How to straighten your hair without heat

straighten hair without heatYou might be like many people and wonder if there are ways to straighten your hair without heat? If you are wondering about this, now you can stop. This is because there are different ways you can straighten your hair, all without heat. Continue to read on to find out how.

1. Blow-dry

When you think of blow-drying, you might automatically think of hot air, but you can blow-dry your hair with cool air instead of hot air. You are probably like most people and wash your hair and condition it before you blow-dry it with hot air, and if you do this, then you will still want to wash your hair before blow-drying it. After you have washed your hair as normal, as well as use the hair products you usually use, you can blow-dry your hair as normal, but only with cool air.

With many blow-dryers on the market, finding one you like should be easy to do. Just take your time when shopping around for a blow-dryer because some are better than others. Also, you don’t need to spend a lot of cash on a blow-dryer, so keep that in mind.

2. Use shampoos and conditioners specific for your hair type.

There are many different types of shampoos and conditioners on the market today. Many are specifically designed to get your hair straight after using them. However, some of them work better than others, so make sure you do a little research on products before you buy them. Once you find the right duo for you, you should be able to straighten your hair simply by washing it and using the product, as well as brushing it afterwards.

Make sure to choose a shampoo and conditioner that is right for your hair type, as this can make all the different in the world. For example, your hair might be thick, therefore it may be a good idea to get products that are meant for thick and curly or wavy hair. You might want to see what kind of reviews are out there about certain brands, as this could save you money.

3. Apply gel and/or hairspray.

There are a lot of different kinds of gels and hairsprays that can help you get your hair straight. These are generally applied the same way that you apply regular gel and shampoo. They’re are great to use, and some of them may work a lot better than you expect, so they are worth trying out if you are looking for a way to straighten your hair without blow-drying it with heat, or using heat in general.

Not all products are created equal, and some don’t work at all. It doesn’t matter how popular or expensive a product is, it does not mean it will work for you. This is why you should do a little bit of research on different hairsprays and gels designed to straighten your hair and choose the ones you think will work the best.

4. Brush it.

Brushing is one of the best ways to get your hair straight without using heat, but sometimes brushing can be a hassle. However, some brushes are far better than others, at least when it comes to straightening your hair. Try to find a brush that has good reviews, as this will help you figure out if it will likely work for your hair type or not.

With many brushes on the market, it is best to try to find one that has many good reviews, as previously mentioned. Even though it might take more time than desired to brush your hair in order to get it straight, it is well-worth it. Also, it’s worth pointing out that you don’t need an expensive brush, as some of the best brushes on the market can get the job done.

As you can see, there are a lot of different ways you can straighten your hair without using heat. Using heat to straighten your hair is convenient for many people. However, if you are not a fan of using heat to straighten your hair, then give one of the above methods a try.

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