergonomically designed to eliminate the strain that is often experienced by the user in the neck, arm, and shoulder. This dryer simplifies even the trickiest hairstyling tasks like straightening hair with round brushes or sectioning hair that is at the back of one’s head.

Below are some of the best hands free hair dryer models:

Red by Kiss Handle-Less 2200 Ceramic Tourmaline Dryer

Red by Kiss Handle-Less 2200 Ceramic Tourmaline Hair DryerThis model has a revolutionary design for ultimate hair straightening as well as styling control. Comfortable and versatile, the Handle-less 2200 has tourmaline ceramic technology for silkier and softer hair, three settings for speed and heat, three styling attachments, and a one year limited warranty. A powerful blow dryer, the Handle-less 2200 has a cool touch, safe handling grip in a lightweight body.

>> Get the Handle-Less 2200 watt Red by Kiss Blow Dryer

Are you into Pik hair straightening and drying? This dryer is meant for that! And if you find that 2200 watts is too strong for you, there’s a 1875 watt model. Admittedly, it takes some getting used to, but when you do get the hang of it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

It comes with a styling pik, small comb and concentrator attachments. However, if you want to use it with a diffuser, you can use any universal diffuser and it’ll fit.

Blo and Go by Laurie Coleman Portable Hair Dryer Holder

Blo and Go by Laurie Coleman Portable Hair Dryer HolderA creation of former model Laurie Coleman, the portable Blo and Glo’s most unique feature is its grip lock pressure system that makes it possible for the dryer to attach itself to flat surfaces. Additionally, Blo and Go is able to hold any blow dryer to free your hands to do other things even as you dry your hair, suitable for use by any hair type, and flexible for adjustment to usage angles.

>> Check out Blo and Go prices, ratings and reviews

Please note that you’ll need to attach this to a flat and clean surface like glass, otherwise the suction won’t hold. Some users even noted that it would have been better if this comes with the option to attach it to the using screws. If you’re the DIY type, you can probably do that.

This was featured at The Oprah Magazine.

Calista Tools Hands-Free Home Salon Blow Dryer

Calista Tools 2-in-1 Hands Free Hair Dryer with Fusion HeatThe stand alone feature of Calista Tools’ Hands-Free Home Salon Blow Dryer is only one of its many assets. An ionic generator to give hair shine and volume at the same time in a shorter time has been added to its tourmaline and ceramic technology. It has an option of air pressure and temperature alterations. Although unavailable on Amazon, this simple but powerful hands free dryer is on eBay, Shark Tank, and QVC.

UPDATE: This product is currently unavailable online. Even the eBay listing has just ended.


Things to consider when shopping for a hands free blow dryer

How do you choose a good quality hands free dryer? Some of the features of these dryers are also available in other dryer types such as:

Heat Distribution

Based on current technology, “hands free” may mean either of the following: a hat style or bonnet blow dryer. Either one, however, requires that it dissipates heat in a uniform manner. This means heat distribution is balanced and shouldn’t be focused on a particular area for longer than usual; otherwise, damage and/or injury to your scalp and/or hair will ensue.

Secure Piping

If the dryer has any piping in its construction, ensure that these are insulated and are well secured at their ends because heat can make them hot. When the exterior of any blow dryer is not appropriately insulated, its exterior will wear out very quickly from the frequent heating activity. Also, said ends can prove to be hazardous for the user if they come into direct contact with the skin like the back of the neck.


Heat transfer for hand held dryers is difficult enough with insufficient power supply. With hands free hair dryers, however, low levels of heat transfer will not get the job done. Given that, choose a model with at least a power of 1500 watts. A higher range of wattage actually compensates for a hands free dryer’s drawbacks such as height or the proper adjustment between one’s head and the dryer itself.


If you already own a cap style hair dryer, an ionizer will be very helpful in countering possible adverse effects that a closed atmosphere can have on hair enclosed by a cap. Most consumers overlook the role that an ionizer plays in providing moisture to the hair’s cuticles and follicles while undergoing the blow drying process. Ions from the ionizer ensure that your cuticles and follicles aren’t damaged when this is going on.

Hands Free Hair Dryer Holder

Best Hands Free Hair DryerShould you decide that a hands free hair dryer is what you need or want, you would have to buy a stand that will allow you to dry and style your hair with ease, unless the model that you purchase already comes with a stand. What makes it the ultimate in hair drying and styling convenience is your “freedom” from holding a blow dryer in one hand and a styling tool like a brush in the other hand.

Stands or wall mounts that are bought separately typically come with flexible “necks” which can bend at several angles and adjustable heights as well. As to the price range, this will depend on the features like wattage, technology used, number of settings, and flexibility capabilities, among others. These blow dryers, however, are generally less expensive than standing models.

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The best hands free dryer will, of course, be that one which will require the user’s most minimal attention, if at all. The hands free hair dryer’s concept is, in fact, similar to that of automation which, once turned on, is left to operate without any additional instructions or further settings. To sum it up, the best hands free blow dryer should have:

  • A powerful capacity for drying hair without the potential for causing damage or injury to the user.
  • An ionizer to provide moisture to the hair’s follicles and cuticles that will prevent hair strands to become brittle, dry out, crack or die.
  • A strong cap for even distribution of heat to avoid hot spots and applying excess heat on particular areas and cause injury to these.

Another benefit that a hands free hair dryer may provide the user is the prevention of electrocution deaths which have been caused by hand held hair dryers which got pulled into spilled water or fell into the water. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends the use of ground fault circuit interrupter, also known as GFCIm to prevent potential dangers.

Hands free hair dryers don’t have that potential and have been deemed safe for use. In fact, all things considered, it’s even safer to use than either a hard or soft bonnet blow dryer since the user’s head is not enclosed in any way, thus preventing any potential injury to the scalp or hair strands like burning from excessive heat application.

This probably neither here nor there but it really is a point to ponder: that a hands free hair dryer will be an ideal gift to give someone who has multiple sclerosis (MS). Those afflicted with MS have a lot of difficulty with the use of their hands and arms so a hands free blow dryer will make hair drying a little easier for them. It will also be invaluable to those who have other health conditions that restrict their mobility.

Some hands free dryer models come with clips that are attachable to walls while some make the use of hair dryer stands. Whether your need is for a standing hair dryer, the wall mounted variety or a hands free model, make sure you choose a model that will meet your particular needs, does not require high maintenance, has durability, and fits your budget.

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