A Look at the Best Hair Dryers with Comb Attachment

Styling becomes much faster and easier when you use a hair dryer that has a brush or comb attachment. This blow dryer, as its name implies, has a comb attachment or a removable brush so you can style your hair as it dries, similar to the way a regular brush dryer operates. You can use this tool as an everyday blow dryer, too.

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Here are 5 of the top hair dryers with comb attachments you may want to look at:

1. Conair Infiniti Pro Hair Designer 3-in-1 dryer

Infiniti Pro by Conair Hair Designer 3-in-1 Hair DryerWhat looks like a comb attachment in the Conair Hair Designer is actually a patented attachment that does 3 things: detangles, straightens and conditions hair. Compared to Infiniti Pro Styler and the rest of the models listed on this page, this actually looks and functions like a regular blow dryer. But what makes this model stand out is it’s uniquely designed comb attachment.

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With a removable argan oil strip (which is easily replaceable, you just buy the strips), the styling attachment helps condition and add shine. The straightening plate component of the attachment can be configured to adjust tension to suit varied hair types, whether you have thick, course, very curly, slightly curly or just wavy locks With this styling system, you don’t need a hair brush or even a straightening iron. Those with ethnic hair have been satisfied in using this to stretch their tight curls.

2. Helen of Troy VIDAL SASSOON VS783

Helen of Troy VIDAL SASSON VS783 1875 watt ionic dryer with combThe name Vidal Sasson has always been associated with hair care and when it comes attached to a supreme quality hair dryer by Helen of Troy, you can expect great things from it. The Helen of Troy’s ionic technology dries your hair without drying it out and even makes it look healthier, gives it more volume, reduces its frizz, and adds shine to it.

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It’s dual voltage making it perfect for those who travel abroad. Its anti-static properties help minimize frizz. It comes with 3 attachments: wide tooth comb for detangling, fine tooth comb and a round brush. A sturdy product that lasts for years, many of it’s users are satisfied with its performance. However, with normal wear and tear, you will need to replace the comb attachments every few months (or years), depending on how often you use it.

3. Gold ‘N Hot GH3202 Professional 1600-Watt Styler Dryer

Gold 'N Hot GH3202 1600-Watt Styler DryerEverything good comes in three’s, and the GH3202 Professional 1600-Watt Styler Dryer by Gold ‘N Hot is no exception. And although it has three heat settings, three speeds, and three snap-on styling attachments, the GH3202 can give you more than just three hairstyles. Its unique design enables you to work just a little bit closer to your scalp to get maximum styling control for optimal results.

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Take note that its wattage is lower than the other brands listed here. It’s a great fit for you if you’re after a low wattage dryer, especially if you have thin or fine hair. However, if you have thick, kinky or coarse hair, the Gold ’N Styler won’t be enough to get the job done. You’d be better off getting the Infiniti Pro (listed below).

4. Andis 1875-Watt Ceramic Styler

Andis Ceramic Ionic StylerThe Andis Ionic Styler has all of 1875 watts of powerful drying power that locks in any hairstyle with its cool shot button. Its three styling attachments, including a round brush and two combs, together with its three settings for heat, high velocity flow of air, and a turbo boost feature ensure that you get full, healthy-looking, and shiny hair without breaking the bank.

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This one is actually the cheapest among them all so get this model if you’re in the market for a reliable dryer but have a limited budget. Be warned though as many people found the brush too soft for their needs and the air flow is not as strong as other brands, despite it’s manufacturer claiming “high velocity airflow”. In fact, the medium and high settings have the same amount of airflow but with different heat. Despite that, you can still use this for thick long hair.

5. Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Styler

Infiniti Pro by Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Styler Hair DryerA bristle brush for styling, a wide-tooth comb for hair detangling, and a fine tooth comb made of dual rows of tourmaline ceramic with attachment buttons for release and lock comes with Conair’s Infiniti Pro for more hairstyling choices. If you have thick, curly hair, this styler can help cut your styling time in half and even help smooth and straighten your locks. Many African-American women with Type 4/ 4C hair have reported happier and healthier hair, using the double comb for straightening. However, if you want a sleek straight look, you’d still need a flat iron to get the job done.

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With a flat swivel cord, two settings each for heat and speed, a grille coated with tourmaline ceramic and the usual cool shot button, you will never have a bad hair day when you use the Infiniti Pro.

Should you use a hair dryer with a comb attachment? Or is one with a brush attachment a better choice?

It really depends on the hair type you have as well as the hairstyle you want to wear on a particular day or for a specific occasion. Some women prefer the so-called “tension method” in which you just pull one section of hair taut and then run your dryer over that section.

Considering the purpose for which you will use the blow dryer is of importance. If you tend to have tangles most, if not all, of the time, then the one with a comb attachment would be a good choice, but if you want a tool for just drying your hair, a simple model will do. If you are after volume or body, like to switch to and from various hairstyles frequently or like “soft” hairstyles with just a little hint of wave, you should invest in a blow dryer with a brush attachment.

There’s a wide range of blow dryers that come with brush and/or comb attachment. One model might have one brush attachment while another will have several attachments including a comb and diffuser. Take note that prices for hair dryers that come with single brush attachments will be different from those that come only with combs. Here are reasons why those with brush attachments are more popular for use:


Best hair dryer with comb attachmentYou hit two birds with one stone with a blow dryer that comes a brush attachment because it can be used two ways: as a hot brush styler and as a conventional dryer when you remove the brush attachment and start blow drying.

Either way, though, you reduce effort and time that you would otherwise spend drying and then styling your hair.


You can also use blow dryers with attachments to detangle hair or remove knots that tend to form after you have washed your hair, albeit some women will say that a comb attachment will do a much better job, especially if hair is wet. Detangling hair with a comb prevents tugging and pulling hair to get the knots out, especially because these actions can cause injury to the hair not only externally but internally as well.

A Professional Salon “Look”

For a fraction of the cost, hair dryers with brush attachments can help you achieve a hairstyle that looks like it was done at a professional salon minus the often astronomical price that goes with it.

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