Overview of the best Royale hair straightener

While curly hair is beautiful and feminine, it’s also very difficult to manage. This is why flat irons are very essential – for those days when you want to have smooth, silky, and no-fuss hair. When straighteners reached a boom many years ago, almost every woman had one in her bathroom counter. But alas, these styling tools have shown severe damage to hair that a lot of women actually stopped using them.

To answer the problems of hair damage through the use of flat irons, more and more companies began creating tools made of the finest materials. Such materials are not only gentler on the hair, but also restore and redefine hair. One of these brands is Royale Professional Straightener Iron.

One of the leaders when it comes to quality, innovation, and design, Royale has continuously developed their full range of hair styling products that are preferred by both home-users and professionals. Since 2004, they have been providing the market with professional-quality tools that are the very first in innovation.

So what is the best Royale hair straightener? Here are 3 of Royale’s best:

1. Royale Concord Titanium Flat Iron

Royale Concord Flat IronThe Royal Concord in Black is made of titanium plates that preserve moisture in your hair. Using products and even regular shampoo can dry your locks, leading to frizz and rough strands. This iron helps to reverse this damage by using infrared heat that preserves moisture in the hair shaft and protects cuticles from further damage. There’s no actual “heat” produced, just infrared rays that don’t burn hair.

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This product also uses negative ion technology that prevents static and frizz, taming down fly-aways and baby hair that would otherwise stand out from the rest of your hair.

The plates are 1″ wide, small enough to straighten your bangs but wide enough to cover large portions of hair. Its maximum temperature is at 450 degrees Fahrenheit, with enough heat to straighten the thickest and coarsest of hairs. Its 360 degree swivel cord makes this tool ultra convenient for stylists who constantly move around.

All Royale products are covered with the innovative Nano-silver technology that styles and cleans your hair at the same time.

This iron stands out from all the rest of Royale’s straighteners for its use of titanium plates that condition hair. However, the 1″ plates are too small for those with really thick hair. Styling for women with long and coarse hair may take a while with this narrow iron.

2. Royale Smart Digital Flat Iron

Royale Smart Digital Flat IronThe Royale flat iron with the most specific temperature control. If you need to control how strong the heat is when you use a straightener, then this is the product for you. It’s got a LED light temperature display that allows you to change the temperature from its lowest setting, up to the next interval, and to its maximum heat of 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

When you get to control the strength of the heat, you have the ability to use this on many different people and on many different hairstyles. And it’s also very convenient as the digital display can be adjusted by the touch of your fingertips. Yes, the display is touch pad, making it one of the most technologically advanced in the market.

This iron uses titanium plates that use far infrared heat that preserves moisture in the hair shaft, which means no dryness nor breakage will occur. With this iron, expect to have silky, smooth hair without the help of oils or products.

Just like the Concord, this iron uses a Nano-Silver technology that cleans your hair as you style. Nano-sized particles destroy 99.9% of bacteria in your hair, which can even mean you won’t need to shampoo to get rid of dirt and pollution stuck in your hair.

This iron gets a big thumbs up for its touch pad digital display, allowing you to have complete control over the heat. If you’re a stylist, you must get this product for complete control. The downside? The technology may not sit well with those who prefer manual buttons over digital controls – some people are just not as tech savvy as most, which is the reason why not every appliance have converted to digital display.

3. Royale Wet and Dry Flat Iron

royale wet and dry hair straightenerConsidered as a true revolution in the world of professional styling, this iron will get your hair looking utterly gorgeous straight from the shower. Regular irons can never be used on damp hair for safety reasons, but this iron completely defies the norm. It may not be the first nor the only wet and dry iron in the market, but it stands out for using Nano Silver technology – cleaning your hair as you style.

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It uses 1.5″ solid titanium plate heat elements for gentler and softer straightening, plus infrared technology that seals in moisture and essential oils. It can reach its maximum temperature of 410 degrees Fahrenheit in as little as 30 seconds, giving you rapid styling abilities that give the meaning to instant style.

It also uses negative ion technology, eliminating all forms of static and frizz. Instead, it gives you softer, shinier hair that’s completely straight and free of curls, waves, and fly aways.

This iron definitely stands out for its wet and dry capacity. It does this through the small vents placed on the plates that allow steam to evaporate and stop vital hair damage from occurring. The only reason why this product is not perfect is its maximum heat setting of 410 degrees Fahrenheit. This iron is meant for fine, fragile hair and not for thick, coarse hair, which makes it a major bummer. It would’ve been close to perfection if it were made for all hair types.

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