Bellezza Flat Iron: An In-depth Review

One of the very first things you take care of before you head out to work or play, is your hair. No matter how perfect your make up is, or what designer duds you’re wearing, if your hair’s unkempt and unruly, all that effort in making yourself look good will be put to waste. This is especially true when you’ve got naturally thick, coarse, and curly hair that just won’t cooperate with all the expensive hair products you could possibly apply.

Good quality flat irons may be aplenty, but high quality ones at prices that are easy on the budget are few. If you’re the type who wants a no-fuss styling tool that’s simple and efficient, Bellezza Flat Irons is the brand for you. They don’t have the bells and whistles that other brands have – but just basic, simple, yet extremely effective flat irons that bring the luster and smoothness to your new straightened hair.

With these Bellezza Flat Irons Reviews, get to see which of their products are the ones to watch out for.

1. Bellezza 1″ Digital Straightening Flat Iron

Bellezza Pro Brillante Digital Straightening Flat IronMore than just a flat iron, this basic Bellezza Flat Iron is one of the brand’s top rated, due to its capacity to give you a wide range of styling opportunities. First of, it can straighten coarse and rough hair into a smooth and sleek finish. It uses titanium plates that are known to stabilize temperature, distribute heat evenly, and heats within seconds. It also uses high ionic charges to heat your hair – this means less static and less frizz that cause your hair to be unmanageable.

>> Bellezza Brillante Digital Straightening Flat Iron (available in 1” & 1.5” plates)

Second, the plates are floating and the edges of the iron are rounded. This provides you with the ability to curl your hair with this flat iron, and create some waves and flips. Simply twirl your locks between the plates and around the body, press for some heat, and slowly glide out – making perfectly natural waves in seconds.

Third, this iron has a digital temperature control that allows you to change the heat settings from 140 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The more temperature it reaches, the more styles you get to do.

This iron stands out because of its 100% solid titanium plates. The only negative side to this product are the controls are a little inconvenient to press, as they’re placed inside the iron, just beside the plate.

2. Bellezza Lumino 1.25″ 100% Solid Ceramic

bellezza lumino hair straightenerThis iron uses 100% ceramic plates for far-infrared heating and ionic technology. The ceramic plates are a far cry from stainless steel and regular metal plates used by regular flat irons. While the latter damages hair with its heat, ceramic plates don’t produce actual heat but infrared rays that are completely healthy on your hair – no breakage means no damage, giving you smooth hair that’s straight and sleek.

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Aside from this, the ceramic plates also protect hair color. So if you’re worried that using a flat iron may change the color of your hair, then you won’t need to worry about that with this product.

A temperature control setting allows you to change the temperature from 140-450 degrees Fahrenheit, giving you more versatility when it comes to styling. The hooked end makes this iron convenient and easy to hang and store, and the ergonomic non-slip grip provides easy and comfortable handling.

The ceramic plates definitely make this flat iron stand out – giving you smooth and shiny, straight hair without damage. The only downside, as with most of Bellezza’s narrow irons, is that it takes time to finish your entire head of hair because of the small width of the plates.

3. Bellezza Infusion Metallic Rubber Steam Flat Iron

Bellezza Steamer Plus 500 Ml Argan Shampoo and ConditionerThe most unique of all of Bellezza’s flat irons, this product uses an included Moroccan Argan Oil to give you supple and smoother hair. There are 2 steam settings that blast vapor on your hair, on top of the heat the plates are producing. Steam provides your hair conditioning or hydration. So as you press your hair, this iron will also condition it, preventing all forms of damage that’s so common with using regular flat irons.

>> Bellezza Steamer Flat Iron Set with Argan oil, shampoo & conditioner

This iron has a tank where you pour the Moroccan Argan Oil Restorative Treatment into. As you glide the iron on your locks, the Oil will also be released through vapor, bringing nutrients and hydration to your hair. This eliminates the need to use hair products after you straighten your hair.

It also has 6 temperature lock settings so you are able to use this on a variety of hair styles or even on a variety of people if you’re a stylist. With vented ceramic plates that release heat and steam, you are assured that excess heat will, in no way, get into your hair.

The best thing about this iron is definitely its unique steam and tank system. However, some people might want the au-natural look of straightened hair sans the hair product. So if you don’t want to use oil or any product on your hair, then this may not be the one for you.

4. Bellezza Pro Series

Bellezza Pro Series Flat IronOne of the brand’s newest addition to its product line is the Pro Series. This iron uses tourmaline plates that conduct heat the best among all kinds of plates in the market.

>> Get Bellezza Pro Series Flat Iron

These plates are actually crystalline minerals that are coated on the plates, which provide straight, sleek, and shiny hair. It does so due to its high output of ions, which prevent static and frizz. Tourmaline plates also allow you to pull your hair in a smoother manner, as the plates easily glide on strands without the snagging and drawing of hair.

And because tourmaline heats up fast, you get to use this iron in only a matter of seconds after your turn it on. Get to enjoy faster styling time, less breakage, and smoother hair – all in a matter of minutes.

The best thing about this iron are definitely the tourmaline coated plates. And the downside is its maximum heat, which is only 410 degrees Fahrenheit. Compared to the other products with 450 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, this iron may not work so well for those who have thick and coarse hair.

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