The Ultimate Guide to Styling Straight Hair

A lot of women love having straight hair. It has that understated appeal and charm that exudes in a subtle way. It also happens to be easy to manage since there’s not a lot of fuzz involved with its maintenance. This is an added bonus since most women prefer sleep over having to get up thirty minutes earlier in the morning to fix their hair.

But of course, there are occasions when women with straight hair want to mix it up a bit and experiment with different kinds of hairstyles. The way a woman’s hair is styled can make or break a look. This is why it’s always good to have a few hair styling tricks up their sleeves, so they can pull off many different types of looks.

There are plenty of cool ways straight hair can be styled..

1. Blow Dryer

Best hair dryer with comb attachmentOne of the easiest ways for women to give their hairstyle a boost is to use a blow dryer. Some people think that the purpose of this gadget is just to quicken the process of drying wet hair. This is not the case – this magical tool does so much more than just that. Using a blow dryer adds volume to straight hair and makes it look silky and well groomed.

The use of a blow dryer along with a barrelled brush also alters the natural shape of one’s hair. The presence of moisture on hair makes it more compliant and easy to mold. The application of heat sets in the new preferred shape of the hair. When blow-drying hair, it should be partitioned. A heat protectant can be sprayed to protect hair from damage. Hair should be continually brushed while blow drying. The hot setting on a blow dryer is used for molding the hair. Once the desired style has been achieved, the cold setting could be used to affix the new hairstyle. A little bit of hairspray should be used to hold up the new hairdo.

2. Flat Iron

conair hair stylerAnother hairstyling tool that every fashionable girl should have in their drawer is a flat iron. This snazzy little equipment works great on hair with a frizzy or coarse texture. This will give the hair a finer, smoother finish. When using a flat iron, it’s best to divide the hair into three sections, starting from all the way to the top. This ensures that every segment of the hair gets a run through.

Applying a heat protectant to the hair is a must when using this type of hair styling tool. It’s best to go with a brand that has been specially formulated to use with a flat iron. This type of product helps to protect hair from heat. It also seals in the shine of the hair. It’s better to avoid putting the product directly on the scalp so the hair doesn’t end up looking greasy.

Flat irons come in different sizes. For those who have shorter hair, it’s best to go with a medium sized flat iron. This is easier to use on smaller sections of hair. Those who have long, thick hair should go with a larger flat iron that has a wider plate. This better accommodates longer and thicker segments of hair. You can even use it to curl your hair.

3. Curling Iron

For those women who want to take a holiday from their gorgeous straight hair and want a hairstyle that’s radically different, the best move would be to add some curls or waves to their hair. For this, they will need a curling iron. This amazing heat styling tool can create beautiful tight curls, as well as naturally looking wavy hair. Curling irons can be used to style straight hair of any length.

When using a curling iron, people should start from the root of the hair and work their way to the bottom section. It’s a good idea to avoid curling the very tip of the hair because it’s the most fragile and can sustain damage from too much heat exposure. The barrel of curling irons come in different sizes and produces various different types of curls, so it’s important to use just the right kind of curling iron in order to achieve a specific look.

Those women who want beachy waves should use a curling iron with a large barrel. The secret to producing soft wavy curls is in the way the hair is wrapped around the barrel. They should be done more loosely and not so tightly coiled together. The amount of time hair is heated, as well as the temperature setting varies depending on the hair texture. Individuals should experiment a bit with the timing to determine what works best for them. Another technique is to alternate the direction of the hair strip that’s being wrapped around the barrel inwards and outwards. This has the effect of creating more natural-looking layers of curls.


Flat Iron vs Curling Iron

For those ladies who are happy with their gorgeous straight hair and just want to have slight bends on the lower section of their hair, the best styling tool to use would be a flat iron. Just wrap a strip of hair around the hot iron for a few seconds, just like with a curling iron. The result is beautiful voluminous wavy ends. Spraying some hairspray holds up the new style and gives the hair some additional gloss.

how to curl hair with a flat ironHeated styling tools can be harmful to hair. It’s advisable to use hair protectant products to prevent damage. This is especially important for those with chemically straightened hair.

Undergoing hair straightening treatment alters hair texture and leaves it more susceptible to breakage and split ends. Products that help retain moisture such as a leave-in conditioner and hair serums should always be used.

Another fantastic way to curl straight hair is to do them up into braids. This is a fun and easy way to create wavy hair without using heated styling tools. It’s also a wonderful alternative for those who have chemically treated hair and want to avoid using heat styling tools. The trick to success is to braid the hair while it’s still a bit damp; gel or mousse can be added for those who want more defined curls. The braid is then slept on overnight. In the morning, simply untwist the braids and apply some hairspray to hold the beautiful natural curls. This works best for individuals with longer hair.

The best thing about having straight hair is that it can be done up in so many ways. This hairstyle is quite versatile and with a little bit of effort and creativity, it can be transformed into many different types of trendy hairdos.

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