Is A Brazilian Blowout Worth It?

brazilian-blowout-before-and-afterEvery woman who is passionate about hair and beauty will have heard of the Brazilian Blowout.

It is a hair treatment which is favored by celebrities around the world.

Those who are considering getting one may be asking themselves if it’s worth it.


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How to Straighten Hair Without Heat: What is the Brazilian Blowout?

According to the treatment’s official website, it is the only treatment which smooths the hair without using harsh chemicals. The results last around 10 to 12 weeks and have been compared to using an intense deep conditioner.

The reason the treatment works so well is that it contains keratin. The smoothing process is natural and creates great shine, smooths frizz and reduces curl.

The blowout is not a straightening system so customers should not expect to leave the salon with dead straight hair. Chemical straightening breaks down hair bonds. The Brazilian Blowout does not burn the scalp. 

Unlike with a straightening treatment, clients can wash their hair as soon as they leave the salon. Hairdressers recommend that customers allot two to three hours for the treatment. The stylist should also be Brazilian Blowout Certified.

How to Eliminate Frizz in Straight Hair: What Hair Type Does the Brazilian Blowout Work Best On?

The blowout works for both virgin and color treated hair. It does not matter if the hair is damaged or healthy. In short, the blowout works on just about everybody.

What People Are Saying

Women who have tried the blowout have nothing but good things to say about the treatment. It saves them time getting ready and they do not have to blow dry their hair.

As women are no longer using straightening irons on a high heat setting, their hair is healthier. The only concern about the treatment is that it is expensive. That being said, it does last for up to three months so some consider it good value for money.

How to Look After a Brazilian Blowout

While the hair may look great after the treatment, it will not last unless the client uses the right products. With this treatment, aftercare is very important. If the hair is not taken care of, the treatment will not last longer than a month.

After care products need to be formaldehyde- and aldehyde-free. They also need to be free of sodium and sulfates. Although these substances do not harm hair, they will remove the keratin bond that the blowout places in the hair faster.

Not to worry however, there are many products that meet this criteria. In fact, there have been products specifically designed for women with Brazilian Blowouts.

These products can be purchased online and at offline stores. Supermarket products should be avoided as they are of a lower quality than the hair products found in salons. Although they may say they are great for the hair on the label, this may not be the case. Using the right products is often the difference between smooth, flawless hair and a disheveled style.

How to Find a Hairstylist for a Brazilian Blowout

The Brazilian Blowout is very trendy at the moment. Salons love it because it is expensive enough for them to make a good profit. For this reason, every high end salon has someone who is trained in giving this treatment.

As not every stylist will be certified, it is worth calling a salon and checking when someone certified will be working. Consumers can book their appointment for that time.

It is important not to let a stylist that is not certified apply the treatment. Consumers are spending too much time and money on the treatment to risk something going wrong.

One way to find a good stylist is to read online reviews about various salons in the neighborhood. If consumers have had a bad experience at a salon, they are likely to post about it online.

On the day of the treatment, ensure that you have set aside enough time for treatment. It may be worthwhile taking a book as you’ll be spending at least two hours in a chair. Once the hair is dry, you’ll be able to see the end result.

Video: The Real Brazilian Blowout

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