How to Use a Hair Dryer Diffuser

how to use a diffuser dryerDiffusers are typically designed to be bowl shaped, measure several inches in their diameter, and have finger-like prongs which extend from their center to enable them to separate hair strands to dry untouched in some sections. Some models have shapes that resemble socks. All diffusers, whatever their shape, are attachable to any blow dryer’s end and is used separately or combined with styling tools and brushes.

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Anyone may benefit from diffusing but none more than those with wavy or curly hair since using a dryer on curly or wavy locks will be disastrous and worsens frizz. Diffusers disperse whatever air is used and does not create frizz or interrupt the natural waves or curls.

Here are some tips on how to use a diffuser correctly so you can obtain maximum results:

  • Towel-dry your hair and apply the product of your choice. Serum, gels, mousses, and leave-in conditioners are perfect for waves and curls.
  • Attach the diffuser to the blow dryer, set it on a low – or cool – temperature. A lower temperature is generally gentler on hair.
  • Using a circular motion, slowly massage your scalp using the diffuser’s prongs. If your model has no prongs, cradle your hair in one hand.
  • Work slowly toward the tips or ends by scooping your hair toward your scalp with it on hand. Hold each section for a few seconds before you release it.
  • Move on to the next section until you have worked all sections. Lock in the style that you want, spray your head all over with a gentle hairspray and give it a cool air shot.
  • Remember not to apply silicone-based or alcohol products if your hair is curly because this combination can over-dry your hair.
  • Let your diffuser do its job; don’t touch your hair when you are diffusing it because it will create frizz and cause your curls to loosen. However, if you have straight lock and you want to make it wavy, you can use it in a circular motion to encourage waves.

Diffusing will require patience from you and while it can sometimes be a tricky process, it always leads to gorgeous-looking mane. Practice make perfect, according to the old adage, and if you work on perfecting full-bodied and voluminous hairstyles sans the frizz, you can be a pro at diffusing in a jiffy.

Note that each type serves a purpose that is different from another. And not all dryers come with every diffuser type. Incidentally, most units are manufactured to fit a specific blow dryer model. There are some universal types, though, that have especially manufactured to be the companion of a blow dryer.

Some of these diffuser types include the following:

  1. Mitt/Sock: an excellent travel companion, this is made of mesh that is heat resistant. This is compatible with nearly every model of round brush hair dryer model.
  2. Flat Vented: used to close the cuticles to seal in moisture and shine while hair is being dried and in locks that has been newly colored to lock in the color.
  3. Finger/Massaging: Also known as the volumising diffuser attachment, this is the most ubiquitous of the lot and used primarily to add volume to and lift the hair.

When using a diffuser, set your dryer on low to medium heat since high heat can cause it to overeat. Remember to keep your dryer in constant movement and not just allow it to continue on one and same section again and again. If you desire volume in the area near the scalp, use a few duckbill clips to hold it there. Never use a brush or comb immediately after diffusing because it will only create more frizz.

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